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Establishment media forced to report on Bilderberg

On May 23, news about Bilderberg made the "mainstream" media worldwide, courtesy of Reuters, an eminently "respectable" source as far as the mainstream goes.

Readers of a Reuters news service dispatch announcing the Bilderberg meeting in Sweden may have felt a sense of deja vu.

Reuters' reportage echoes hundreds of reports about Bilderberg published in The SPOTLIGHT which -- for publishing such reports -- had been accused of "fear-mongering" and promoting "conspiracy theories."

Describing Bilderberg as "a semi-secret discussion forum for the Western world's power elite," Reuters noted that Swedish newspapers have been reporting on the gathering, pointing out that a half-mile long metal fence had been erected around Bilderberg's meeting place "to keep intruders away."

The report stated that "many critics see Bilderberg as a conspiracy and an agent of a new capitalist world order," pointing out that "anti-globalization demonstrators are expected to protest outside" the gathering place.

Reuters said that "Bilderberg participants abide by the so-called Chatham House rule, which forbids everyone present from disclosing what anybody else has said."

Although pointing out that Swedish billionaire Jacob Wallenberg, a longtime key figure in Bilderberg, "played down the group's importance," the news service noted that Wallenberg had still admitted to the daily Dagens Hyheter that "this is one of the many meetings all over the world where decision-makers get together."

Reuters quoted Goran Greider, editor-in-chief of Dala-Demokratan, a regional Swedish daily, as saying, "Even though no formal decisions are made ... this group, together with many others, has contributed to shaping the kind of capitalism we have today and cemented the world's leading business elites together."

Reuters also cited Ulf Bjereld, a political science professor at Gothenburg University who said, "The secrecy is regarded as very provocative. Men in power talk toward consensus behind closed doors on timely issues on the political agenda."

Reuters even went so far as to echo The SPOTLIGHT by noting that former President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair "were groomed at Bilderberg meetings before rising to fame' and that such big names as Henry Kissinger, U.S. Senators Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), John Kerry (D-Mass.) and chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) have been among those at Bilderberg.