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Reprinted from, home of The SPOTLIGHT archive

Higher barriers prompt more publicity than ever

  • Bad news for Bilderberg is good news for the people as plutocrats grouse over their loss of power.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

The unwanted scrutiny -- that is, unwanted by the plutocrats but wanted by us -- has made it more difficult for Bilderberg to enact its nefarious globalist schemes without the world noticing. And as the World awakens to Bilderberg's plans, much to the dismay of the plutocrats, citizens have reacted by rejecting globalism and instead strengthening their sense of nationalism.

Each year, the European media increases the blizzard of publicity while the blackout in the United States remains nearly 100 percent.

Bilderberg was convinced, until the last edition of The SPOTLIGHT burst into print, that at least the sacred list of Participants remained secret. How long will it take Bilderberg luminaries to strip-search their own staffs to identify the "leak?"

Are they now convinced that there is no place to hide?

For a group sworn to secrecy -- for years, they denied their very existence -- Bilderberg has become its own worst enemy. SPOTLIGHT readers had advised the European media of the dates and places, then Bilderberg fired the flames of curiosity.

Numerous Swedish newspapers carried detailed advance stories on the upcoming meeting. Those in the media who might have thought Bilderberg was being taken too seriously -- were they not just "grumpy old men" -- become intensely interested when a high fence more than a half mile long was erected overnight of the bridge linking the island to the mainland.

SWAT teams and riot police assembled near the resort to protect Bilderberg in the event that anti-globalization protests broke out also drew the Swedish media's attention.

Twenty years ago, only a lone SPOTLIGHT reporter pursued Bilderberg, over walls or disguised as a groundskeeper. Now, in Europe, so many newspapermen and broadcasters have joined the pursuit that the scene of the crime is under observation virtually all day. Information is pooled.

Still, a SPOTLIGHT photographer had to spend six hours in a tree with a long-range telephoto lens in order to get exclusive photographs of the secretive group of power brokers, banksters and international fat cats.

Not knowing for certain until the meeting was over that the Bilderberg source would be able to obtain the list of participants, many were identified by observation in advance.

Some who were positively identified as attending were not on the list. They include Giovanni and Unberto Agnelli of Fiat from Italy and Marie-Josee Kravis, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, from the United States.

Listed by absent was Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), who was to make his third straight appearance as a potential president. He had planned to attend, but when the Senate leadership turned over -- which caused panic at Bilderberg because of the threat of labor putting pressure on the Democrat majority to block the Free Trade Area of the Americas -- Hagel remained for damage-control duties.

The holes in the list could have been deliberate, or the source within Bilderberg may have missed them in furtively hand-copying names of a computer.

However, in years when the list was either stolen by The SPOTLIGHT or coughed up under pressure from Big Media in Europe, some who have attended were absent from the official list. Notable among those was British Prime Minister Tony Blair when Bilderberg met at the Turnberry resort in Scotland.

More has been learned about Bilderberg's plan to establish a United Nations bureaucracy to keep the world's food "safe."

This was addressed by Franz Fishler the European Union's commissioner for agriculture and rural development and Dan Glickman, secretary of agriculture under former President Bill Clinton and former democratic House member from Kansas.

At the same time, Christine Whitman, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, was representing this country at a food safety session of the European Union in Brussels.

Bilderberg is attempting, according to a reliable source, to move people in the western world off of farms and become more dependent on African nations for food. The propaganda line will be that this will bring prosperity to war-torn, impoverished Africa while the West will "benefit" from devoting its "human resources" to modern technology.

International corporations, such as Archer Daniels Midland -- long represented at Bilderberg -- will be able to exploit cheap labor while cornering the world's food supply and kicking prices skyward.

Such evil undertakings are the reasons for Bilderberg's super-secrecy. They are also the reasons Bilderberg must be exposed. SPOTLIGHT is no longer a lonely voice in the wilderness, now it is part of a chorus of protest.