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ADL, FBI Use Lawyers to Expand Police State

  • The ADL, in conjunction with the FBI and local law enforcement, is schooling lawyers in how to deal with thought crimes.
By John Rakus

Earlier this year, attorneys in Sacra mento, Calif., were invited to a prestigious law school seminar at the Mc George College of Law, to learn how to detect hate crimes and other New World Order offenses such as "politically incorrect thinking."

The presenters of this unique training were a combination of local law enforcement officials and guests from a factious human rights organization, known as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

One guest was Jonathan Bernstein, a director of the ADL. Other officials included local representatives in law enforcement, including the agent in charge of the FBI field office, investigator J. M. Maddock, a prosecuting attorney from the Department of Justice, P.L. Seave, Police Chief A. Venegas, Jr., and Sacramento County Sheriff Lou Blanas.

The media often takes an uncritical -- almost reverent -- attitude toward ADL activities, referring to it as "a respected human rights organization." ADL press releases are usually regarded as "gospel" and often quoted without question or reservation. But the ADL has been found on the wrong side of the law during its more notorious activities.

Police know of the ADL's ties to organized crime, but the media avoids mentioning these ties.

In 1985, the ADL gave its annual "Torch of Liberty Award" to Jewish organized crime boss Moe Dalitz.

It was given at a banquet honoring him for the millions of dollars in gang loot he paid the ADL. Dalitz was then a gang boss in Las Vegas and made his money in gambling, loansharking, prostitution and reportedly contract murder.

In California in 1993, the ADL was involved in the corruption of police de partments and the theft of thousands of confidential police files, which was re ported in the December 1993 California Lawyer. Search warrants were ob tained and the ADL's offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles were raided to recover the stolen files.

Although injunctions and restraining orders had been issued against the ADL for violating the civil rights of innocent people and for illegal private spying, we never learned about it because these ADL offenses were ignored by the media.

The joint seating of ADL and police officials as panel participants is of concern because their agenda to promote hate crime legislation and prosecution is fraught with a danger that threatens our constitutional liberties.

Their supposed scholarly review and lobbying efforts are really geared toward creating a police state in the United States. Similar conditions already exist in Germany, Australia, Finland and Canada. And this thought censorship was introduced in these countries by the same influence seated at the McGeorge symposium.

Police and administrative officers sitting on this hate law panel are unwitting pawns in the strategy of the ADL. They are regularly being exposed to an alien mentality that bodes danger for the civil liberties of even the most liberal-minded citizen. The ADL syndicate is really desensitizing and training lawyers and law enforcement how to develop the psychological skills needed to lobby for laws in thought control. We know it as hate crime legislation.