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The SPOTLIGHT October 2, 2000

U.S.-Canadian Border Flooded by Illegals

Illegal aliens and drug smugglers from the South aren't the only invaders of the United States. A growing number of illegal Asians are using the unguarded U.S.-Canadian border to sneak into the country.

By Mike Blair

With millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and Central and South American countries pouring across the southern border of the United States, little is heard about the increasing number of illegal Asian immigrants and smugglers crossing the U.S.-Canadian border.

To stop the massive wave of illegals coming into the United States along the U.S.-Mexican border, the Border Patrol has had to divert some of its manpower and aircraft from the North to border states in the South.

As a result, from Washington state to Maine, America's 4,000-mile northern border is now guarded by only 300 Border Patrol agents. The small number of agents face the impossible task of protecting the nation from a sea of aliens, mostly Asians, who fly to Canada to cross into the United States.

An unknown number of aliens from Asia, particularly Korea, cross into the United States in an unending flow, according to Keith Olsen, a spokesman for the Border Patrol's union.

Aliens from Red China and North Korea are smuggled across the northern border into the United States. The border is also being used to smuggle illegal drugs, particularly marijuana, from Canada, Olsen said.

Large numbers of firearms, probably originating from Red China, have been interdicted in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Their intended destination was the United States.

The only alleged terrorists recently caught entering the United States were taken into custody on the U.S.-Canadian border.

The invasion of aliens from the north has been particularly heavy along the northern New York state border that connects with the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

French-speaking Quebec and its major city, Montreal, are being used as transit points for illegal aliens from Asia.

Asians frequently cross into the United States at border crossing points along the St. Lawrence River and the long St. Lawrence Seaway. They particularly utilize crossing afforded by the St. Regis or Akwesasne Mohawk Indian reservation near Massena in northern New York.

According to SPOTLIGHT sources, the reservation is being used to smuggle aliens from Asian and Middle Eastern countries, as well as virtually every form of contraband, including firearms, laundered money and drugs.

The illegal aliens are interspersed among Canadians who cross the border to shop in the United States and to visit bingo parlors and gambling casinos operated by the American Indians.

In St. Regis, aliens can cross the border on sovereign Indian land since the reservation spans the St. Lawrence, with large parts on both sides of the waterway.

In some remote sections, which the Border Patrol knows is being used as alien crossing points, electronic sensors have been installed, just like in sensitive areas along the U.S.-Mexican border. People concerned with the flow of illegal aliens and smugglers believe the sensors serve as little more than a nuisance for the intruders.

Late last year, suspected terrorists were captured crossing the U.S.-Canadian border, particularly where the two countries are joined in northern Vermont.

Earlier, members of the terrorist German Baader Meinhof gang were captured by U.S. immigration officials after crossing into Vermont from Quebec.

A few years ago, New York Gov. George Pataki (R) considered plans formulated by New York National Guard commanders to use troops, as well as armored vehicles, to invade the reservation and put an end to untaxed cigarette and gasoline smuggling. The plan was hastily canceled when the Establishment media learned of.

The SPOTLIGHT September 2, 2000

A Vote for New Parties Is Not Wasted

A pragmatic vote for "the lesser of two evils" is not pragmatic at all. Such a vote always has brought disaster.

By Tony Blizzard

Desperate Republican Party partisans, with media cooperation, have floated the canard among conservative voters that "a vote for Buchanan is a vote for Gore."

This is a play on general conservative beliefs that Texas Gov. George W. Bush and the Republicans are better than Vice President Al Gore and the Democrats and that only those labels can win an election. Neither of these assumptions is true and both are dangerous to what freedom we have left.

The implication that those two parties have different philosophies and goals is regularly exposed as a lie by The SPOTLIGHT. Moreover, citizens are actually damaged less under the Democrats than under the Republicans, as patriots and conservatives tend to fall asleep on their political watch when Republicans gain control.

Conservatives who say they don't want "four more years of Clinton," are in deep denial about the disaster for the nation that was the Reagan years, among others. Spinners such as Rush Limbaugh have canonized President Reagan without looking at the facts of his legacy and have conveniently ignored truths such as Reagan's declaration that he, like President Clinton, considered FDR his political hero and model.

Looking back at past Republican presidencies gives us insights into what we can expect if Bush actually wins the election.

When Reagan took office, The SPOTLIGHT and other patriotic, conservative and populist periodicals saw their subscriptions nose dive as good Americans, who had been concerned for their nation, relaxed and "let Ronnie do it."

• "Ronnie" easily pushed the Genocide Convention -- which patriots had fought to a standstill in Congress for decades -- into law without most Americans even knowing it.

• Reagan's Justice Department ig nored anti-trust laws, even criminal laws, allowing a few insider junk bond dealers to ravage America's industrial base and national retailing systems, launching the nation on a false, tentative and dangerous speculation "economy."

• Reagan promoted "Rex 84," an unlawful police state pilot which involved military control of American civilians; precursor to today's military encroachment in civilian police and trashing of Posse Comitatus.

• Until Clinton's advent, Reagan was the most pro-Israel president of all time, giving the store to that state at every opportunity.

These examples merely scratch the surface of Reagan's perfidy and he wasn't even connected by wealth to the corporate and financial elite as the Bushes are.

Nixon, the avowed anti-communist, created, with an executive order, FEMA, an unelected bureaucracy never passed into law by Congress, but given unlawful power superior to all the branches of government combined. He also implemented regionalism, which lords it over local and state elected governments, and revenue sharing, the carrot which has federalized every facet of our lives.

President Eisenhower, WWII "hero," sent the U.S. military into a Little Rock, Ark., high school to destroy forever our constitutional right of association with whomsoever we choose. He made the huge territory of Alaska, and the tiny island chain of Hawaii, states on a par with the contiguous 48, opening up a rationale for expansion that may never quit.

Bush the elder's escapades should still be remembered, including his "read my lips, no new taxes" lie and his New World Order slaughter of an enemy of the belligerent Israeli state.

How many conservatives know that even President Franklin Roosevelt, their bitter bane, ran his first campaign on hard core conservative principles that make today's Republican platform look like a Soviet five-year plan?

The two major parties are one, in spirit and ownership, and should be named the Perfidy Party.

Although convenient and less expensive for financial and corporate interests -- which own both branches of the two-headed, Republicrat hydra -- to promote the belief that all other parties are peripheral, and can only act as "spoilers," that, too, is not true. Even establishment information gatherers have admitted in their publications that Republican registration is only 18 percent and Democratic registration only 16 percent of eligible voters, and that both of those figures are declining while independent registrations are rocketing at an unheard of pace.

Those telling figures, plus the meager and robotic turnouts for Gush and Bore's performances, coupled with the large and animated crowds wherever Pat Buchanan appears, depict a sea change in Americans' voting preferences, dispelling the engineered nonsense about "major" party invincibility.

All it will take for Buchanan to win, and make a real difference in the direction of our nation, and the world, is for voters who want honest change to vote for him.

The most important reason for voting for Buchanan remains the fact that by supporting him, liberals and conservatives alike are helping to establish a new dynamic group in the Reform Party that will eventually replace the corrupt, old two-party system America has now.

Buchanan is not only the best candidate for "conservatives" and "liberals" alike, he is the only one who can reverse our mushrooming police state. Now that he will be able to get his message out, he can be elected with the greatest majority in American voting history. All it takes is for concerned Americans to take the same uncompromising stand he has taken and vote for principles, rather than for whimping out with what the effete media tries to convince them to accept as their "best" pragmatic (non) alternative.

The SPOTLIGHT October 2, 2000

Pat Speaks to America's Heartland

Fresh from his Federal Election Commission win, Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan stepped up his campaign by addressing issues important to America's farmers and middle class in the heartland.

By Clayton Potts

Reform Party nominee Pat Buchanan made a pitch for the farm vote while denouncing the movement toward world government.

Buchanan said during the 15th Farm Aid Concert in a Virginia suburb of Washington on Sept. 17 that, as president, he will put the interests of American farmers ahead of those of multinational corporations.

Buchanan said he would cut off im ports of commodities whenever their price may fall below cost of production. So-called "dumping" -- selling exports at a loss until the domestic industry is destroyed, then price-gouging -- has closed steel mills, motorcycle plants and family farms in the United States.

The farmers' concert was shunned by Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush.

"I think the farmers can call this election," said famed singer Willie Nelson. "The farmers and the ranchers, and you folks who really care about the farmers and ranchers, can decide who your elected officials will be. I can't tell you who to vote for, but it's not hard to figure out."

The bipartisan sellout on NAFTA, the World Trade Organization and the trade deal with communist China has hurt the family farmer, Buchanan said.


Buchanan next traveled to Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C., the Christian school widely denounced by religious bigots in both major parties, and promised to reclaim American sovereignty.

