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'Hate Crimes' Bill -- Again

  • Spotlight on Congress

In another act of perennial idiocy, a "hate Crimes" bill has again been introduced in Congress. As usual, H.R. 74 by Rip Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Tex.) Fails to define a "love crime."

Ms. Jackson-Lee made a strained effort to justify congressional action under the commerce clause in the Constitution on grounds that victims of a so-called hate crime may be afraid to cross state lines and thus not become involved in "interstate commerce."

As usual, it federalizes state laws against killing, maiming and robbing people, etc. But it could lead to federal police patrolling your neighborhood where the city cop once walked.

The proposed law discriminates. For example, if it is determined that a homosexual was beaten and robbed not just for the money stolen but because of "hate," there is a greater punishment. But if the homosexual beats and robs a white, it cannot be "hate" and this is a lesser offense drawing lighter punishment.

Anyone who causes or attempts to cause "bodily injury to any person, because of his actual or perceived race, color religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability of the victim" would be subject to harsher federal penalties than if he maimed without "hate."

Since these would be federal, and not state crimes, the FBI would have license to act on these local incidents. The more state laws that are federalized, the more the federal government gets involved in local matters. Could this be the beginning of a national police force?