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Constitution Last Barrier to One-World Rule

  • The only thing standing in the way of those who wish to rule the world is the Constitution.
By Joseph Stumph

Rich and powerful men who brilliantly manipulate the political arena from behind the scenes are fully confident they will soon be able to govern the entire Earth through a single political body -- the United Nations.

One of their own, Dr. Carroll Quigley, was so confident a one-world government was basically a done deal and the manipulations and control of heads of government no longer needed to remain hidden that in 1966 he published somewhat of an expose in his 1,348-page book, Tragedy and Hope. In his inaugural speech on Jan. 20, 1993, President Bill Clinton boasted that Dr. Quigley was one of his professors hen he attended Georgetown University.

There is a single remaining barrier preventing implementation of world government: The United States of America and its Constitution. Once the manipulators get full control of U.S. government and, therefore, control of the greatest military force on earth, it will be a simple matter and a short time until all other nations will be forced to concede power to the White-shirt criminals who will become the tyrannical and bloodiest group of men to have ever ruled.

When they are through there will not be an island of the sea, nor a mountain cave, where all resistance, or perceived resistance, will not have been rooted out. Compared to the Dark Ages, when heretics, or resisters, were hunted down, tortured and burned at the stake, the coming tyranny, having little if any organized resistance, will be for worse.

As a barrier to world government, the Constitution contains one particularly high hurdle which as yet the manipulators have not been able to over come. That is the Second Amendment, Which guarantees the right of the individual Americans to own firearms.

Dozens, or hundreds, some say thousands, of laws have been put in place at the federal and state levels in a futile attempt to first register and then confiscate all firearms -- handguns, then rifles, then shotguns. An important first step toward eventual confiscation came in 1968 when Congress required purchasers to give the gun dealer his name and address and state he was not a felon.

Though some progress has been made since 1968, with current gun buyers being forced to submit to instant background checks, it is highly likely that the rich and powerful who dream of world government are growing impatient with the advocates of the Second Amendment.

Once the manipulators determine the impossibility of getting America's guns through legislation and that psychological conditioning of the masses against guns is not going to work, they will attempt to confiscate the guns with brute force.

In the future, a president will declare a "national emergency" and proclaim martial law. Then the federal government will come after your guns.