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INS 'Created' Citizens For 1996 Elections

  • Democrats are pushing Clinton's prediction of a non-white America by 2050.
By William Carmichael

Thousands of foreigners waiting to be naturalized as American citizens -- some with criminal backgrounds -- were rushed through in 1996 without proper in vestigations.

That was the conclusion of a special report by the Justice Department's in spector general. Justice also took pains to excuse Vice President Al Gore of any wrongdoing in the affair.

But officials of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) said they understood they had a deadline from "above" -- and it was prior to the 1996 November elections.

The report revealed that the rush to naturalize got an early push from the National Performance Review Office (NPRO), Gore's invention to "improve go vernment."

One of Gore's "improvements" -- erasing a massive backlog of citizenship applications -- "produced such confusion that thousands of people became citizens without adequate background checks," the Justice Department says.

The rush to naturalize 1.2 million new citizens in fiscal year 1996 "compromised the integrity" of the process at the INS, according to the report, released July 31 by the Justice Department's inspector general.

Although the report said there is no evidence that the 1996 presidential election motivated the crash program, at least one official in Gore's government-reinvention office told investigators he felt pressure to have the backlog erased in time for the new citizens to vote in November.

Still, the Democratic administration's Justice Department excused the Demo cratic administration and its NPRO of any wrongdoing.

The 684-page report concluded that even though all those foreigners were to become citizens in time to vote, there was no evidence to support critics' claims that the crash "Citizenship USA" program was designed to influence the election or "further inappropriate political ends."

About 1.2 million people were given citizenship from October 1995 to Sep tember 1996 under the program that eliminated a massive backlog of nearly 500,000 citizenship cases at the INS. At the time, the waiting period for citizenship was as much as three years.

Critics complained that the rush program was aimed at producing hundreds of thousands of new voters who were likely to vote Democratic in the 1996 presidential election in November. The program succeeded in erasing the backlog by Sept. 31, 1996.

The NPRO was "aggressively involved in pressing for a speedup of applications at INS early in the program," the report said.

The investigation, involving 1,800 interviews and review of 80,000 pages of documents, confirmed media reports at the time that the INS had processed applicants so quickly that in many cases citizenship was granted before the INS received criminal background checks from the FBI.

Investigators found at least 1,300 such cases in Chicago, 2,500 in Los Angeles and nearly 1,000 in Miami.

There likely were tens of thousands of cases where applications were approved without complete background checks, according to the investigators. But the report said there was no way to determine how many unqualified individuals might have gained citizenship.

All indications are that the policy and performance of the INS since 1996 has not improved. In fact, there are many indications that it has become much worse, as illegal Mexicans flood across the border, Chinese are sneaked into U.S. ports in containers and "refugees" from Africa, etc. are given asylum. No one knows how many illegal third worlders are now in America, and both Republican George W. Bush and Demo crat Al Gore are after them for votes, as was so apparent by the multicutural extravaganza in Philadelphia, called the Republican Na tional Convention.

Another fact about American immigration that no one wants to mention is that the INS practices a de facto policy of racial discrimination against Cau ca sians.

White Europeans trying to immigrate are required to fulfill every rule to the letter, including waiting periods and bu reaucratic red tape. The INS, under Clinton, has made it difficult or impossible for whites to become citizens but non-whites are welcomed with open arms. Clinton has happily noted that by 2050 whites will be one of the minorities in the United States -- which will be the nation of minorities. Already California is ma jo rity non-white and Texas will be so in 2010.