"I will get the United States out of the World Trade Organization, I will get the United States out of the International Monetary Fund . . . and I will tell Kofi Annan up at the UN, 'sir, your lease on Turtle Bay has run out,' " Buchanan said.

Buchanan's speech was punctuated by hearty applause.

Buchanan also promised to eliminate the Department of Education and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Buchanan chose Bob Jones as the site for his speech because "I want to stand with my friends . . . and I think they have been beat up and piled on unfairly and unjustly by the national media."

Buchanan "cares more for the truth than his own image," University President Bob Jones III told the crowd of 2,000. While not formally endorsing Buchanan, Jones said, "I endorse so much of what he says" and "I endorse his courage."

In his speech, Buchanan denounced "intolerance" that has forced religion out of public life.

"They have dethroned our God, in my judgment. The principal culprit is the United States Supreme Court," he said.

Buchanan has, unfashionably, announced that he has a "litmus test" for Supreme Court appointees: they must oppose abortion.

Buchanan denounced "cultural Marx ism" that infects society because "polluters and politicians are the one and the same." He urged Americans to join him in a "Gideon's army" to fight for populist values.

Homosexuality "always has been associated with social decadence and national decline" but such groups dominate television and the movies, Buchanan said.

"Instead of trying to break up Micro soft, why don't we break up Disney?" Buchanan asked. Disney lost some of its Mickey Mouse innocence in recent years by warmly hosting homosexuals for "gay pride" events at Disney World, a theme park near Orlando, Fla.

Buchanan, who promised to bring U.S. troops home from far-flung missions and deploy them along the Mexican border to halt illegal immigration, said that Mexico has something to teach the U.S. government about free elections.

Referring to his exclusion from the presidential debates, which will feature only Bush and Gore, Buchanan pointed out that Mexico had six contenders in its early presidential debates and included third-party candidates to the end.

"I'm thinking maybe we ought to call the president of Mexico and see if he can send observers to the United States to show these Americans how they have to conduct free and fair and open elections," Buchanan said.

Meanwhile, the Buchanan campaign has cashed a $12.6 million check from the Federal Elections Commission, which will be used to buy broadcast time so voters can hear his message unfiltered by a hostile mainstream media.

"We're going to spend a million-and-a-half dollars a week," Buchanan said. "We're going to spend it on radio ads. We're going to spend it on television ads. We're going to go into states that Bush has written off."

The SPOTLIGHT October 2,2000

Why Do Vote Counters Refuse to Name Names?

By Sanford Griffith

Repeated efforts by The SPOTLIGHT to obtain the names of the employees of the people who are responsible for the computerized count of the general election vote have been rebuffed.

The SPOTLIGHT made multiple telephone calls to the major network-controlled Voter News Service at 212-947-7280 and asked VNS to provide the names of its employees.

The SPOTLIGHT based its request on the belief that because VNS effectively functions as a quasi-governmental agency whose activities directly impact upon public affairs that the names of the VNS employees should therefore be part of the public record.

Upon the first SPOTLIGHT request, on Sept. 20, a VNS telephone operator told The SPOTLIGHT that a "Lee C. Shapiro" would be the person to provide that information and that although Shapiro was unavailable at that time that she would return the call. The call was never returned to The SPOTLIGHT.

Subsequent follow-up calls from The SPOTLIGHT elicited the explanation that Shapiro was "not answering" her page. On one occasion she was said to be "in a meeting." Then The SPOTLIGHT left a voice mail message for Shapiro, who never returned that call either.

On Sept.21 The SPOTLIGHT again attempted to contact Ms. Shapiro but was told that she was "out to lunch." A telephone operator who would only identify herself as "Alma" refused to provide her last name to The SPOTLIGHT.

The SPOTLIGHT expects to continue its investigation of VNS and determine precisely who runs VNS and counts the votes of the American people.

The SPOTLIGHT October 9, 2000

Danes Dump Euro, Defy Bilderberg

The Danes' clear rejection of the Euro is a major setback for the globalists' one world agenda.

By Christopher Bollyn

The Danish people have prevailed over the big-money oligarches of Europe and voted to keep the krone (crown), their national currency and symbol of Den mark's sovereignty.

On Sept. 28, the Danes rejected the euro by a vote of 53 to 47 percent and won a decisive battle against the European financial elites who sought to abolish their national currency and replace it with the euro, the common currency of the European Union.

Rejecting membership in the "euro-zone" in a national referendum, 87 percent of the electorate turned out in a historic vote to defend their economic sovereignty and dealt a severe blow to the troubled common currency of the European super-state.

The euro, which is shared by 11 nations, has steadily declined in value, losing almost 30 percent against the dollar since it was introduced in January 1999.

The Danish referendum on whether to adopt the euro, however, was about much more than money.

"The essential issue is the preservation of our sovereignty," Pia Kjaersgaard, leader of the Danish People's Party and opponent of the euro said. "The euro will erode our national authority and identity at a time when Denmark is already be coming more and more multiethnic and globalized."

Ms. Kjaersgaard's anti-immigration policy has drawn comparisons to the positions of Pat Buchanan, Joerg Haider of the Austrian Freedom Party and Jean Marie Le Pen of France's National Front.

"Do we want to lose control of our lives with more and more decisions made by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt or in Brussels?" she said. "Do we want this multiculturalism, this multi-ethnicity, about which the country was never consulted? I say we don't want either."

The campaign for the euro in Denmark was a lopsided affair pitting Ms. Kjaersgaard, "an ordinary housewife with three children" against the big-money interests of Europe.

In a speech in England last December, Ms Kjaersgaard warned the Third Congress for Democracy that the struggle to maintain national sovereignty in Europe would not be easy.

"The powers we are up against are dreadfully strong," she told attendees of the meeting.

Leading the "Eurocrat" forces for the European Union is the Association for the Monetary Union of Europe, founded in 1987 by European industrialists, whose board of directors includes the heavy-hitters of the Bilderberg club: Viscount Etienne Davignon, Giovanni Agnelli, Jacob Wallenberg and Kenneth Clarke, to name but a few.

The Center for European Policy Studies, the official European Union think tank with headquarters in Brus sels, is directed by an elite group of bankers, barons, princes, and the very same viscount Etienne Davignon.

Following the big boys, Danish proponents of the euro include most elites of business and labor, the Danish mass-media and 46 of Denmark's 48 newspapers. European Union propaganda is even aimed at children in elementary schools across Denmark.

Against this mighty machine rose a modern-day Joan of Arc ready to throw a wrench in the works in order to defend the sovereignty of her nation against "that federal state that the peoples of Europe don't want."

The euro has been described as "an economic device designed solely to achieve a political end -- namely a federal Europe of impotent member states" -- under the control of the Brussels-based bureaucracy led by the oligarchies of Europe and their appointed ministers.

The ascent of the European Union (EU) coincided with the demise of the Soviet Union; as the Warsaw Pact disintegrated in the East, a new European super-state was rising in the West.


During the past year the EU has displayed a similar leftist intolerance of democracy and national sovereignty shown by Stalin's Soviet Union.

The unelected "komissars of political correctness" in the EU reacted to the elections in Austria in which Haider's Free dom Party won 27 percent of the vote by applying sanctions to the Austrian nation.

The Danish public sided with the Austrians and disapproved of the EU bullying of a small nation. The sanctions were hurting the euro campaign in Den mark and were recently jettisoned in an attempt to manipulate Danish public opi nion to support of the euro.

Apart from the current weakness of the euro, the Danes who opposed membership in the "euro-zone" feared that joining would result in a reduction in the Danish standard of living, a lowering of the value of the retirement pensions and an increase in immigration.

The Danish referendum was being closely watched in Britain and Sweden where similar decisions will have to be made in the future.

Ms. Kjaersgaard saw the euro falling apart and said neither Sweden nor Britain would ever hold referendums on the issue if Denmark voted "no". "I think, in the longer view, that the single currency could break down if we vote 'no.' "

The SPOTLIGHT October 9, 2000

Congress Wants to Step Up Land Grabs

A proposed $45 billion land grab bill in Congress is fiscally irresponsible and a threat to property rights and hunting.

By Margo Turner

Farmers, ranchers and other private property owners could find themselves forced off their land if Congress enacts a $45 billion federal land grab legislation, warn property rights activists.

The Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA), S. 25, now before the Senate, is fiscally irresponsible and would be a "tremendous defeat for private property ownership, hunting and sound conservation," said David Riggs, director of land use policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in Washington.

"In the wake of disastrous fires out West this summer, the majority of which occurred on government-managed land, it is sheer lunacy to give this same government more land to try to 'manage,' " Riggs explained.

Four of every 10 acres in the country is managed by local, state and federal governments, according to Riggs. He noted that most of this land is grossly mismanaged.

