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Liberty Lobby Wants Anti-Bilderberg Law

  • Liberty Lobby is proposing new legislation banning public servants from attending secret meeting at taxpayers' expense -- the "Bilderberg Bill."
By Clayton Potts

Under instructions of its Board of Policy, Liberty Lobby is pressing Congress to ban the use of taxpayer funds for employees to travel to secret meeting to conduct public business.

The ban would cover all members of Congress, the executive and judicial branches. At present, leaders in Congress, high officials of government and the White House attend secret meetings of Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission at taxpayer expense. At these meetings, they help develop policy that affects every American, yet remain unaccountable to anyone in authority.

Under the "Secret Meetings Act" as proposed by Liberty Lobby, Bilderberg would have to allow the press and broadcast outlets to observe Bilderberg meetings and interview participants or U.S. officials would have to pay their own costs. These costs are significant: attendees do not fly coach and the secret sessions are always held at expensive, luxury resorts.


The Board of Policy voted overwhelmingly -- by m9ore than 99 percent -- for Liberty Lobby to lobby for this legislation. The margin was no surprise; Liberty Lobby usually presents a united front in seeking to improve the United States.

"This would in no way inhibit federal officials from attending meetings that, of necessity, must sometimes be secret when private citizens are uninvolved," says a letter from Liberty Lobby to be hand-delivered to certain law makers. "Nor would it prevent the same officials from attending secret meetings involving private citizens -- at their own, not taxpayer -- expense."

Similar legislation is pending in Denmark. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton ran afoul of the law when her health care task force held secret meetings involving private citizens in 1993, for which she was chastised by a federal court, which levied a heavy financial penalty.

"Our newspaper, The SPOTLIGHT, has penetrated these meetings many times over the past 20 years," the letter reads. "We have a mountain of evidence of Bilderberg's evil doings -- raising American taxes, spilling American blood in manipulated wars and prompting the downfall of Lady Margaret Thatcher as prime minister of Britain among other notable events.

"Our staff is prepared to provide devastating testimony when this legislation reaches the hearings stage," the letter continues. "We will be happy to provide more information at your pleasure. The last time we proposed specific legislation was in May 1977. We called it the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights."