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Congressman Says Reject UN Court

  • A U.S. congressman has introduced legislation to prevent U.S. officials from ceding sovereignty to an international court.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By James P. Tucker Jr.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has called on Congress to reject the proposed United Nations International Criminal Court (ICC) as an assault on U.S. sovereignty.

Paul's resolution (HCR 23) calls for Presi dent Bush to declare that the United States does not intend to ratify or assent to the ICC treaty signed in the last days of the Clinton administration.

Although the Senate has declined to ratify the treaty, Paul warned in introducing his resolution on Feb. 8 that officials and international law experts claim the UN considers the U.S. signature as tantamount to American support for the court.

"UN bureaucrats don't care whether our Senate ratifies the ICC treaty or not," Paul said. "The Clinton administration signed the treaty and the UN views the sig nature as final. It arrogantly an nounced that signatures from 60 nations will suffice to authorize creation of the international court."

Once the court is established, "the UN will have the mechanism it needs to enforce its global edicts against American citizens," Paul said. "What about rights guaranteed to all U.S. citizens by the Constitution, such as due process, jury trials, the right against self-incrimination, and the prohibition against unreasonable searches?"

The ICC "represents the next step toward global government: first the UN created its unconstitutional laws and now it seeks an international court to give teeth to the laws," Paul said. "President Bush should act now to revoke any symbol of U.S. support for this terrible treaty."

Paul said he will seek support from his colleagues on the International Relations Committee.


"This is not a partisan issue," Paul said. "This is an issue of American sovereignty. American citizens have a right to constitutional protections. Congress must en sure that no American ever faces trial before an unconstitutional international court."

The ICC is an important part of the secret Bilderberg group's plan for world government. Bilderberg's dictates flow to Bush from Henry Kissinger, who is on the steering committee of Bilderberg and its more-public brother group, the Trilateral Commission, of which George Bush the Elder is a member.

The UN has announced that, once in place, the ICC will assert jurisdiction over the entire globe, including nations that refuse to either sign or ratify the treaty. The prospect of American servicemen be ing jerked before the court for "war crimes" during the endless "peacekeeping" missions troubles lawmakers.