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War Seen Part of Plutocrats' Agenda

  • What charter? With Western Europe safe, NATO moves into the nation-building mode.
By James P. Tucker Jr.

The U.S.-led NATO attack on a sovereign nation is part of a much bigger Bilderberg plan than stopping Serbians from butchering ethnic Albanians, according to a high State Department source.

"It is important to the Bilderberg scheme for world government to get NATO out from the limitations of its own charter," said the source, a reliable observer for more than a decade.

The treaty limits the alliance to a defensive position, providing that if any member nation is attacked, all NATO countries would respond, he pointed out. The treaty has no authority for an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation.

"By bombing Kosovo, the precedent is set," he said. "Despite the terms of the treaty, NATO now can go anywhere and attack anybody. This solidifies NATO's role as the UN's world army."

While not officially sanctioned by the UN because Red China and Russia would exercise Security Council vetoes and block the action, the UN bureaucrats privately celebrate NATO's attack, he said.

"It's all so transparent, but the media covers it up and Americans don't read enough anyway -- that's why they're so damn ignorant," he said.

While ethnic Albanian blood is being spilled, the amount is exaggerated for propaganda purposes and there's much bigger bloodbaths elsewhere if we're looking for a fight, he said.

He also insisted that there was absolutely no risk of the civil war in Yugoslavia spilling over borders and involving other nations, another of the White House rationales.

President Clinton, he said, is "the most blood thirsty draft dodger in history."

Giving NATO a global role instead of only a mission to defend Western Europe is part of both evolving a world army and conditioning the public mind to accept surrendering national sovereignty, he said.

The source pointed to a March 28 column by Jim Hoagland of The Washington Post, who regularly attends Trilateral and Bilderberg meetings.

"The intervention in Kosovo should revive the concept of a 'right to intervene' and lead to changes in the United Nation's standards for sovereignty and the existing protections those standards provide for criminal governments," Hoagland wrote.

"NATO's decision to bypass the Security Council to avoid Russian and Chinese vetoes based on 'sovereignty' arguments reflects poorly not on NATO but on the Security Council as it is organized," he wrote.

"Using the Kosovo operation to override outmoded sovereignty concerns in international relations would be one measure of political success for this high-cost intervention," Hoagland added.

"Hoagland's column couldn't be better Bilderberg propaganda if Henry Kissinger had dictated it," the official said.