Representatives from CEI and the American Land Rights Association (ALRA) joined property rights, taxpayer and consumer advocates on the East Lawn of the Capitol Sept. 20 to counter a rally by groups that support the federal land grab legislation.

Riggs called CARA "an affront to American taxpayers and congressional accountability."

CARA is nothing more than a "pork-barrel-spending bill," added ALRA legislative representative Mike Hardiman.

The legislation grants the government $3 billion per year for 15 years to step up purchases of privately-owned land.

Critics point out that CARA would be the first entitlement program that does not allow Congress to evaluate it for five years.

Under CARA, Congress would create a land acquisition trust fund and other trust funds that cover such things as Civil War battlefields, Endangered Species Act enforcement and Indian tribes. The tax money would be taken away from the legislative process and handed directly to various federal and state agencies, critics said.

More than $900 million a year would be guaranteed to federal and state agencies for land acquisition. State agencies would receive a total of $450 million a year and have unlimited power to exercise eminent domain and condemn land.

Distribution of CARA funds defies "any rational understanding," said Robert H. Nelson, senior fellow at CEI. For example, New York State would receive $40 million a year while $15 million would go to Maine with its long and ecologically sensitive coastline.

The largest allotment of money under CARA would go to Louisiana ($285 million), Texas ($131 million), Alaska ($89 million), Florida ($69 million), California ($67 million) and Mississippi ($61 million).

The House passed CARA (H.R. 701) by a 315 to 102 vote on May 11. Critics claim few congressmen knew or cared about the bill's specific provisions.

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) recently circulated a letter to fellow senators to build support for CARA. So far 50 senators have signed the DeWine letter.

If DeWine obtains signatures from 60 senators, CARA supporters would have a chance to win a floor vote or make it imperative for Senate leaders to add CARA to a last-minute appropriations bill, the ALRA warned on its web site,

The SPOTLIGHT October 9, 2000

Team of Scientists Say 'Chemtrails' Are Part of -Secret Military Maneuvers Over America.

A team of researchers believes there's more to the strange condensation trails that have been seen across America's skies than the government wants you to know.

By Mike Blair

The strange vapor-like trails, or "chemtrails," from jets flying high above much of the nation and elsewhere in the world are part of a massive -secret military research and development project, possibly linked to the United Nations, researchers have concluded.

A group of about a dozen researchers spent more than a year, mostly in secret, studying the chemtrails. They include experts in electronics, communications, communications, environmental engineering, medicine biomedical research, chemistry, governmental and political affairs and military theory and technology, as well as veterans of the Central Intelligence Agency and the -secret National Security Agency (NSA).

The group poured over thousands of scientific, government and military documents, most of which can be found in the public domain but buried among countless papers in highly scientific web sites on the Internet. The researchers also talked with experts in the scientific and military communities.

"It appears that aerosol chemical trails are being deliberately discharged into the atmosphere from military and civilian registered aircraft over the continental United States, Canada and Mexico," a retired Air Force officer attached to NSA and living in Virginia told The SPOTLIGHT in an exclusive interview.

"Selected commercial airliners have been secretly modified and equipped with specialized aerosol dispersion devices to supplement U.S. military aircraft to disperse the substances creating the chemtrails," the former NSA official noted.

According to the NSA officer, civilian airlines were enlisted for the project, which some of the researchers referred to as "Operation Cloverleaf."

"Aircraft emission of aerosol chemical trails is being consistently reported now in several other countries worldwide," including Australia, Britain, New Zealand and Germany, said the retired NSA operative, an electronics expert.

The research group determined that the chemicals emitted from the subsonic aircraft are a base barium salt mixture.

Barium is best known as a substance ingested or injected into the body of people undergoing X-rays. Barium mixtures are ingested by mouth or administered rectally to study the human digestive tract for abnormalities.

The researchers concluded that the chemtrails are composed of barium salt mixtures. Some of the chemtrails also include polymer fibers.

"Several types of experimental polymer fibers are repeatedly being found in various locations subsequent to observed incidences of aerosol discharge by aircraft," a member of the scientific study group told The SPOTLIGHT. "Research and development of electronic polymer is identified and described in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) documents. Other polymer fiber types are mentioned in other government and military documents that we have obtained.


"It is believed that the combination of a barium salt mixture and polymer fibers are responsible for the recent nationwide epidemic increase in cases of asthma, allergies and upper respiratory system illnesses, including pneumonia," he added.

The group found that based on the study of various military and scientific documents, the polymer fibers apparently have several applications in conjunction with the barium salt mixture.

Among the applications is the "cloaking" of aircraft. When irradiated with the substances, an aircraft is invisible to radar and the naked eye.

There also are advanced radar applications; the decontamination and detection of biological weapons; communications applications, including the ability to direct radio beams back to earth; weather modification as a military weapon; and the secret Air Force Variable Terrain Refractivity Parabolic Equation (VTRPE), which, with the use of sophisticated computers, enables a person to view what an enemy radar system sees.

A scientist familiar with VTRPE research at Wrigh-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and his Knowledge of the use of the barium salt mixtures led the group of researchers to delve into the "barium salt connection" to the chemtrails.


A member of the research group told The SPOTLIGHT that "an overwhelming array of ongoing military research and development and defense-related activity is layered from ground level into space, including space warfare battle plans and space weapons that have been developed and include advanced laser and refinement of famed scientist Nikola Tesla's scaler (directed energy) weapons technology."

"Tesla's concepts of 'directed energy' are being developed, refined and applied," the researcher continued. "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) ionospheric 'heaters' are positioned around the world (Alaska, Ukraine, Norway, Russia, Puerto Rico etc.) And are used to "heat' and modify the ionosphere. The United Nations, we have found, has knowledge of and sanctions the HAARP project, which is a military project."

The group determined that scientists worldwide are working in cooperation with an organization known only a "Commission G." Different aspects of atmospheric and ionospheric advanced radar studies, research projects and experiments are being studied at various American institutions of higher learning, such as the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, the University of Colorado, the University of California at Davis and the University of Texas at Arlington.

One of the key aims of the studies and experiments is the military objective "to control rain, drought, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and weather patterns generally," a researcher explained. "Precipitation suppression and enhancement are strategies being refined specifically for implementation in the conduct of future wars."


This experimentation "is directly responsible for the strange weather that is being experienced in the United States, if not worldwide," the researcher said. "They are simply screwing up our normal weather patterns by dumping barium salt and polymer fiber in vast quantities into the atmosphere."

The group said that armies may eventually become obsolete because of new computerized "virtual warfare technology," which is being developed, refined and actually applied.

According to the group, there is ongoing research and development that includes optics-based communications above the earth, which is similar to fiber-optics but without fibers and communications broadcast on optical beams; a means for potential chemical and electrical influence on human behavior on a massive scale from above, a super-MK Ultra mind-control program; and electrical power transfer.

The researchers said the scientific community is concerned that the earth's ozone layer has been seriously damaged. It is not a result of aerosol sprays or Freon gas used in air conditioning, as claimed by government-led environmentalists, they noted.

"We believe the reason for the damage has not yet been mentioned or addressed," one of the researchers said.

The former NSA researcher said "ongoing study of this problem by individual researchers is eliciting concrete evidence that, at the very least, the atmospheric chemistry and circulation of the earth's atmosphere have been disrupted. There is a growing body of evidence to justify concern that the problem with our atmospheric chemistry will extend well int the future.

"The culprits are more likely the experiments, including the chemtrail activity, that are now underway, as well as modern aviation, particularly the French and British Concorde aircraft, which were recently grounded the space shots and, especially, the HAARP heaters that are heating up the atmosphere," he said. "Someone is attempting to keep a lid on all of this military research and development activity and, in particular, the chemtrail activity that is Literally clouding up America's skies.

According to the NSA researcher, individual members of the group have been threatened. Various documents and other materials have been stolen from the homes of some of the researchers.

He said he believes this was done under the direction of a globalist entity, probably the United Nations or a "subgroup," that remains in the shadows and beyong public exposure, at least for now.

The SPOTLIGHT October 16, 2000

Thousands Protest Presidential Debate Lockout

The SPOTLIGHT was on the scene in Boston and witnessed the heavy-handed police-state tactics used to keep Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader out of the establishment-approved presidential debates.

By Christopher Bollyn

Immediately following the presidential debate in Boston on Oct. 3, The SPOTLIGHT asked Gov. George W. Bush, "Do you think the American people were well served by the exclusion of third-party candidates from the debate?"

Bush was reluctant to discuss the exclusion of Pat Buchanan saying, "The commission sets the rules."

Vice President Al Gore escaped before The SPOTLIGHT could confront him.

The SPOTLIGHT asked many politicians and debate organizers the same question with the follow-up, "Do you think the debates would have been better if Buchanan and Nader had been included?"

When The SPOTLIGHT asked Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, a member of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) and daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, she turned on her heel.

