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A Vote for New Parties Is Not Wasted

  • A pragmatic vote for "the lesser of two evils" is not pragmatic at all. Such a vote always has brought disaster.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Tony Blizzard

Desperate Republican Party partisans, with media cooperation, have floated the canard among conservative voters that "a vote for Buchanan is a vote for Gore."

This is a play on general conservative be liefs that Texas Gov. George W. Bush and the Republicans are better than Vice President Al Gore and the Democrats and that only those labels can win an election. Neither of these assumptions is true and both are dangerous to what freedom we have left.

The implication that those two parties have different philosophies and goals is regularly exposed as a lie by The SPOTLIGHT. Moreover, citizens are actually damaged less under the Democrats than under the Republicans, as patriots and conservatives tend to fall asleep on their political watch when Republicans gain control.

Conservatives who say they don't want "four more years of Clinton," are in deep denial about the disaster for the nation that was the Reagan years, among others. Spinners such as Rush Limbaugh have canonized President Reagan without looking at the facts of his legacy and have conveniently ignored truths such as Reagan's declaration that he, like Pre sident Clinton, considered FDR his political hero and model.

Looking back at past Republican presidencies gives us insights into what we can expect if Bush actually wins the election.

When Reagan took office, The SPOTLIGHT and other patriotic, conservative and populist periodicals saw their subscriptions nose dive as good Americans, who had been concerned for their nation, relaxed and "let Ronnie do it."

• "Ronnie" easily pushed the Genocide Convention -- which patriots had fought to a standstill in Congress for decades -- into law without most Americans even knowing it.

• Reagan's Justice Department ig nored anti-trust laws, even criminal laws, allowing a few insider junk bond dealers to ravage America's industrial base and national retailing systems, launching the nation on a false, tentative and dangerous speculation "economy."

• Reagan promoted "Rex 84," an unlawful police state pilot which involved military control of American civilians; precursor to today's military encroachment in civilian police and trashing of Posse Comitatus.

• Until Clinton's advent, Reagan was the most pro-Israel president of all time, giving the store to that state at every opportunity.

These examples merely scratch the surface of Reagan's perfidy and he wasn't even connected by wealth to the corporate and financial elite as the Bushes are.

Nixon, the avowed anti-communist, created, with an executive order, FEMA, an unelected bureaucracy never passed into law by Congress, but given unlawful power superior to all the branches of government combined. He also implemented regionalism, which lords it over local and state elected governments, and revenue sharing, the carrot which has federalized every facet of our lives.

President Eisenhower, WWII "hero," sent the U.S. military into a Little Rock, Ark., high school to destroy forever our constitutional right of association with whomsoever we choose. He made the huge territory of Alaska, and the tiny island chain of Hawaii, states on a par with the contiguous 48, opening up a rationale for expansion that may never quit.

Bush the elder's escapades should still be remembered, including his "read my lips, no new taxes" lie and his New World Order slaughter of an enemy of the belligerent Israeli state.

How many conservatives know that even President Franklin Roosevelt, their bitter bane, ran his first campaign on hard core conservative principles that make today's Republican platform look like a Soviet five-year plan?

The two major parties are one, in spirit and ownership, and should be named the Perfidy Party.

Although convenient and less expensive for financial and corporate interests -- which own both branches of the two-headed, Republicrat hydra -- to promote the belief that all other parties are peripheral, and can only act as "spoilers," that, too, is not true. Even establishment information gatherers have admitted in their publications that Republican registration is only 18 percent and Democratic registration only 16 percent of eligible voters, and that both of those figures are declining while independent registrations are rocketing at an unheard of pace.

Those telling figures, plus the meager and robotic turnouts for Gush and Bore's performances, coupled with the large and animated crowds wherever Pat Buchanan appears, depict a sea change in Americans' voting preferences, dispelling the engineered nonsense about "major" party invincibility.

All it will take for Buchanan to win, and make a real difference in the direction of our nation, and the world, is for voters who want honest change to vote for him.

The most important reason for voting for Buchanan remains the fact that by supporting him, liberals and conservatives alike are helping to establish a new dynamic group in the Reform Party that will eventually replace the corrupt, old two-party system America has now.

Buchanan is not only the best candidate for "conservatives" and "liberals" alike, he is the only one who can reverse our mushrooming police state. Now that he will be able to get his message out, he can be elected with the greatest majority in American voting history. All it takes is for concerned Americans to take the same uncompromising stand he has taken and vote for principles, rather than for whimping out with what the effete media tries to convince them to accept as their "best" pragmatic (non) alternative.