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Media Spotlight Shines On Bilderberg

  • The Swedish media has taken The SPOTLIGHT's lonely lead, reporting on Bilderberg's annual secret gathering.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By James P. Tucker Jr.

STENUNGSUND, Sweden-An unprecedented wave of early publicity in the Swedish media has prompted Bilderberg to hurriedly build a high fence over a bridge crossing its island resort and take other precautions.

Bilderberg has always had tight security with armed guards sealing off its secret meeting places. This time, the fence went up overnight, on top of a safety fence long in place, so it would be difficult to climb over, dive in the water and swim to the shore of the posh Quality Hotel Stenungs baden.

The nearby S‰ve military airfield was on alert, where 23 private jets had been cleared to land. All private helicopters had been reserved by Wednesday, May 23. Bilderberg luminaries were arriving at their island hide-a-way by land, air and sea.

In recent years, Bilderberg has met with a blizzard of SPOTLIGHT-generated me dia coverage, but this time it came early instead of after the facility had been sealed off.

The large Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, on May 13 devoted a full-page to facts about the secret meeting of the world's most powerful politicians, banksters, financiers and businessmen.

The Gothenburg tabloid Metro published Bilderberg stories and photos on two facing pages on May 14, citing The SPOTLIGHT.

On May 23, The Gothenburg Post carried a story and large photo of the magic fence.

Also on May 23, The Expressen/GT, Sweden's second largest evening paper, carried a lengthy full-page story under a blaring headline: "Stenungsund Is Occu pied."

Meanwhile, this SPOTLIGHT reporter, trying to bird-dog Bilderberg, was distracted by numerous TV, radio and newspaper interviews.

In one TV interview, Leif Pagrotsky, Swedish trade minister, was harshly criticized on TV channel 4 for Bilderberg participation.

It is known that Bilderberg is concerned about possible pitfalls in the road to creating an "American Union" and Britain's balkiness about complete subjugation to the more advanced European Union.

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