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Mexico Wants Illegals To Feed at U.S. Trough

  • Mexican President Vicente Fox is demanding elimination of his border with the United States. A high-level meeting was held to "negotiate" the issue.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

Officials of the United States and Mexico met in Washington April 4 to negotiate demands that the common border be eliminated.

President bush signaled the importance of these talks by assigning Secretary of State Colin Powel and Attorney General John Ashcroft to represent the United States in what is projected as a series of meetings.

President Vincente Fox assigned foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda and Interior Minister Santiago Creel to represent Mexico.

Initially, the Mexicans are urging the Bush administration to allow far more immigrants to enter this country and to give legal status to the millions living here illegally.

But Fox publicly announced his ultimate goal as being the elimination of border, with Mexicans crossing at will. This also serves the Bilderberg goal of eliminating all borders in the Western Hemisphere as the "American Union" evolves.

Bush promised "better cross-border relations" in a "sweetheart summit" at Fox's home on Feb 15, his first trip outside the country as president.

Mexican officials said Fox wants to pursue his goals step-by-step, starting with legal status so criminal border-crossers can get a driver license, rent an apartment and -- above all -- get a Social Security card. Card would permit them to feed at the taxpayers' welfare trough.

"We are not saying that we want all the rights to become available to Mexicans overnight, Castaneda told the Bilderberg-controlled Washington Post on April 2. "It is not all or nothing."

"Their jobs must be recognized, must be legalized," Fox told the Post.

The "progress" toward open borders was celebrated by officials of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which is always represented at secret Bilderberg meetings.

"This is the firs time the Mexican and American presidents have agreed to actually put immigration on the table and see what might come out of it," said Carnegie's Demetrios Papademetriou.

The Post story included a lengthy hearts-and-flowers description of a criminal alien identified only as "Rosa," who was tenderly quoted as "dreamily" saying: "I's like to have a Social Security card to be able to rent, get credit, to go to the clinic."