Your Influence Counts ... Use It! The SPOTLIGHT by Liberty Lobby

Reprinted from, home of The SPOTLIGHT archive

About Liberty Lobby
and The Spotlight

Liberty Lobby and its on-line voice, The Spotlight, give you “the other side of the news” – to report on events that are vital to your welfare but which are routinely hushed up or distorted by the controlled press.

We cover timely topics of vital interest to all concerned Americans, such as:

  • How the monopolists are taking over small business
  • The fraud of the US federal budget
  • How NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT harm America
  • Who is behind the push for one world government, and why
  • Runaway inflation and/or depression ahead ... and what you can do
  • How the mainstream media distorts or ignores the real news
  • The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. (We lobbied for this -- now it's law!)
  • Your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms
  • IRS attacks on Christian schools.
  • Holistic healing -- A new approach to medicine and healing.
  • Suggestions for personal financial well-being
  • The Israeli Lobby grip on Congress
  • How the Federal Reserve, the privately owned central bank, manipulates the economy
  • Why incriminating evidence about the Kennedy assassination has been suppressed
  • How the United Nations and its agenda is harmful for the U.S.

We dig out pertinent, "real" news and show how it affects YOU, the productive middle class, who is forced to pay appalling financial and social bills run up by the politicians for the benefit of wealthy, well-organized special interest groups.

Here you will find news and facts reported no where else.

Carrying on a venerable tradition, we have a long and distinguished history. From 1955 until 2001, Liberty Lobby was America's foremost "populist" institution, and for years published a hard-hitting weekly paper, The Spotlight. At one point during the early 1980s, the paper's circulation reached more than 300,000.

Carrying on that tradition, we promote a pro-Constitution outlook that opposes the “politically correct” agenda of the "one worlders” and the Israel-first lobby. Many Spotlight articles were remarkably prescient and even enduring. As a public service, this website makes available many items from the paper's final years.

After Liberty Lobby sustained a multi-million dollar adverse judgment, in August 2002 all rights and assets were assigned by court order to Legion for the Survival of Freedom, Inc.