PBS news host Jim Lehrer was debate moderator. He said the decision to exclude Buchanan is "way above my pay grade."

Collectively, the demeanor of the assembled politicos was that of naughty children covering up a bad prank. Not an individual, of the dozens interviewed by The SPOTLIGHT, would admit that they disagreed with the exclusion of third-party candidates from the debates.


While the cameras, and the eyes of the nation, were fixed on the first presidential debate between Bush and Gore, thousands of protesters outside the debate hall at the University of Massachusetts condemned the exclusion of third-party candidates who failed to meet an arbitrary polling requirement for entrance to the debates.

Restrained by hundreds of police dressed in riot gear and surveyed by three helicopters with floodlights, the crowd chanted, "Open the debates!" and "Let them speak!"

Although the protesters came from different political positions, a common grievance was the stranglehold of the Democrats and Republicans -- and the role of big money -- on the presidential debates.

Polls have shown that 64 percent of the American people want to see Nader and Pat Buchanan in the debates.


Pat Buchanan, presidential candidate of the Reform Party, who was barred from the debate said, "We will look back on this as a national disgrace.

"The other two parties are engaged in a conspiracy, basically, to deny me access to the debate that's going to decide the election and the presidency of the United States," Buchanan told Meet the Press on October 1.

Nader condemned the exclusion of third-party candidates and issues from the presidential debates calling it an "affront to democracy" and challenged Gore's "phony populism" calling him a "political coward, political knave, and political charlatan."

When Nader, who had a ticket to enter the hall, approached the door, John Bezeris, a representative of the CPD told him, "It's already been decided that whether or not you have a ticket, you are not welcome in the debate."

"I didn't expect they would be so crude and so stupid," Nader said after being turned away by three armed state troopers. "This is the kind of creeping tyranny that has turned away so many voters from the electoral process.

"Imagine that, a private company [CPD] -- controlled by the two major parties and funded by beer, tobacco, auto and other corporation -- misused police power to exclude me from the premises, even though I had a ticket to enter issued by the debate commission themselves."

The CPD claims to be "a non-partisan, non-profit educational institution" (501 C-3) which was created in 1987 ostensibly for the purpose of organizing the presidential debates and educating the public on the issues.

Although federal law has prohibited corporations from contributing to candidates since 1907, the CPD enjoys an exception to the law allowing it to receive unlimited donations from labor unions, foundations and corporations.

The CPD, which Nader calls "a creature of the two parties," is co-chaired by Frank Fahrenkopf, former head of the Republican party and lobbyist for the Nevada gambling industry, and Paul Kirk, former head of the Democratic Party.

Together Fahrenkopf and Kirk set the criteria, which a candidate must meet, for entrance to the debates.

In January 1999 they decided on an "arbitrary and unrealistic" threshold that a candidate must show 15 percent in five national polls in order to participate. It is this criterion that has blocked every legitimate third-party candidate from being in this year's debates.

When The SPOTLIGHT suggested to Fahrenkopf that it was unfair to use polls done by the same networks who black-out coverage of third-party candidates, he said, "That's bulls -- t."

Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.) proposed legislation to lower the polling requirement to 5 percent. At the debates, his father, Jesse Jackson, Sr., told The SPOTLIGHT that he supported the ban claiming his main interest was defeating Bush.

The SPOTLIGHT October 16, 2000

Buchanan Would Right High Court

Would a Republican president appoint right-thinking, "conservative" judges to the Supreme Court? History indicates otherwise.

By James P. Tucker Jr.

An examination of the record of Republican and Democratic presidents and of the forthright position of Pat Buchanan shows that only the Reform Party nominee will significantly change the Supreme Court.

It has become trendy for Republican and Democratic candidates, as does George W. Bush and Al Gore, to announce they have no "litmus test" for Supreme Court nominees. This means they can nominate left-wingers who would destroy the Constitution because there is no "litmus test."

Buchanan boldly declares he has a litmus test: the Constitution will be strictly interpreted, judges should not make law and must oppose the Supreme Court's pro-abortion ruling.

Four justices are in their twilight years and are likely to die or retire from the Supreme Court during the next four years. Republicans argue that Bush must be elected to prevent Gore from appointing liberals.

Two of conservative Republican Ronald Reagan's appointees, Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy, have consistently disappointed patriots, most recently upholding a ban on public school prayers.

Another prayer banner was David Souter, appointed by President George Bush and the fourth, John Paul Stevens, was appointed by President Gerald Ford, both Republicans.

Well before the Senate confirmed Souter, The SPOTLIGHT exposed his record as a state judge in support of federal gun laws that do violence to the Second Amendment. The same records had been checked by the White House before his appointment.

Only three appointees of Republican presidents frequently stand up strongly for the Constitution: Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Clarence Thomas. Of these, Rehnquist is most "tiltable" on the issues.

On Oct 2, the Supreme Court -- with seven of the nine members appointed by Republicans -- continued its leftward lurch by rejecting a challenge by 31 congressmen to President Clinton's authority to commit U.S. troops to NATO action in Kosovo.

The high court left standing a lower court ruling that the congressmen had no "actual injury" that would give them standing to sue.

The court also showed its leftward tilt by deciding what not to decide. The court refused, without comment, to hear these appeals:

• A lawsuit by two gun manufacturers challenging a 1994 law banning semiautomatic rifles or copycat models of any caliber.

• Let stand a lower court ruling in which a bisexual boss was freed from sexual harassment charges because he propositioned a husband and his wife. Executives "can now advise a supervisor to purchase immunity from [the law] by taking care to harass members of both sexes," said lawyer Shane Mulholland.

Buchanan commented on this Oct. 2 on the TV talkie Larry King Live:

"Bush appointed three judges or four judges to the Texas Supreme Court. Three of them voted to overturn his own parental notification law. They voted pro-abortion. He says, 'I have no litmus test for the Supreme Court.' I will appoint pro-life constitutionalists and conservatives who respect the religious traditions of this country, as this court does not, and no liberal judicial activist need apply."

The SPOTLIGHT October 16, 2000

U.S., UN Condemns Israel's Use of Deadly Force

Both the UN Security Council and the Red Cross have condemned Israel's illegal use of lethal force against its Arab citizens and Palestinians -- but the killing of unarmed protesters continues.

By Christopher Bollyn

The United States and 14 other UN Security Council members condemned Israel "for acts of provocation, violence and the excessive use of deadly force against Palestinian civilians." How ever, the U.S. blocked all attempts to strengthen the Oct. 3 statement and accuse Israel of violating the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention, which sets rules for the treatment of civilians by occupying military powers.

Scores of Palestinians, including many children, have been killed by Israeli forces using live ammunition on demonstrators in the occupied territories and in Israel following the "arrogantly provocative visit" by Ariel Sharon to Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

Sharon, Israel's former military chief, was convicted in Israel of war crimes for his role in the massacres of Palestinian refugees during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and is universally despised by Palestinians.

"I never imagined the day would come when the Israeli police would open fire on Israeli citizens," said Hashem Mahamid, an Arab member of Israel's parliament.

The Israelis have deployed tanks and helicopter gunships, which are used to fire on rock-throwing protesters. They have even used armor-piercing missiles against Palestinians in buildings and cars.

At least 18 Red Crescent ambulances have been fired upon, according to Uriel Masad, the International Red Cross spokesman in Israel.

The shooting of 12-year-old Mohammed Jamal Aldura by the Israeli army and the killing of the ambulance driver who was coming to the boy's aid has shocked the world and focused international attention on Israel's disproportionate use of lethal force against Palestinian civilians.

The shooting was caught by a television cameraman and broadcast around the world.

Mohammed and his father, Jamal Aldura, were going home in Gaza when Israeli gunners targeted them.

"They started shooting at the taxi we were in and we got out to seek better shelter," Jamal said.

Photographers watched helplessly as the boy and his father crouched behind a small concrete block for cover. Moham med cried and cowered behind his father, who tried to shield his son with his body.

"The Israeli fire was heavy, although I was shouting and begging them to s, for the boy's sake," he said, "But they never sped and poor Mohammed died in my lap."

Giora Eiland, head of Israeli army operations, admitted his troops killed Mohammed saying, "This is not the first incident in which civilians were injured, but it has never been intentional."

Eiland seemed to excuse the army's actions saying, "It is known that Mohammed participated in stone-throwing in the past."

The SPOTLIGHT October 23, 2000

Mideast Region Erupts Into All Out Warfare

A group of Palestinians who captured and killed two Israeli military hit men is just the tip of the iceberg in a region spiraling out of control.

By Martin Mann

Three of the four Israeli soldiers in civilian clothes and an unmarked car, who were sped by Palestinian police in the Arab city of Ramallah on Oct. 12, were put to death by an irate crowd which assumed them to be members of an undercover Israeli assassination unit. Known as Sayaret Matkal, the killer squad has murdered dozens of suspected Islamic freedom fighters, intellectuals and activists in recent years.

