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Alliance With Israel May Have Deadly Consequences

  • American interests in the Middle East will "go up in smoke" if the United States sides with Israel in its war mongering against the Arab and Muslim states.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Christopher Bollyn

Milwaukee, Wisc. -- Pat Buchanan, presidential candidate of the Reform Party, warned that America must be neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at a rally at Marquette University on Oct. 16.

Buchanan described himself as having been "pro-Israel for a long time" and recounted his numerous visits to the region going back to the Six-Day War of June 1967 when he accompanied Richard Nixon on a trip to Israel during which they met Israeli leaders David Ben-Gurion, Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin.

Buchanan said, "The first priority is peace," but the Israeli hard-line hawk -- and convicted war criminal -- Ariel Sha ron "went and exploded the whole thing" with his "stomping around the holy sites with a thousand troops." This was the event that "ignited the spark" of the current crisis, Buchanan said.

Sharon's "ridiculous move" has provoked a massive bloodletting in which five Palestinian civilians were killed, and 200 wounded on the first day alone. In the subsequent demonstrations more than 100 Palestinians have been killed and 3,000 injured, Buchanan said.

He reminded the audience that during the Boston Massacre five American colo nists died and asked, "How did we re act?"

Buchanan spoke of a Navy seaman from Fond du Lac who was among the 17 American sailors who perished in the suicide bombing of the U.S.S. Cole refueling in the Yemeni port of Aden.

The young sailor had nearly completed his tour of duty but instead of coming home to Wisconsin was "returning to Do ver Air Force base in a casket."


Buchanan described the bombing as "an act of war" and reminded the audience, "when we are hit -- we hit back." But he said we are facing "a new kind of war" in which "brave fanatics" are willing to give their lives in their struggle against Israel -- and now America.

In such a war against an enemy willing to sacrifice themselves as martyrs for their cause, if the United States sides with Israel, "American interests in the Middle East will go up in smoke" Buchanan said.

Both George W. Bush and Al Gore are "pandering" to the "all-powerful Israeli lobby," Buchanan said, and appear to be unwilling to separate American interests from Israeli interests.

A great super-power requires independent leadership that understands what is in its own best interest, he said. Failure to act accordingly and avoid entangling alliances and conflicts will result in "American ships coming home" as the sun sets on the "American empire" as it has on every other empire that has overextended its reach, Buchanan said.

We are witnessing "a silly season" in politics and "living in an Utopian era," said Buchanan, similar to the 1920s. Buchanan reminded the audience of the economic and political turmoil that followed the "Roaring Twenties" beginning with the "crash of 1929." "We are headed for a time like that," he added.


Following Buchanan's address, when the candidate took questions, The SPOTLIGHT asked Buchanan to challenge the lock-out from the final presidential debate being held the following night in St. Louis in order to bring attention to the "Soviet-style exclusion of third-party candidates."

Buchanan replied that there are now three national parties and the American people are the real losers.

"You folks are being cheated," he said. "You are paying for my campaign -- but you can't hear me."

He condemned the Commission on Pres i dential Debates as a bipartisan agen cy headed by "political hacks" and said, "we fought it as hard as we could."

Responding to a question about the Euro pean Union (EU), Buchanan said, "The EU is the model for globalization." He praised the Danes and the Tory party of Britain for their "resistance to a socialist super-state" and said the "grand battle of this era is the struggle between national sovereignty and globalism."

He condemned the globalist agenda of Strobe Talbott, Bill Clinton's fellow Rhodes Scholar and roommate at Oxford, and the "globo-trash" that convened at the UN Millennium Conference.

Buchanan said that the founding fathers would have three words for these proponents of world government: "Lock and load."