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'Chemtrails' Over Blue Ridge Cause Symptoms

  • Have you seen these strange condensation trails left by aircraft that are appearing across America?
By Donn De Grand Pre

The day had been absolutely clear -- not a cloud in the sky - with a slight wind of one to three miles per hour blowing from the northwest.

I came out to photograph a gorgeous sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains; however, I was attracted by the sun's rays being reflected off a series of contrails running from east t west. These contrails did not dissipate as is usual, but seemed to hang in the sky and spread out. As I watched, these east-west contrails were crossed by a series of north-south contrails.

I took several photos from a northwest direction toward the Blue Ridge.

I saw two new contrails being formed, running south to north, but to high up to spot the exact configuration of an aircraft. I assumed they were KC-135 tankers. I estimated the height at 40,000 feet.

There were at least two aircraft and possibly four flying this checkerboard pattern. The parallel flights were about two miles apart and I estimated their speed at 400 miles per hour.

The entire grid pattern of contrails -- or chemtrails, as they are often called -- covered an area of approximately 10 square miles, which drifted in a southeasterly direction, with no noticeable dissipation of the earlier trails, but rather forming a feathered cloud-like spreading.

The entire mas drifted off toward the southeast and by 5 p.m., the sky was completely clear once more. At no time, either before or after the patterning, were there any normal clouds in the sky.

Having flown as a pilot or a passenger over much of the Earth in all kinds of weather, I am acutely aware of aircraft performance. I have watched the formation of normal condensation trails of commercial aircraft fly8ing over my farm at heights of 34,000 to 38,000 feet, which rapidly dissipate.

The flight pattern of Dec. 8 was noticeably different. It was reminiscent of the early days of the smoke writers in the sky who laid out their patterns in intricate detail on paper and then flew that pattern in relationship to key features on the ground.

I assumed that the group who flew that particular pattern on that sunny and clear afternoon had done the same, only using sophisticated radar and Ground Positioning Systems. Their focal point was probably the geographic location of the highest terrain elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains located at 38 degrees 33 minutes north by 78 degrees 24 minutes west, known as Old Rag Mountain.

What happened after that checker board pattern of chemtrails was flown?

Within the local communities of Culpeper, Madison, Orange and Fredericksburg, downwind from the pattern formed over the Blue Ridge, an outbreak of upper respiratory ailments spread rapidly.

The doctors' offices and the emergency rooms of the hospitals became crowded with patients complaining of sinus problems, bronchial coughs and wheezing, watery and itching eyes. Most of the people were inclined to accept it as "the flu." Coincidence?

But it wasn't the flu. Something in the air was causing a major irritation of the upper respiratory system to countless people of all ages. The symptoms and the acute irritation lasted a period of three weeks and then seemed to dissipate.

That "something in the air" was exacerbated by an unusual record-breaking cold snap that penetrated into the deep South, transported the jet stream that instead of following a normal pattern of west to east along our shared border with Canada, dipped sharply down, bringing frigid Arctic air into Florida, Texas and even California.

Health reports from these areas were remarkably similar in that people from widely separated geographic areas were complaining of dripping sinuses, uncontrolled coughing from irritated bronchial passages and various flu-like symptoms, including headaches, blurred vision and stinging eyes, stomach upsets, nausea and spastic vomiting.

As the symptoms wore away, generally over three weeks, the patients were left with a feeling of weariness and depression.

Could it be that we are being subjected to a combination of bacteriological and psychological warfare by an enemy within the gates?