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Increased security can't keep the SPOTLIGHT out

  • At this year's mega-confab, Bilderberg took unprecedented steps to patch leads and prevent any security breaches.

The always-intense Bilderberg security was turned up several notches this year.

The Platoons of armed, uniformed guards, plainclothes security and SWAT teams are routine.

This year, extreme precautions were also taken against the security personnel and staff as Bilderberg determined to end the "leaks" of the past several years.

When participants arrived, they were identified by number codes on a computer, so guards at the gate would not know who was being admitted unless he recognized his face.

Inside, the hotel lists did not identify who resided in which room; again, there was a number code.

Staff was admonished to not "initiate contact" with Bilderberg luminaries. They were "to speak only if spoken to and not initiate eye contact," a source inside Bilderberg reported.


The staff itself was under constant guard to protect against leaks. No conversation by phone escaped the open ears of police and no movement went unobserved.

Unlike previous years, reporters calling the resort were not allowed to talk to Bilderberg staff. Hotel operators were told to only "take messages."

The greatest pressures from large newspapers, unlike other years, were unable to pry loose the list of participants and agenda.

But Christopher Bollyn, in his second year of double-teaming Bilderberg with Jim Tucker, obtained the list on the very day Bilderberg departed.

Bollyn had been cultivating a source well before Bilderberg met. The source would wait until the guard nearby took a moment to eat and an associate stepped out at the same time.


At great risk, the source would go to a numbers code that linked participants for telephone calls, and hurriedly, furtively jot down a few names. While of duty, the source would copy the jotted notes in neat handwriting for The SPOTLIGHT. The process took days and was completed too late to share with the European press, which had departed.

The source also obtained a copy of the agenda and, for fun, a menu. The agenda was printed in black on a dark-red background so a machine copy would be all black and indecipherable.

The source "did it to get back at these beg shots.

In a special tribute to The SPOTLIGHT, the source told Bollyn that Bilderberg is "very afraid of Mr. Tucker."