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Jesuits Run the World?

  • Just when you thought you read it all. A new book by Tupper Saussy embellishes history to explain how Jesuits rule the world.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By M. Raphael Johnson Ph.D.

Patrick Buchanan does not need to win the presidency to change the nature and tone of political debate in this republic. To a great extent, he has already done this: immigration, trade, tariffs, foreign policy and American nationalism are now all on the table, whereas before, the regime had successfully stamped out such ideas as politically incorrect and not to be discussed.

His successes, however, are diminished by petty resentment and sabotage from pseudo-patriots and political dabblers.

Recently, author Tupper Saussy has written a book: The Rulers of Evil. Its purpose is to explain that the Catholic Church, specifically the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), controls the United States. The book is poorly written and exhibits not even a passing familiarity with the norms of historical writing, rules of evidence or even logic. It is merely a rant.

Oddly, this is quite out of character for Saussy. Here is a man who, at one time, was a hero to the patriot movement, a man who defied the IRS and served a short jail term for his efforts.

The Free American, a magazine published out of New Mexico, has run a 30 page reprint of another paper's interview with a pathetic figure named Eric Jon Phelps. In it, he too makes the absurd charge that the Jesuits have committed every crime from sodomy to atheism to demon worship while controlling the entire globe's politics and economics. Even Masonry is a front for the Jesuits.

Phelps is not deserving of lengthy comment. His "arguments" are not arguments at all, but wild and hysterical assertions offered with no evidence in the slightest. When reading his lengthy interview, one has to wonder whether or not he is in fact working for the Catholic Church, such a mockery does he make of anti-Catholicism.

There are two striking things about these ridiculous attempts at revising history.

The first item is the amateurishness of the undertaking. These two persons mock the discipline of history with their caricature of anti-Catholic feeling. For example, Tupper Saussy actually makes the argument that because William Penn went to college for a year in France, he was controlled by the Jesuits. The fact of the anti-Catholic laws passed in colonial America means, according to Saussy, that they were written by Jesuits because they wished to conceal their political power.

The second striking aspect of this is its timing.

Quite clearly this historical drivel is aimed at Buchanan (a Catholic) and the growing strength of the nationalist movement in America.

This is the first time in recent memory that there has been a political attempt to mainstream anti-Catholicism. Phelps refers to Buchanan as "show" who actually works for the system. Buchanan is a Jesuit, you see, for he attended Georgetown.

The good news is that the attempts to historically ground this absurd conspiracy theory are childish and clumsy. Neither Phelps nor Saussy are historians or scholars, and it shows. As one is reading this nonsense, one feels as if he has been drawn into a dimension where logic has no standing and reality is bent at will according to the impulsive and emotional drives of the individual and where history merely becomes a convenient tool to engage in the neuroses and hang-ups of its authors.

In a recent letter to Media Bypass Saussy has attempted to deny that he is anti-Catholic. He claimed that he likes and admires Catholics. We do not understand.

What we do understand most pointedly is that attempts to divide the ranks of patriots with religious prejudice are intolerable at this fateful juncture in American history. The Buchanan movement needs every supporter it can get, as it is blindingly clear that the enemy is moving heaven and earth to stop him in every way it can.

We cannot permit these attempts to be successful because the chance to create a patriotic, nationalist movement may never again come our way.