The other Israeli soldier has been reported "missing." "It's no wonder the anger of the Arab street exploded," says veteran UN correspondent Jean-Luc Bouchar don, who recently returned to New York after several weeks spent in the Middle East. "To Palestinians, an en counter with an unmarked car bearing four Israeli soldiers disguised as civilians means only one thing: Sayeret Matkal, the hated military hit squad."

This special unit of the Israeli defense forces is almost unknown in the United States; its existence has never been officially recognized.

But in Palestine, it is notorious for its lethal forays against suspected Arab militants, Middle Eastern diplomatic sources at UN headquarters have told The SPOTLIGHT.

The Hebrew word sayeret means reconnaissance or commando forces, matkal is a designation suggesting that one contingent among these elite formations is assigned to performing "special tasks" under the command of the chief of staff of Israel's army.

Those "special tasks" are assassination assignments, these sources have confirmed.

They listed the noted Palestinian poet Ghassan Kanafani; Kamal Nasser, a longtime spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization; and Muham mad Najjar, a leading Arab activist, as among the best-known victims of Sayeret Matkal "termination" teams.

"But these commando units were often sent out in teams of four, disguised as a civilians, to hunt and kill lower-ranking Palestinian militants and suspected freedom fighters in the streets," related Bouchardon. "They also do hits for the Mossad [Israel's secret service]."

The operations officer in charge of Sayeret Matkal has been identified as Israeli Major General Avraham Arnan by knowledgeable diplomatic sources, who added that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, a retired (and lavishly decorated) general, himself served with a Sayeret Matkal unit as a young army officer.

The SPOTLIGHT October 23, 2000

Israeli Soldiers Targeting Youth Of Palestine

Palestinian kids have be come the latest innocent targets of Israeli soldiers.

By Christopher Bollyn

Israeli soldiers have been "shooting to kill" -- or maim -- young Palestinians protesting the Zionist occupation of their homeland. Evidence strongly suggests that the Israeli army has commanded its troops to "aim for the whites of their eyes" leaving many Palestinian children blinded for life.

Ziad Ahmed Farrah, 20, clearly remembers being 100 yards away from Israeli soldiers in Palestinian-controlled Bethlehem when one of them fired a rubber-coated steel bullet into his left eye."I was hit in my eye and my arm," Ziad said. "My friends carried me about 50 meters to the ambulance. I arrived at the eye hospital at exactly 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30."Ziad is one of many patients who have come to St. John's Opthalmologic Hospital in East Jerusalem since Friday, Sept. 29, with eye injuries sustained in Israeli attacks against Palestinians.

"All we can do for him now is to repair the fractures and fit him for an artificial eye," one of the nurses explained. "We will try to match the color of the other eye."

Khaled Abu Aker, a Palestinian journalist in Jerusalem told The SPOTLIGHT on Oct. 11 that more than 25 Palestinians -- 12 in Jerusalem alone -- have lost their eyes as a result of being hit with rubber-coated steel balls.

The so-called "rubber bullets" are actually marble-sized metal balls with a thin rubber coating.

A 12-year-old child, Ala' Mad, is at St. John's after being shot in the eye with a rubber-coated steel bullet. The hospital report states that his left eye "was perforated twice, with the contents expelled, and the bullet caused fractures in the medial aspect and floor of the orbit. It has lodged in the maxillary sinus and could be seen in the upper jaw, protruding behind the teeth."

This is the kind of catastrophic damage that "rubber" bullets inflict when fired from close range at a person's face.

By Oct. 5 more than 12 children were in the hospital with injuries from Israeli bullets and a total of nine patients had lost their eyes.

Among them is Ramadan Salwat, 15, who lost one eye while the other was seriously injured by a rubber-coated bullet. Doctors are trying to repair the injured eye, but it is likely that Ramadan will remain blind.

Other patients shot in the eye include Abdel-Rahman An-Nadi, 12; Ibrahim Abu-Mursa, 12; Amjad Mazeed, 12; Taher Awad, 13; and Ahmad Abed, 14. In all of these cases, the doctors say the injuries could only have been inflicted by bullets fired at the heads of the children.

Ziad is upset over the loss of his eye, but is even more offended by the military assault on Palestinian children: "I want to say to the soldiers who shot me, 'You would not want someone to shoot your son, so you should not shoot a young person who is someone else's son.' "

Reports issued by the Palestinian hospitals indicate that 60 percent of the 3,300 wounded are children. Further more, 77 percent of the injuries were in the upper body, i.e. above the waist. Ninety-two percent of the victims were under 30 years of age.

Most of the Palestinians killed were shot in the head or the chest. The high number of dead indicates Israel's intent to kill Palestinian demonstrators, rather than to merely disperse them.

A great number of the Palestinians killed during the first week of protests were children, including six who were 18 years old, 13 who were under 18, and some as young as 12. The great majority were unarmed civilians.

The SPOTLIGHT October 23, 2000

How Much Money Will it Take to Stop Mideast Bloodshed?

U.S. taxpayers are expected to bear the brunt of the cost for any Mideast "peace."

By Martin Mann

The rehabilitation of Martin Indyk, the U.S. ambassador to Israel, whose security clearance was suspended last month -- only to be restored by the White House on Oct. 10 -- was only the first among a long list of concessions being held out by President Clinton in order to persuade the Israeli government to halt the shoot-to-kill tactics it has been using against Palestinian protesters.

U.S. officials said that Indyk's security clearance was reinstated for the duration of the Mideast conflict. After that, according to officials, his status would be "reevaluated."

After days of ferocious firefights, the leaders of the warring nations -- the historic Arab people of the Near East and Palestine's Zionist occupying forces -- flew to Paris for a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Instead of turning to negotiations with each other, Palestine Authority Chairman Yassir Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak gave priority to talks with American officials, including long, frequent telephone palavers held by both sides with President Bill Clinton.

"In the course of the Mideast peace negotiations earlier this year, Clinton offered both antagonists enormous payoffs in return for a deal," said Dr. Herman Knorr, a former U.S. State Department intelligence analyst. "Now Arafat and Barak are telling Albright they want to make sure they have some of those billions in hand before they settle their differences."

The bloodletting American taxpayers are about to suffer as the latest price of America's stupid meddling in Palestine runs into billions of additional dollars.

Israel is asking for a special "strategic assistance package" to cover the cost of its military withdrawal from Lebanon, its planned "strategic redeployment" on the Syrian frontier, expensive new electronic security installations to protect its flanks from "surprise attack" and a squadron of the latest U.S.-made warplanes, the so-called "joint strike fighters," to patrol them. The cost: an estimated $55 billion.

Part of the "special security assistance" program is the installation of "death-ray" laser batteries at strategic points in and around Israel.

This apocalyptic weapon has the capability of blinding enemy troops at extended distances, reportedly over a mile. There are no known goggles or filters to protect against the instant and permanent blinding of infantrymen.

The laser was developed by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the Pentagon under a variety of code names and innocuous descriptions.

Now, in order to persuade Barak to stop the massacres of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators and to rejoin the "peace process," the delivery of the "death-ray" laser, to be installed in Northern Israel by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has been "prioritized" to begin in next month.

"Indyk has been abruptly rehabilitated because he is the indispensable dealmaker who arranged the 'pay-for-peace' strategy of appeasing hawkish Israeli leaders with huge handouts funded by U.S. taxpayers" says Dr. Francois Khouri, a Lebanese diplomatic historian.

A seasoned Israeli agent of influence at the time he was taken aboard by the incoming Clinton administration in early 1993 -- and an alien who was granted instant U.S. citizenship by special dispensation of the White House and Congress -- Indyk became the key go-between in the tortuous negotiations held by Clinton with a succession of Zionist leaders skilled at extortion, well-placed observers say.

"It was Indyk who laid out the plan for the unprecedented giveaways the U.S. is supposed to dole out to Israel for its agreement to grant the Palestinian Arabs some living space, a limited measure of autonomy, and 'peace,' " explained Khouri, who now teaches in Washington.

The Palestine Authority, on the other hand, is faced with the need to do something about the nearly 4 million Arab refugees hounded from their homeland.

Behind closed doors, Clinton and Arafat have been negotiating a compromise under which Palestinian refugees willing to waive their right of return would be paid "compensation" or "restitution" at some $15,000 per head.

The SPOTLIGHT October 23, 2000

Buchanan Says 'Iron Lock' on White House Doors

Pat Buchanan delivered his populist message to an audience in North Carolina despite being blocked out of the second presidential debate.

By Christopher Bollyn

Buies Creek, N.C. -- Pat Buchanan presidential candidate for the Reform Party, brought his patriotic "America First" message here on Oct. 11, the day of the second presidential debate held at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem.

