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Reprinted from, home of The SPOTLIGHT archive

Are you a Populist?

Populism is rule by the majority of electors for the benefit of all, not for the benefit of minority, special-interest pressure groups. Government by the producers and taxpayers of society, not by the super rich, tax-free exploiters or the tax eating, indolent parasites. Public control over issuance of money. Nationalism in foreign affairs. Heavy taxation of the super rich to reduce their corrupt influence. Government policy to secure and protect free enterprise and property rights by discouraging monopoly and "bigness" except for regulated public utilities. A protective tariff to equalize costs at the water's edge and strict immigration laws.

If you agree with most of the following statements, you are likely a Populist and The SPOTLIGHT web site is definitely for you!

  • Protect American jobs and industry from foreign competition. Institute fair tariff laws to equalize production costs at the water's edge. Promote domestic enterprise. Restrict immigration to protect employment for American workers.
  • Abolish taxpayer-financed foreign aid giveaways. Keep America's wealth here at home where it belongs.
  • Stop inflation, bring down interest rates, and prevent national bankruptcy by abolishing the banking monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System. The Fed maintains a profitable deadlock on our economy at the expense of America's workers, farmers and small businessmen.
  • Revitalize the family farm. Establish an immediate moratorium on all foreclosures against farmers, homeowners and small businessmen. Provide parity for family farmers.
  • Reduce Federal Income Taxes on the wages of the working middle class with the ultimate goal of phasing out federal wage taxes altogether. (Lost revenues can be replaced by income received through the levy of taxes, duties, imposts and excises on foreign goods entering this country.)
  • Repudiate the national debt except that held by lenders who have invested their earned money in government securities. This will cut the artificially inflated debt and interest by at least one half.
  • Reinvigorate Thomas Jefferson's principle: "Equal Rights for All; Special Privilege for None." End all forced racial busing, quotas and affirmative action programs.
  • Restore freedom of choice in health care and education. End government restrictions which interfere with medical freedom and the right of parents and local school districts to guide their children's education.
  • Restore a strong national defense. Establish a military which is second-to-none. Cease shipments of advanced technology and military equipment to enemy nations. Defend America, not the world. Protect the right of law-abiding homeowners and sportsmen to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • Stop meddling in foreign problems. Restore America's traditional non-interventionist foreign policy as laid down by President George Washington. Stop sacrificing American youth in wars fought to benefit the special interests.