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Buchanan Sues Debate Organizers

  • In order for Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan to get his message out to the American people, Buchanan has to get into the presidential debates. Read on to find out how you can help.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Clayton Potts

A decision on whether to include Reform Party presidential nominee Pat Buchanan in the debates may come on Sept. 6 or 7, according to his sister and campaign manager, Angela "Bay" Bu chanan.

Buchanan and Green Party candidate Ralph Nader have filed separate federal lawsuits seeking to force the Commission on Presidential Debates to include them.

While a victory for either could well mean including both, Buchanan has the stronger case, according to legal experts. The Reform Party is a recognized national party and qualifies for $12.6 million in federal funds. Buchanan expects to be on the ballot in all 50 states. The Greens are unable to make these claims.

There are three reasons, according to people connected to the Democrats and Republicans, the Establishment wants to keep Buchanan out of the debates:

• Buchanan is more intelligent and would easily defeat either Democrat Al Gore or Republican George W. Bush in such eyeball-to-eyeball confrontations;

• If the American people are allowed to hear Buchanan's views from his own mouth -- not suppressed with only filtered trickles of information from the mainstream media -- millions of voters would turn to Buchanan and elect him president. This would end the two-party mo nopoly; and

• Buchanan would raise issues both parties prefer to ignore -- especially na tional sovereignty and the move toward world government.

The overwhelming majority of native-born Americans are patriotic and would be outraged at surrendering national sovereignty to a United Nations world government.

But even as leaders of the Establishment media, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los An geles Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and other major outlets meet secretly with Bilderberg and the Trilaterals to plot a world government, they maintain a complete blackout on Buchanan.

Buchanan would shine a light on their dark secrets and they would run for cover like cockroaches.

"We will reclaim every ounce of American sovereignty," Buchanan said in accep ting the Reform nomination. He has said the same thing, in different words, many times to The SPOTLIGHT since first running for president in 1992.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans want Americans exposed to a debate over illegal aliens. Both Bush and Gore are toadying for the Hispanic votes, many of them cast by illegal aliens who were registered while obtaining drivers' licenses (tested in Spanish in California so don't expect them to identify a stop sign).

Buchanan addressed this issue directly: he would bring all American troops home from the far corners of the Earth and deploy them along the Mexican border.

Bush and Gore have tentatively agreed to five debates, one featuring the vice pre sidential candidates, to be held during October.

Unless the federal courts favor the actions by Buchanan, Nader, or both, the commission exercises control over who participates. The panel says a candidate must reach 15 percent in five polls to qualify.

In previous elections, the commission said that a candidate need only have a mathematical chance of winning. That is, if he is on the ballot in a handful of states with, together, enough electoral votes to elect a president, the candidate participates on grounds he could carry all of those states.

Buchanan backers have been expressing their views by writing to Janet H. Brown, executive director of the Commission on Presidential Debates, 1200 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Suite 445, Washington, D.C. 20036 or calling (202) 872-1020.