Buchanan accused the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which has excluded him and other third- party candidates from the debates, of being "a front group" for the two major parties and receiving unlimited "illegal corporate contributions" in order to maintain an "iron lock" on the office of president.

Neither Buchanan nor Nader were at Wake Forest University to protest being excluded from the debate. But 500 colorful and non-violent demonstrators came from around the country and marched to the gate of the campus calling for open debates and protesting the influence of corporations on the presidential debates.

The protesters were sped at the gate by armed police who were soon joined by a much larger force of state troopers clad entirely in black, carrying pepper spray, tear gas and guns loaded with rubber bullets.

Buchanan spoke earlier in the day at Campbell University, one of the largest Baptist colleges in America, and stressed the need to build the Reform Party into a conservative populist party to replace the Republican Party that "has caved" and "won't fight for its principles."

"Gore and Bush mostly agree" was the headline of The Herald Sun of Durham, N.C., after their second debate. Political pundits called the debate "pathetic," "vapid" and "mediocre."

Buchanan agreed with a proposal by The SPOTLIGHT to join all the eligible candidates in an open debate to be sponsored by the National Press Club and probably broadcast nationally on C-SPAN.

Buchanan also told The SPOTLIGHT that he welcomed any and all lawsuits, like the one being considered by the Liberty Lobby, that challenge the CPD's bipartisan monopoly on debates by contesting its status as a 501 C-3 "non-profit, non-partisan, educational institution."

Buchanan reiterated his mainly populist issues, which he contends are in agreement with the "mainstream popular positions" of the American people but beyond the pale of the Bush and Gore debates.

Buchanan lambasted "free trade" deals like NAFTA and PNTR that are "gutting the manufacturing vase of this country" and will result in "untold damage in the future." Although "factory towns are being shut down" across America, Buchanan said that Bush and Gore both support these destructive trade deals.

The United States now runs a $25 billion trade deficit with Mexico according to Buchanan, and imports 10 times as many Mexican-made cars, like the Volkswagen "new Beetle" made in Puebla, that it exports.

NAFTA has also resulted in millions of illegal immigrants crossing the border every year, Buchanan said, along with a huge inflow of narcotics.

Buchanan warned, "America's sovereignty is at stake" and said that the recent UN summit had paved the way for a global tax to fund the creation of a UN army and create a world government.

Buchanan condemned the WTO and the IMF as the "proto-ministries" of global government, another subject on which bush and Gore agree.

He reminded the audience that both candidates favor "fast track" legislation on trade deals and approve of IMF loan bailouts that cost the American taxpayers billions without ever getting the explicit approval of Congress.

The SPOTLIGHT October 23, 2000

Media Paints Phony Portrait of Pat Buchanan

There has been a concerted effort by the mainstream press to censor the populist message of Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan.

By Clayton Potts

When the mainstream media feels compelled, however reluctantly to take note of Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, a phony portrait almost always results.

The Establishment is also unhappy that Green Party candidate Ralph Nader is running and scooping up a few Al Gore votes, but he is their left-wing darling, so his portrait is prettier.

An examination of major newspapers and wire services shows a collaboration that appears to be a wink-and-nod conspiracy.

Although Buchanan has specific positions on issues ranging from protecting U.S. sovereignty to drastic reductions in the federal government, and hits them hard in every major speech, the mainstream media would have you think he addresses only "social issues."

Nader, on the other hand, has his positions covered in a balanced way and is proclaimed a "populist" -- a philosophy that is just gaining currency in the main stream press, which is unable to define the word.

With even more tortured reasoning, Democrat Al Gore has also been mislabeled as a "populist."


When you read The New York Times, The Washington Post or other newspapers covering a Buchanan rally, you will learn -- again -- that he is morally opposed to abortions; that he objects to God being expelled from the public schools; and that he favors prayer in public places.

That's all true but only a small part of the whole truth.

The political Establishment and its collaborating media are determined that Buchanan's other messages be suppressed. They not only fear that Buchanan's star would rise but that educated Americans pose a threat for the future.

In every major address, Buchanan calls for getting the United States out of the United Nations, for bringing American troops home from far-flung assignments to be deployed along the Mexican border and to end the move toward world government and restore all of this nation's sovereignty.

But the media will report only his comments on abortion and religion. The Establishment fears a public education by Buchanan on the other issues. This accounts for Bilderberg devoting a major part of its secret meeting near Brussels last June to the so-called problem of "nationalism".

Meanwhile, the Establishment formally put its gag on both Buchanan and Nader by announcing they would be excluded from the presidential debates in Massachusetts, North Carolina and Missouri. Only bush and Gore will participate.

The commission, composed of Three Democrats and three Republicans, requires that candidates be on the ballot in enough states to have a mathematical chance of winning enough electoral votes to be elected and score at least 15 percent in five major polls.

Officials of the Reform and Green parties said they were disappointed but not surprised.

"We Clearly believe, as the only third party that is receiving taxpayer funds, that we ought to be in those debates," said Buchanan spokesman Tim Haley.

"The real loss here is for the American people," said Laura Jones of the Nader campaign.

The SPOTLIGHT October 30, 2000

Corporate Cannibalism Gobbling Up middle Class

Merger mania means international corporations get more, consumers get less and family farmers get killed.

By James Harrer

The merger frenzy sweeping the world of international mega-conglomerates and the financial markets is creating a "new concentration of power" that threatens to subvert America's constitutional social and legal order, federal overseers and Establishment economists are warning.

"Just look at the official statistics," says Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein, the Clinton administration's chief trust-buster, who is leaving government this month in frustration for a job in the private sector.

"In the final year of the Bush administration, the sum total of company mergers and acquisitions (M&A) was around $700 billion, already an all-time high," recalled Klein.

"This year it'll $2 trillion -- an almost 300 percent speedup in national and international corporate consolidation. That's more than an economic signal -- it's a storm warning."

Leading economists expressed similar views.

"Something mysterious and momentous is clearly going on," warned Prof. Paul J. Samuelson. "Since 1995, the cumulative value of corporate mergers and acquisitions has risen to over $5 trillion. This may well be the most 'uncovered' business story of our time."

The onrush of what some Wall Street insiders call "corporate cannibalism" mystifies Establishment market-watchers because many major mergers turn out to be losers.

Ironically, the super-salaried, high-IQ stuffed shirts and predatory bankers who effect these mergers often see the resulting merged company hit the skids and become less profitable.

"Since Daimler-Benz [the German automaker of the Mercedes Benz line] and the Chrysler corporation merged last year, their market capitalization has fallen almost 20 percent," said Trevor Ruther ford, a retired investment-bank executive.

The same thing happened when AOL and Time-Warner announced their intent to merge earlier this year or when ATT gobbled up some of its competitors -- their share price is down by nearly a fifth, or worse.

Among the nation's major commercial banks, Bank One and First Union, the two most "voraciously merger-and-acquisition driven" financial powerhouses, as one observer put it, reported some of the largest losses this year.

The stock of the Chase Manhattan conglomerate, known as the "Rockefeller family bank" -- itself the end result of a series of unions involving Manufac turer's Han over, Chemical Bank and the original Chase money-center -- has fallen a disastrous 34 percent since it announced its latest $31-billion merger with J.P. Morgan last month.

In fact, many megacorporate unions are not driven by conventional profit motivation at all.

"They merge in the hope of becoming dominant in their field, a position that raises the prospect of uncontrolled super profits and a more powerful social role for corporations in years to come," explained Rutherford.

That is exactly why the latest wave of mergers is a menace, said economist Otto Thiele.

"Put plainly, these businesses expect to extract more and more money from the public in return for fewer goods and benefits," he explained.

A SPOTLIGHT review of recent data from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a number of academic sources has come up with alarming evidence that in the so-called "service economy," the service extended to customers by the largest corporations is deteriorating rapidly.

Consumer complaints about telephone service are up sharply. The statewide BBB recorded 62 such grievances in September 1999 in Michigan. By last month, the number had shot up to 1,772 complaints received. In Ohio, protests against unsatisfactory phone service soared from 123 to 1,524 during the same period.

There has been a similar sharp rise in complaints about air travel and smaller but significant increases in expressions of discontent about the deteriorating service conglomerate hotel chains, stores and banks extend their customers.

Family farmers say that the wave of consolidation among agribusiness giants means that small farmers are receiving less and less for their produce, while consumers pay higher prices. The recent merger of Cargill Inc. with Continental Grain, the two largest U.S. grain operators, or the acquisition of IBP, the nation's leading meat packer, by Archer Daniels Midland, a mega-conglomerate with a recent criminal price-fixing conviction on its record, are two examples.

"A handful of agribusiness giants now make up the market in much of the Farm Belt," said reporter Joseph Weber, who covers the grain and cattle trade for national business magazines. "The in tense concentration of the buying power of consolidated conglomerates is putting a painful squeeze on family farmers -- and may drive them out of business altogether, unless Congress takes prompt action."

