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'Liberals,' 'Conservatives' beating drum for war with China -- but who really benefits?

  • The drum-beat for war against Red China is in the air. However, before Americans commit themselves to war, they should stop and ask: "Who wants war? Who profits?" The answer to those questions unveil some unpleasant realities about power politics in our world today.
By Michael Collins Piper

If we are to believe what we see, both the American "right" and the American "left" have finally reached agreement on something: it's time to start a war against Red China.

However, those who look more closely will find other behind-the-scenes forces at work pushing for war.

On April 23, The New Republic -- published by "liberal" Martin Peretz, mentor to former Vice President Al Gore -- took a no-holds-barred stand against China. No less than for major pieces appeared under the theme: "An Enemy for Our Time." On the cover, a menacing photo of somber-faced, machine-gun armed Red Chinese soldiers march toward the reader.

Then, on April 30, The Weekly Standard -- owned by billionaire "conservative" Rupert Murdoch and edited by Bilderberg figure William Kristol, touted in the media as a "leading GOP analyst" -- took a hard line against China in a series of articles. These reports were no different in tone or rhetoric from those in the Standard's "liberal" counter-part, The New Republic.

Clearly, the major media are subtly changing their spin regarding China and Chinese-Americans.


Make no mistake. China is no friend of the United States. The butchers of Peking are not cuddly like the Chinese panda bears. Throughout its history -- one which predates that of the United States by tens of centuries -- China has always had its own geopolitical agenda.(1)

The big question is why have influential "conservative" and "liberal" voices suddenly joined forces to beat the drum for war against China?

China is now being designated, in the words of The New Republic, "the enemy for our time." In the past it was the Kaiser. Then Adolf Hitler. The the Soviet Union.

The Cold War against the USSR -- conducted during the time when American banks such as Chase Manhattan and other Western interests were engaged in lucrative business deals with the butchers of the Kremlin -- enriched the plutocratic elite beyond their wildest dreams.

The "no-win" wars conducted in Korea and Vietnam were part of the bigger scheme. Along the way, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the ayatollahs of Iran and Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia played sideline roles in the pantheon of villainy. The American people love war and the plutocrats and their puppet press are always willing to come up with a new one.

Today, the big bad wolf is China. The American people are being told by the "conservative" and "liberal" opinion-makers, who function as propaganda voices for the plutocratic elite who control the major media, to be prepared for war. There's a " long world struggle with China that lies ahead," says The New Republic. The Weekly Standard agrees.

What is so remarkable is that not once does either The New Republic or The Weekly Standard cite the primary element that has cranked up the massive Chinese war machine to where it is today: Israel's little-known role in massive arms transfers to China -- including critical nuclear technology -- over the past 50 years.

This surprises no one who knows that both The New Republic and The Weekly Standard -- despite their cosmetic "liberal and "conservative" differences -- are both loud and enthusiastic media beacons for the propaganda of the pro-Israel lobby.


This is not to suggest that Israel's role in arming Red China is a secret. In fact, there have been a variety of publications -- circulating largely in defense and diplomatic circles -- that have commented on this phenomenon. They include such reports as: "Israel's dirty deals," by Al Venter, Jane's Intelligence Review, Nov. 1 1998: "Israel helps China build fighters, submarines," Jane's Foreign Report, March 26, 1998; "U.S. Experts: Israel is channel for U.S. arms technology to China," Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Dec. 11, 1997; and "Navy Intelligence Sticks to View on Israeli-China Transfers," Defense Week, May 27, 1997.

The most comprehensive account of Israel's illicit arms transfers appeared in the June 22, 1995, issue of Foreign Policy, published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

In the United States, the Israeli lobby -- and Israel's partisans within what was then the "hard-line anti-communist" administration of Ronald Reagan -- were enthusiastic about Israel's "new" alliance with China.

For example, The Washington Times reported on Jan. 24, 1985, that Assistant Defense Secretary Richard Perle and his deputy, Stephen Bryen, the former president of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, an influential lobby for Israel, lauded the alliance between Israel and China. Perle is a Bilderberg member.

Later, both Perle and Bryen were investigated by the Justice department for passing U.S. defense secrets to Israel. What seems evident, though, is that those same secrets were then passed on to Israel's allies in China.

However, it was The SPOTLIGHT, on June 15, 1981, that became the first national media voice to blow the whistle on the intrigue between Israel and China.

The SPOTLIGHT pinpointed Israel's longtime middleman in the secret deals with China as wealthy industrialist and Mossad asset, Shaul Eisenberg, Who dropped dead of a sudden heart attack in Peking at age 76 in 1997.

Subsequent reports in the mainstream media acknowledged Eisenberg's central role in the arms transfers.

On July 7, 1998, The SPOTLIGHT was the first, and thus far only, national media voice to point out that in the little-known 1978 book, The Israeli Secret Service, British intelligence historian Donald McCormack, writing under his pen name Richard Deacon, revealed that there had been a long-standing secret nuclear weapons development liaison between Israel and Red China.

One of Eisenberg's primary allies in bankrolling Israel''s secret nuclear weapons development program was a Chicago-based wheeler-dealer named Henry Crown.

Through his ties to the corrupt Chicago political machine and the crime syndicate of Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky, Crown amassed a gigantic real estate and construction empire, the proceeds of which he plowed into defense contracting in the United States.

Today, the billionaire Crown family is one of the richest families in the world. The jewel in their crown is the General Dynamics Corporation.

Already a major defense contractor, the Crown family conglomerate with its wide-ranging subsidiaries stands on the brink of becoming the Navy's dominant supplier of Ships and its only source of nuclear-powered vessels with General Dynamics' impending takeover of Newport News Shipbuilding.

In addition, longtime Crown family satellite, General Dynamics executive Gordon England, was just appointed secretary of the Navy in the Bush administration.


Should conflict in the Pacific with China ultimately come, the Crown family will grow ever richer, supplying the guns and the troop transports that will take American boys and girls to fight in the conflict.

At the same time, some perceptive of servers suggest, nuclear-armed Israel will have a free hand to exercise its imperial dreams in the Middle W\East while the United States is distracted in its latest venture in the Pacific, fighting China.

Israeli writer Uri Dan says it was "the dream" of Israel's founding father, David Ben-Gurion, to forge ties with the Chinese and to "bring two of the world's most ancient peoples together."

Ben-Gurion's biographer, Dan Kurzman, says that Ben-Gurion had "delved into Chinese history and culture and even studied Buddhist thought. China, he was convinced, would inevitably evolve into the greatest power on earth, and its support would be invaluable."

By June 13, 1990, The Los Angeles Times reported that Israel had become the largest supplier of advanced military technology to China. In June 1991 China and Israel signed a bilateral agreement on scientific cooperation. On Jan. 24, 1992, China and Israel established formal diplomatic relations to much fanfare in the world press and with much celebration in the worldwide Jewish media.

Considering the hard facts that are available, Americans need to take a very careful second look before "rallying around the flag" and jumping on the pro-war bandwagon that is being assembled before their very eyes.