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Bilderberg Wants Warmer Relations with Cuba

  • A new report by the Council on Foreign Relations reveals that the globalist elite are still hungering to open up Cuba to their brand of business.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By James P. Tucker Jr.

The Council on Foreign Relations, the propaganda ministry of the secret Bilderberg group, wants the United States to pursue a warmer business relationship with Cuba while suggesting that military action may be necessary in the future.

"In the past, political instability in Cuba has repeatedly created pressures for U.S. intervention on and around the island," the CFR report said. "Many future scenarios could unleash these types of pressures on the United States.

"There are many possible future scenarios that could lead to pressures for the United States to intervene militarily" when the regime of aging Fidel Castro comes to an end, the CFR said. "Poli cymakers must be prepared for the worst case."

The CFR called for such initiatives in a report released in Washington Nov. 29.

Among the report's authors were Janice O'Connell, senior foreign policy assistant to Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), a Bilderberg member, and Jay Muzur, a member of its brother group, the Trilateral Commission.

Recommendations included allowing unlimited "family visits" with a broader definition of "family." It would end limits on how much money Cubans in the Uni ted States can send to the island na tion. Cubans living in this country could count, for income tax purposes, fa mily members still in Cuba as "dependents."

"Retired and/or disabled Cuban Americans [should] be able to return to Cuba if they choose, collecting Social Se curity, Medicare and other pension benefits to which they are entitled in the Uni ted States," the report said.

It called on the government to educate Cubans on "the available legal mechanisms" for bringing in more of their relatives as immigrants.

American companies whose property was seized when Castro came to power 40 years ago should be allowed to settle their claims through a "joint venture" with Cuban enterprises, the report said.

Without specifying an amount, the CFR called for making "federal funds available to support people-to-people ex changes," for virtually eliminating all travel restrictions and permitting direct airline flights to and from the island.