A high official of the State Department said the concentration of oil and food supplies through mergers and corporate takeovers of small farms point to a future where the super-wealthy exploit what is "temporarily" the middle-class America.

All statistics show that as the corporate brass and bankers take more and more of the total national income for their own salaries, options, bonuses and perks, the middle class loses. Today, the gulf between American workers and farmers widens, thanks to Republicrat free trade policy and corruption. Americans are pitted against Mexican, Chinese and African workers, and as their wages go down, the super-rich plutocrats take the profit. Thanks to the controlled media in the United States, anyone who points these facts out is silenced by being ignored.

At the end of the road is the Global Plantation, incredibly inefficient but fantastically profitable for the plutocrats at . It used to be called slavery, today it's democracy.

The SPOTLIGHT October 30, 2000

Patriots Demand Honest Elections

Reformers Targeting Rampant Election Fraud

Pat Buchanan's is the only presidential campaign to confront the major issue of the times: vote fraud. a web site affiliated with the Buchanan campaign, has sent a lengthy message on vote fraud, authored by Jim Condit Jr. of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, to his massive brigades.

Meanwhile, two Reform Party nominees for Congress and governor ar spreading Buchanan's message in an effort to help reach the five percent in vote totals necessary to qualify on the state ballots in 2004 and obtain federal funding, Condit reports.

Ken Lowndes, Reform candidate for Congress in Michigan, is buying air time in Michigan and Ohio, where some stations reach 38 states at night.

Dr. Douglas Schell, Reform candidate for governor in North Carolina, is reaching many thousands of voters by radio, where he carries Buchanan's message and warns of vote fraud.

All of Lowndes' radio ads "defend Buchanan in one way or another against the big media," Condit said. "All of his ads focus attention on the warped public opinion polls, the phony exit polls and the easily rigged computerized elections.

Buying air time stategically is important in the final days before the election, Condit said.

All of the radio ads can be read at on the welcome page, Condit said.

"We are running all ads through the talk radio channels established by Rus Limbaugh and others," Condit said. "These radio shows have tens of thousands of listeners who are seeking the truth -- even though Rush doesn't give it to them on Pat -- and these radio pathways into conservative minds did not even exist before 1988."

Lowndes' ads urge listeners to email their friends across the country to go to to get the full story.

In the past, "a 60-second ad that challenged the billions of dollars of propaganda and brainwashing" put out by the Establishment-controlled major media "could be dismissed as 'nutty,'" Condit said. "Now, with the Internet, the truth seekers and curious have some place to do honest research into new ideas."

In the South, where gospel stations have a large audience, Schell is reaching 180,000 people per ad. He is buying 30-minute chunks of time to carry the Buchanan message and warn against vote fraud and buying 60-second ads to promote his "infomercials" in advance.

Laws regarding federal elections make the strategy of having congressional candidates carry the message effective and should be used again in 2002, Condit said.

Federal law requires radio and TV stations to run a federal candidate's ads in the last 45 days of a campaign regardless of content, with exceptions for foul language and sexually explicit material, Condit pointed out.

Broadcasters are required to sell the time to a federal candidate at the lowest rates charged any candidate all year. They must bump others, if necessary, to permit the candidate's ads to be aired.

Thus a congressional candidate can force a station to let him run ads carrying the Buchanan message while candidates for state and local offices can not.

"Every New World Order organ in the world -- such as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and the New York Times -- have been mercilessly censoring Pat or smearing him in one way or another throughout the past three campaigns," Condit said.

Ted Koppel's attack on Buchanan's family was so vicious during the 1996 campaign that he will not go on Nightline if Koppel is the host, Condit said.

"The same is the case with CNBC's Hardball because of that little easel Chris Mathews' disgusting toadying and groveling before the altar of political corredtness after Pat's book, A Republic, Not an Empire, (1) hit the stands," Condit said.

"Mathews, like the political moron Donald Trump, said that Pat was 'soft on Hitler' and other such nonsense because Pat punctured some of the myths about World War II and brought up some facts which everyone is now supposed to confeniently forget," Condit said.

The SPOTLIGHT October 30, 2000

Here's To Your Health

Ritalin Makers Targeted

No rational person believes that 10 percent of American children are crazy.

By William Carmichael

More than a month ago, in the July/August 2000 Here's to Your Health!,* F.C. Blahut asked: "Are 10 percent of American children mentally disturbed?"

Blahut told you that the psychiatric drug Ritalin was prescribed to an estimated four million American schoolchildren each year -- which would indicate that the children were either mentally disturbed or misdiagnosed.

And, we told you that a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of Ritalin and psychiatrists who prescribe it was filed in Brownsville, Tex., last May.

Now, lawyers involved in class-action lawsuits against the tobacco industry, gun makers and health maintenance organizations have jumped on the bandwagon.

On Sept. 13, the big-time barristers courageously filed two national lawsuits against the makers of Ritalin.

The lawsuits, filed in federal courts in California and New Jersey, say the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, the drug's manufacturer, and the American Psychiatric Association (APA), a professional group, conspired to create a market for Ritalin and expand its use.

The state suit includes the parents' group Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CAADD) in the action.

For more than a decade, Ritalin has been increasingly prescribed for children in whom attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been diagnosed.

Here's to Your Health! told you:

. . . the conflict with doctors and educators reflects a growing controversy about whether ADD and its variant . . . ADHD are being over-diagnosed, causing children to be drugged for no reason.

The Texas suit alleges that the APA has expanded the definition of ADD/ADHD in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV, the handbook of psychiatric diseases, over time so that more and more children would fall into this category.

In the Sept. 13 action, officials of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, a unit of Novartis AG, and the APA said they could not comment on the lawsuits because they had not seen them.

But representatives of each group said the accusations in the new lawsuits sounded similar to those in the Texas action.

At that time, Novartis said Ritalin, which is also known by its chemical name methylphenidate, had been used safely and effectively in thousands of children for more than 40 years and that it was the most studied drug used for attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

The psychiatric association called the accusations in the Texas suit "groundless" and an "opportunistic attack on the scientific process that underlies this effort."

The new lawsuits seek to halt what they call "unlawful practices" and ask that profits from sales of the drug be returned to consumers.

One of those bringing the latest lawsuits is Richard Scruggs, a lawyer from Pascagoula, Miss., who represented dozens of states in actions brought in recent years against cigarette makers.

Earlier this year, Scruggs also filed lawsuits against several health maintenance organizations charging that they had defrauded consumers by failing to provide them with treatments.

John Coale, a Washington lawyer who is also involved in the Ritalin lawsuits, said the litigation was brought because Novartis and the psychiatric group promoted the idea that many children had attention deficit order and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a way of expanding the market for the drug.

"They were giving this stuff away like candy," Coale said.

In March, the White House announced an effort to reverse a sharp increase in the number of preschool children using Ritalin, Prozac and other psychiatric drugs.

* Here's to Your Health!, July/August 2000, was included inside The SPOTLIGHT for 8/28/00, mailed to subscribers 8/18/00.

The SPOTLIGHT October 30, 2000

Here's To Your Health

Get Ready for Cold & Flu Season; Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Simple ways you can boost your immunity during the cold and flu season.

By Ingri Harkins

As we enter the cold and flu season, it may not be prudent to take the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommended influenza vaccine.

According to Dr. Kristine Severyn of the Vaccine Policy Institute, no adequate controlled studies exist which prove that influenza vaccine reduces the incidence of influenza in the elderly and other high-risk groups.

In 1993 Congress authorized $80 million per year for Medicare to provide flu shots to the elderly and other Medicare recipients. Was congress being misled when it was told that influenza vaccinations cost less than hospitalization costs due to complications from the disease?

In a report entitled. Are Flu Vaccines Beneficial? Severyn wrote:

According to the CDC, influenza vaccine efficacy drops to 30 percent to 40 percent among the elderly -- this group being the main "target" for flu shots. CDC attributes lack of influenza vaccine efficacy in the elderly to their "decreased immunologic response."

Past studies by NH Arden, et al, of type A (H3N2) influenza vaccine in nursing home patients yielded an average of only 27 percent efficacy with four studies demonstrating vaccine efficacy at 0,2,8, and 9 percent. Poor vaccine efficacy can even occur when the vaccine virus is "essentially identical" to that virus which is causing the outbreak. Fr Influenza B vaccine studies conducted by Arden range from 0 percent to 36 percent effective, averaging 21 percent.

Knowing that influenza vaccines have a very poor track record in warding off the flu, there are a number of other ways to boost our immune systems.

By applying the following tips we can decrease our likelihood of "catching that bug going around."

* Take measures to reduce the level of stress in your life.

* Make sure you get plenty of sleep and take time for relaxing activities.

