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Bilderberg unraveling

  • The harsh light of publicity in Europe has, after all these years, put the rodents on the run.
By Jim P. Tucker, Jr.

For decades, Bilderberg has smugly considered its plans for a world government and subjugation of man on a Global Plantation an inevitable, unspable "wave of the future."

Now, Bilderberg is afraid its grandiose schemes are falling apart.

Bilderberg is feeling threatened by two things it most fears: public exposure to the truth and education of patriotic citizens of nations throughout the world.

The waves of publicity -- newspapers, periodicals, television and radio -- in recent years become a tidal wave when Bilderberg tried to hide on an island near Gothenberg, Sweden, at the end of May.

Depressed Bilderberg luminaries could feel their agenda unraveling, prompting panic calls to Washington, London and elsewhere. Some examples:

* Just a few years ago, Bilderberg expected Britain to be a full member of the European Union, eagerly embracing the common currency, the euro. Now, Bilderberg fears that "nationalists" will keep Britain from embracing the euro and surrendering more sovereignty to the EU.

* Similarly, Bilderberg expected the road to the "American Union" to be a high-speed highway. NAFTA was to expand rapidly throughout the Western Hemisphere -- as David Rockefeller said on national television before the deal was actually sealed. As NAFTA expanded, its 90-man commission was to expand accordingly, forming the basis for the "American Parliament," Now, Bilderberg is afraid the next step, the Free Trade Area of the Americas, will fall apart.

Bilderberg knows that blocking the FTAA, and thus the "American Union," and erosion of the EU will knock the legs from under its scheme for world government.

But as public knowledge of Bilderberg's evil schemes grew in Europe, so too did popular 9opposition. It is less so in the United States, where, with the exception of The SPOTLIGHT, the blackout is virtually 100 percent.

Even as Bilderberg was meeting, Margaret Thatcher, who the secret group ousted as prime minister of Britain for resisting the EU, was bringing audiences to their feet with ringing speeches denouncing the euro and surrender of sovereignty.

With polls showing two-thirds of Britons opposed to the euro, the Labor and Conservative parties had made a deal: Labor would be silent on the euro, and the Conservatives would simply say it would not be adopted in the "duration of the Parliament."

Europhiles in both parties wanted more time to change public sentiment before calling for a vote. Initially, both had wanted to embrace the euro without a popular vote, but, as awareness grew, this became politically impossible.


Bilderberg's hand had been forced and orders were sent to one of their own, Prime Minister Tony Blair, to campaign immediately and loudly for the euro.

Blair was reduced to the absurd argument that"it is patriotic for Britain to share sovereignty" while Conservative candidate for prime minister, William Hague, decided it was expedient to echo Lady Thatcher and denounce the euro.

In addition, Bilderberg was nervous about loss of commitment to the EU from Italy and elsewhere.

Italy had just elected a "right-wing, nationalist" government headed by Silvio Berlusconi. The incoming prime minister had pledged Dramatic tax cuts that Bilderberg said would "undermine" the euro. He was also called "anti-immigrant."

A rising tide of opposition to the EU was also observed in Germany and France. Both nations had embraced the euro without a popular vote.

Similarly, Bilderberg expressed fear that the "extreme right wing" and "provincial nationalists" would block the Free Trade Area of the Americas, which is a major stepping-stone in the political integration of the western Hemisphere into the "American Union."

As public awareness rises, Bilderberg's star falls.