Your Influence Counts ... Use It! The SPOTLIGHT by Liberty Lobby

Reprinted from, home of The SPOTLIGHT archive

Help Pat Buchanan!

We urgently need you to send us your U.S. mail address, no later than Tuesday June 27th, so that we can forward it and your name to the Presidential Nominating Committee of the Reform Party.

In early July, the Nominating Committee will mail official Reform Party primary ballots to those individuals whose names have been submitted to them by our campaign.

This is the final, critical hurdle for Pat to win the nomination, and take our America First message to the voters against Gore and Bush this fall. I know you want to help nominate Pat....but we must have your U.S. mail address for you to do so!

Please reply back to us by this Tuesday, the 27th, with your mailing address, and then be sure to watch for your Reform Party ballot in the mail next month!