* Eat 80 percent alkaline-forming foods and 20 percent acid-forming foods. This means consuming plenty of raw, preferably organic fruits and vegetables. You can check the alkalinity of your saliva with litmus paper. If your body is alkaline, you cannot get sick.

* Make sure you are eliminating toxins from your body through your bowels. Taking a psyllium-based colon cleanser will reduce transit time and help reduce the amount of toxins in your body.

* Assist your liver and kidneys in eliminating waste by drinking the juice of a lemon with purified water first thing in the morning at least a half hour before drinking or eating anything else.

* Take one to four grams of vitamin C with bioflavonoids daily.

* Take immune system-enhancing herbs such as echinacea, yarrow, chaparral, mullein, garlic, ginger and cayenne.

* Minimize acid forming foods and drinks such as coffee, alcohol. dairy products, meat and refined carbohydrates such as white sugar and white flour.

* Drink between six and eight glasses of distilled or purified water daily.

* Do not eat on the run or bolt your food down. Taking the time to eat slowly and thoroughly masticate your food allows your saliva to further alkalinize your food and stimulates the preduction of digestive enzymes.

The SPOTLIGHT October 30, 2000

Here's To Your Health

EPA Scientist says Fluoride is Toxic; Government Still Insists the Industrial By-Product is Safe

A government Scientist agrees that fluoride is bad for you.


A scientist with the Environmental Protection agency (EPA) denounced fluoride before a congressional subcommittee, but the federal government still promotes the mass medication of the public with this known carcinogen and industrial by-product.

EPA scientist Dr. William J. Hirzy, speaking on behalf of the National Treasury employees Union (NTEU), OF WHICH HE IS THE VICE PRESIDENT, TOLD THE Senate Subcommittee on Wildlife, Fisheries and Drinking Water, June 29, that "in 1997 we most recently voted to oppose fluoridation. Our position has strengthened since then."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The federal agency which recommends routine hepatitis B inoculations for infants, influenza vaccines for the elderly and over spraying the public with malathion and envil to control mosquitoes, still uses the Dec. 14, 1995, statement from acting Surgeon General Dr. Audrey Manley to justify mass fluoridation.

"The benefits of fluoride are available, on the average, for a little more than 50 cents per person per year..." Dr. Manley said.

The FDA has never approved the use of fluoride for any medical or dietary purpose. The NTEU believes that the American people have been the unwitting subjects of a 50-year medical experiment that is a scientific and public health failure.

According to 22 documents cited by Hirzy, there is no evidence to support claims that individuals are recipients of the "benefits" to which the Clinton appointee vaguely referred.

The subcommittee heard testimony on the subject last summer amid increased awareness that a growing body of evidence proves the mandated administration of systemic doses of fluoride, as delivered through municipal tap water in thousands of cities across the United states, is unsound public health policy.

The NTEU recommended that Congress should engage in the following activities to determine conclusively whether or not the federal government should change its policy with regard to fluoridation.

* Order an independent review of the Battelle Memorial Institute report on Fluoride carcinogenicity;

* Order real toxicity studies of phosphate fertilizer industry by-product fluoride (rather than a substitute chemical) which constitutes 90 percent of the fluoride used in fluoridation programs;

* "Since federal agencies are actively advocating that each man, woman and child drink, eat and bathe in these chemicals, silicofluorides should be placed at the head of the list for establishing an MCL, (medically safe level) that complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act."

* Order an epidemiological study comparing children with and without dental fluorosis (symptomatic of excessive exposure to fluoride) for behavioral disorders.

In light of overwhelming documentation that fluoridation is not beneficial to the public, Hirzy stated, "We ask that you (the Senate subcommittee) convene a joint congressional committee to give the only substance that is being mandated for ingestion throughout this country the full hearing that it deserves."

Hirzy and the NTEU outlined the allegations against fluoridation policy that Congress should investigate: Public exposure to fluoride is excessive and uncontrolled; report findings such as Batelle have been fraudulently construed to support pro-fluoridation policy; recent brain/fluoride research reveals the dangers of fluoridation; fluoride enjoys a "protected pollutant" status with the EPA; the results of a 50-year experiment on fluoridation in two New York communities that do not support claims that fluoridation is either safe or effective in preventing tooth decay; finding of fact in three landmark fluoride lawsuits since 1978; implications of elevated levels of fluoride in the flood and anti-social behavior in children and the changing views of dental researchers with regard to the efficacy of mass medication of the public through water fluoridation programs.

Hirzy went down the list of findings which prove that the mass administration of fluoride through tap water compromises rather than enhances public health.

The EPA scientist provided Congress with reference to 22 documents and reports which show fluoride to be immunosuppressive, carcinogenic, mutogenic and damaging to teeth and bones.

Dr. Hardy Limeback's infamous letter was among the documents cited by Hirzy.

Limeback of the University of Toronto Department of Preventative dentistry published his change of views las April. In his letter, Limeback denounced the use of fluoride as ineffective in preventing dental disease and dangerous to the health and well-being of fluoride recipients.

"We (NTEU) believe that Dr. Limeback, along with fluoridation proponents who have not changed their minds, such as Drs. Ernst Newbrum and Herchel Horowitz, should be called before a select committee to testify on the reasons for their respective positions," concluded Hirzy.

The SPOTLIGHT October 30, 2000

Here's To Your Health

Banned Pesticide Showing Up in U.S. Vegetables

Residue from a banned pesticide is turning up in produce in neighborhood grocery stores.


The insecticide chlordane, which was banned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1088, is still being found in vegetables sold in the United States.

According to a study published in the May 15 edition of The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, all 12 vegetables grown in soils which contained chlordane were found to have absorbed traces of the banned pesticide.

The highest concentrations of chlordane were found in root vegetables such as carrots, beets and potatoes. Smaller amounts were found in the edible parts of beans and eggplant. Though the chemical was detected in the roots of tomatoes, peppers and corn, there was no evidence that the chemical transferred to the actual tomatoes, peppers and ears of corn commonly consumed by people.

Chlordane was banned by the EPA when it was discovered that high levels of the organophosphate can cause damage to the central nervous system and the liver. Chlordane, like all organphosphates, is a cumulative toxin considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be a carcinogen.

Mary Jane Incorvia Mattina of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, the lab which performed the study, said that "an individual would have to eat a million carrots in a lifetime to build up a dangerous level of chlordane," however she strongly recommended that people thoroughly was their produce before eating it.

One of the problems brought to light in the study is with regard to the marketing of produce as "organic." There is no guarantee a person is consuming pesticide-free produce unless they can be assured the field from which the fruits and vegetables were harvested were never sprayed with chemicals such as chlordane.

The best policy is to thoroughly was and/or peel all produce before eating. There are also "veggie washes" available which contain Natural cleaners made from citrus fruits, corn and coconut oils. The veggie washes help to remove pesticides, waxes and other surface contaminants.

The SPOTLIGHT October 30, 2000

Here's To Your Health

Canola Oil Is Not Safe For Human Usage

Health advocates are warning about an oil that's been turning up more and more in the foods we eat.


Since The SPOTLIGHT first published articles revealing the toxic effects of rape seed -- more commonly referred to as canola oil -- the problem has gotten worse because it has become the most common cooking oil in use today. Restaurants and fast food outlets are using it along with soy, almost exclusively because it is so cheap. Even health food stores are using canola in mayonnaise and peanut oil is being removed from peanut butter and is being replaced with canola.

Twenty-first century Americans are swimming in a sea of toxins. We have little or no control over our exposure to them and can only improve understanding of our own bodies in an attempt to mitigate their negative effects. We can, however, control our exposure to canola. Do not eat anything that contains or is cooked in canola.

* Canola is genetically engineered rape seed;

* Canada paid the FDA the sum of $50 million to have rape seed registered and recognized as "safe";

* Rape seed is a lubricating oil used by small industry. It has never been meant for human consumption;

* Canola is derived from the mustard family and is considered a toxic and poisonous weed, which when processed, becomes rancid very quickly.

* It has been shown to cause lung cancer, and

* It is very inexpensive to grow and harvest. Insects won't eat it.

Some typical and possible side effects include loss of vision, disruption of the central nervous system, respiratory illness, anemia, constipation, increased incidence of heart disease and cancer, low birth weights in infants and irritability.

Generally rape seed has a cumulative effect, taking almost 10 years before symptoms begin to manifest. it has a tendency to inhibit proper metabolism of foods and prohibits normal enzyme function.

Canola is a trans-fatty acid which has been shown to have a direct link to cancer. Trans-fatty acids are labeled as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. People should avoid consuming all of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

According to John Thomas' book, Young Again, and Dr. Len Horowitz's Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, 12 years ago in england and Europe, rape seed was fed to cows, pigs and sheep who later went blind and began attacking people. There were no further attacks after the rape seed was eliminated from their diet.

The source material for this article came from David Dancu, N.D. Additional information regarding canola can be found at: