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Liberty Lobby Founder Speaks out in Defense of Fifth Amendment

  • Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT have played a definitive role in defending Americans' hard-fought constitutional rights.
By Willis A. Carto

Millions of words about the central importance of the First Amendment to the security of our liberties under the unique government created for us by the Founding Fathers have been written. The Fifth Amendment means more than protecting the rights of pornographers, child molesters, communists and other degenerates. When properly applied it means protecting those who wish to propound ideas different from and even conflicting to those prevailing in the fields of religion, science, politics, journalims and history. Today, the courts have in general lost sight of this fact and for the most part are prejudiced against those of us who do wish to challenge what they see is now a corrupt and degenerate system meant to serve only the interests of the international plutocracy, the cultural communists (the politically correct) and political Zionism.

The framers of the Constitution never imagined that the First Amendment would be used to protect the vices, perversions and crimes of the day instead of positive pursuits, beneficial to society.

In one of the most significant decisions of the Supreme Court, Sullivan vs. New York Times, it was ruled that the press has a duty to engage in "vigorous debate," which is precisely the mission of Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT, as any inspection of the printed matter and the radio messages of this Institution over the years since 1955 will unmistakably show. Fundamentally put, Liberty Lobby/The SPOTLIGHT challenge the whole movement familiarly known as political correctness, which is only a popular synonym for cultural communism or the "Frankfurt School," a Marxist movement which was instigated by communists in 1923. This subversive and criminal movement is described in the 12-page special SPOTLIGHT report, Cultural Communism: The Disintegration of America.


The SPOTLIGHT is a weekly newspaper published regularly for 25 years and four months and at the present has a paid circulation of 100.000. At one time the circulation was 330,000. It is estimated that now there are at least 300,000 readers of each issue because of the high pass-around factor.

The SPOTLIGHT has always had a distinctively populist philosophy, mirroring that of its publisher. It is the direct outgrowth and the successor to Liberty Letter, a monthly newsletter which was for the purpose of advising and alerting subscribers and members of Liberty Lobby of legislation in Congress which impacted on the interests of the individual citizen affecting his liberty and well being and the best interests of the country. This purpose is carried forward every week in The SPOTLIGHT and in its regular "Spotlight on Congress" feature. This public service is in the highest tradition of constructive citizen action in our representative democracy because such vital information is difficult or impossible for the average citizen to come by otherwise.

This feature of The SPOTLIGHT is the heart of the newspaper and the reason for its existence. Accordingly, the column never carries a byline, as its other features do, because it is the official position of Liberty Lobby.


The reason The SPOTLIGHT carries news that may only indirectly serve Liberty Lobby's official policies is because the news media in general chooses to "bury" or "spike" much important and real news. What is news? The SPOTLIGHT defines news as happenings that directly bear on the interests of the consumers, taxpayers and voters of the U.S. whether they know it or not. Thus, The SPOTLIGHT's definition of news is entirely different from the orthodox definition of news, which is to report on events that the dominant international plutocratic establishment feels the public should know. That major news stories too often are not covered by the orthodox press but are exclusively covered by The SPOTLIGHT is shown by a list of 25 such events appearing on page 2 of its special emergency issue of Dec. 31, 2000.*

In addition to its unique policy of printing news that impacts on every consumer, taxpayer and voter, whether he or she knows it or not, The SPOTLIGHT's record is also unique in having never to correct a significant error. As in all periodicals, too many typographical errors slip by, including sometimes errors in dates, addresses, telephone numbers, misspelling of names, but the wonder is that The SPOTLIGHT has never printed a hoax and has screened out stories "planted" on us to embarrass the paper. It has been sued for libel only twice. In the first suit, E. Howard Hunt claimed to be libeled by an article which appeared in The SPOTLIGHT by former CIA employee, Victor Marchetti. He had claimed that Hunt may have been connected to the J.F. Kennedy assassination. In an historic trial, The SPOTLIGHT's attorney, Mark Lane, proved that CIA man Hunt was indeed connected to the assassination and, in fact, the jury found that the CIA killed Kennedy. Lane wrote a book about this dramatic trial, Plausible Denial, which stayed on The New York Times bestseller list for many months, selling 400,000 copies Although the trial was extremely important to the people of the U.S., it was totally unreported in every newspaper in the country except for a perfunctory mention in The Miami Herald (where the litigation took place) and, of course, The SPOTLIGHT, which reported it fully, as the major news story it was.

The only other libel action vs. The SPOTLIGHT was by journalist William F. Buckley Jr, a close confidant of Hunt and also a CIA asset. Buckley claimed damages of $16,000,000 but collected only $1,001 -- a small enough amount to be considered a win for The SPOTLIGHT.

It is noteworthy that both of these suits were politically motivated and were illegally (because the CIA is "prohibited" from operating inside the U.S.) designed by the CIA to make an end to The SPOTLIGHT. Evidence exists that the underlying case is also engineered and directed by intelligence personnel.

In other words, The SPOTLIGHT performs a great public service by maintaining the highest journalistic standard of any newspaper in our country and consistently and faithfully carries truth through against the greatest odds.


