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Florida Vote Rigging A CIA-Mob Operation?

  • An investigation into the ownership of what is called America's "election services industry" is now revealing disturbing Mob and intelligence ties.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Fred Lingel

In the wake of the presidential election, reporters asking why it was that Florida was unable to do the thing the other 49 states managed to do -- count the votes -- are unearthing indications that what's been called the "Great Florida Vote Snafu" shows signs of deliberate manipulation.

Florida's 25 electoral votes at one point seemed to hinge on the flawed work of a GOP consultant in Frisco, Texas. The mass mailing Texan James Foster produced was supposed to make it easy for Florida Republicans to request absentee ballots.

But a glitch left the pre-printed forms with incorrect voter ID numbers or none at all.

"Martin County was one of several places where Republican operatives were given unfettered access to the voter rolls, on the pretext that applications for absentee ballots had been 'misprinted,' " investigative reporter and producer Dan Hopsicker told The SPOTLIGHT.

"But we've discovered that Mr. Foster is a veteran Republican operative, who has produced direct-mail pieces for the Bush-Quayle campaign in 1992, who worked on both of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's campaigns, as well as on clients in Texas including House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Flower Mound and Rep. Sam Johnson of Plano," he said.

"Shockingly, we've uncovered evidence that Mob-connected election service companies like Sequoia Pacific were active in the same places, Martin County, for example, where former CIA officials like Charles Kane were being allowed free -- and illegal -- access to official election material," said Hopsicker.

"Given the sordid history in Miami of joint ventures between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Mob, which led to the unsuccessful attempts to kill Fidel Castro and the successful assassination of President John F. Kennedy, this conjunction raises numerous 'red flags' which have so far been studiously ignored by the major media," he said.