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Kissinger's War Crimes Documented

  • A new book exposes the heinous crimes committed by Henry Kissinger.
By Vince Ryan

The American people are always the last to know what's really going on inside their government and just how evil their public officials, both elected and appointed, can be. But if writer Christopher Hitch ens has his way with his new book, titled The Trial of Henry Kissinger,* that would not be the case as far as Henry Kissinger is concerned.

As longtime readers of The SPOTLIGHT know, Kissinger is a regular at the annual meetings of the Bilderberg group which his longtime boss, banker David Rockefeller, hosts.

Kissinger and Richard Nixon never had warm feelings for each other. Nonetheless, Kissinger accepted the position of Nixon's national security adviser.

In Nixon's words, he appointed Kissin ger because "One factor that had most convinced me of Kissinger's credibility was the length to which he went to protect his secrecy."

By "length" Nixon means any length.

As Hitchens points out: "Upon taking office at Richard Nixon's side in the winter of 1968, it was Kissinger's task to be plus royaliste que le roi in two respects. Kis singer had to concoct a rationale of 'credibility' for punitive action in an already devastated Vietnamese theater, and he had to second his principal's wish that he form part of a 'wall' between the Nixon White House and the Department of State. The term 'two-track' was later to become commonplace. Kissinger's position on both tracks, of promiscuous violence abroad and flagrant illegality at home, was decided from the start."

Hitchens carefully enumerates Kissin ger's war crimes in Indochina.

Civilian casualties had to be known by the White House and Defense Depart ment. He charges that the bombings of Laos and Cambodia were known at the highest levels and he holds Kissinger responsible for what he calls "premeditated war crimes."

Chile, a country at one time not of much interest to Kissinger, suddenly became his number one area of concentration simply because his mentor and boss David Rockefeller was concerned and so too was his president, Richard Nixon.

Bottom line: Chilean President Salva dor Allende had to go.

Marshalling the resources of the CIA, Kissinger et al destabilized Chile in preparation for the killing of Allende.

According to Hitchens, Kissinger was deeply involved with such clandestine acti vities at the highest levels in many areas around the world.

When Kissinger left the State Depart ment he removed his private papers to the safety of the Rockefeller estate in Pocan tico Hills, N.Y. He then gave them to the Library of Congress where they were to remain sealed until after his death.

Much of what appears in The Trial of Henry Kissinger, has, over the years, ap peared in the pages of The SPOTLIGHT. Unfortunately, Hitchens does not cite The SPOTLIGHT in his indictment of Kissin ger. This newspaper and its publisher, Liberty Lobby, have long exposed the machinations of Kissinger, his associates and his controllers, the Rockefellers. And will continue to do so.

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