Your Influence Counts ... Use It! The SPOTLIGHT by Liberty Lobby

Reprinted from, home of The SPOTLIGHT archive

mailing list is safe!

Because of the actions of certain disloyal Liberty Lobby employees, which led to two bankruptcy filings by Liberty Lobby, there was a fear that a U.S. trustee could step in and sell Liberty Lobby assets to the highest bidder. Foremost among these assets are, of course, various Liberty Lobby mailing lists, such as the active subscriber list, the Board of Policy list, and the "expired" list.

These same disloyal employees had, over the years, released the lists to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Barnes Review, and American Free Press.

Fortunately, long-time patriotic educational publisher Legion for the Survival of Freedom, was able to prevent further unauthorized releases of Liberty Lobby mailing lists.

For the future, then, names and addresses of subscribers to The SPOTLIGHT and Liberty Lobby Board of Policy members are safe, although it is still possible that unauthorized groups may contact former subscribers. However, Legion for the Survival of Freedom is investigating the possibility of bringing suit against groups and/or individuals who are illegally using the lists, or who engaged in their unauthorized transfers.

If you believe that your name may have been transferred to person or persons who are not authorized, please contact us at:

Privacy Office
P.O. Box 2739
Newport Beach, CA 92659