The SPOTLIGHT, when it is mentioned at all, is always attacked as being "anti-Semitic." This charge is a lie, a lie that is a potent punishment and weapon always used to put down anyone who utters a word outside of the boundaries of acceptable (politically correct) dialog. When the well-known columnist Jack Anderson called Liberty Lobby anti-Semitic, he was sued and Liberty Lobby won the case in the Supreme Court in 1986. Then-federal Judge Antonin Scalia stated when he reviewed the case in a lower court: A lie repeated 10,000 times does not make it the truth.

The SPOTLIGHT is anti-Zionist, a political position mandated by Liberty Lobby's Policy Position No. 5, "Pro American Foreign Policy." This clearly means a policy of nonintervention in foreign affairs. Liberty Lobby sees that most of this nation's problems today result from intervention into foreign wars, none of which have served American interests. Nonintervention is the original policy for America, laid down by our government from the American Revolution to the Spanish-American War. With possibly two exceptions, our glorious victories over Grenada and Haiti, every foreign war has resulted in disaster for this nation and the other belligerents. This policy means hands-off Vietnam, Iraq, Kosovo and the Palestinian no-win mess. It definitely means no more taxpayer's money for Israel. Liberty Lobby's position on this has been consistent for 45 years, and is the reason for Israel's agents, such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) attacking and minimizing Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT at every opportunity. To attain its subversive aim of unlimited, perpetual financial gifts for Israel-the most aggressive nation in the world -- except perhaps for the USA -- the ADL has made a fetish of putting down Liberty Lobby/The SPOTLIGHT.

That the ADL is an unregistered foreign agent for a foreign country and operates illegally in this nation is a fact that has been established in court, but the political power of the ADL is such that no governmental instrumentality will pursue it, certainly no Member of Congress or senator or even a newspaper, except one.

The ADL has a long history of spying on Americans, among its other activities of intimidating and blackmailing people, conducting undercover or overt smears against opponents, or those suspected of opposing its subversive aims, covering up news that it does not like and even sparking police raids on enemies, such as the one conducted by the Costa Mesa Police Department and the San Diego sheriff's office on March 22, 1995, on this declarent's home. In l992, the ADL was accused by the San Francisco Police Department of stealing confidential police files. One Roy Bullock was named as the conduit who received this stolen material from a San Francisco police officer, Tom Gerard and funneled it to the ADL. Bullock was a long-time paid ADL spy who lived in San Francisco. The ADL was saved from a criminal indictment only because of its high-up connections, but had to pay a substantial fine. Bullock was a valued informant for Tim Carroll, who although employed by the San Diego Sheriff's Department, was also a informant for the San Diego office of the ADL who received gratuities from the ADL. All of this is substantiated in the underlying court case.

The ADL has been roundly condemned by many responsible officials of the government down through the years, most of who were thereafter run out of office by a concerted smear campaign through local newspapers. Sen. William Fulbright, Rep. Paul Findley, Sen. Charles Percy, Rep. John Rarick and Rep. Paul N. McCloskey are among those who have suffered this punishment for speaking out in behalf of American interest when it conflicted with Israel and the ADL.

The SPOTLIGHT and its publisher are pro-American, a listing of the official policy of Liberty Lobby since 1955 by its 10,000 member Board of Policy.

The extremely well financed and powerful ADL is not only the most potent of Liberty Lobby's enemies, it is also the primary purveyor of Cultural Communism and its policies are normally diametrically opposed to those of Liberty Lobby's sound statecraft and Christian morality. To illustrate, the ADL has given its freedom award to such dignitaries as pornographer Hugh Hefner and mobster Moe Dalitz. The ADL is a dangerous subversive organization which should be exposed and not supported. All members and supporters of the ADL place the interests of a foreign nation above that of the United States. The ADL seeks to demonize the word "nativist." Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT proudly are indeed "nativist." All members of Liberty Lobby's Board of Policy must sign a loyalty oath to the Constitution. The ADL cannot be honestly used as a source because it is hopelessly tainted. To compare the record of the ADL with Liberty Lobby shows clearly where integrity lies providing the observer is an American.


The SPOTLIGHT is more than an obscure weekly without credibility, attacking noble public figures, an irresponsible scandal sheet named by the ADL as "the most anti-Semitic publication in America" and is more than a lunatic publication which opposes the sacred two party system in America. The SPOTLIGHT is a responsible and much needed journalistic effort with more serious news "exclusives" to its credit than any other newspaper published today. No serious student of American journalism can contend that the American media is free and that its "news" covers all significant events and that it is not universally politically correct.

The SPOTLIGHT has prevailed legitimately and purposefully for 25 years against the entire controlled news media and before it then, its publisher for 20 years, and for this public service both Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT are totally ignored by every politically correct publication in the country, except when they are being smeared at the behest of the Anti Defamation League. The SPOTLIGHT and Liberty Lobby deserve accolades and respect for the thankless task they have undertaken.

The greatest danger to American liberties do not come from scattered "haters," as designated by the ADL for a compliant press to endlessly repeat, but from the ADL itself and its like-minded alien subversives who work strenuously to trash our glorious First Amendment and make unpopular opinions criminal-exactly as they have already done in Europe, Canada and Australia.

May God save America, certainly the "free" press will not.

Willis A. Carto is the treasurer of Liberty Lobby and the executive publisher of The SPOTLIGHT.