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Government and Your Children

  • Every day, children across the United States are taken from their homes by the government, some because of neglect and abuse, but many for no other reason than their parents' conflict with state-determined standards.
By Nev Moore

Like small brush fires across the land, we are hearing stories of parents who claim that Child Protective Services (CPS) -- even though there had never been any type of abuse or neglect -- abruptly seized their children.

The stories we hear are eerie in their similarity. Without incident, warning or warrant, government agents from CPS, often accompanied by police officers, show up at a home or school and seize children, based on the most vague and frivolous of allegations.

The children are whisked away to strange foster homes. The parents are not allowed to know where their children are. The parents are not charged with any criminal act, therefore they are not entitled to due process.

In the United States, CPS seizes 3,000 children every single day. Ac cording to their own statistics, only 400 are for substantiated acts of abuse or neglect.

To make matters worse, Department of Health and Human Services documents that 68 percent of substantiated cases "do not involve child maltreatment." One might ask: What do they involve?

The majority are poverty-related issues, but due to several factors, almost anyone could lose their children.

The factors that enable government child abduction are:

  • Anonymous reporting (meaning that anyone with an axe to grind or any mentally unstable busybody can anonymously file a report against you);
  • Social workers who are given absolute power and immunity, and do not have to account to anyone;
  • An agency that receives massive state and federal funding -- $12 billion a year and rising -- and is rewarded based on the numbers of children they process; and
  • An obsessive mentality of social "restructuring" and control that is every bit as unstable and dangerous as the Hitlers, Pol Pots and Idi Amins of our history.

Thirty years ago a plan was formed to nationalize our children and make them property of the state. One of the original proponents of this plan was the late Dr. C. Henry Kempe of the University of Colorado.

Hillary Clinton praises the work of Kempe in her book: It Takes A Village.

Kempe was an open and wholehearted supporter of communist educators, who stated: "We must remove the children from the crude influence of their families and, frankly, nationalize them."

Kempe's vision was to remove the children and have them raised in state orphanages. His model was the orphanages of Rumania. He, and all the other "child savers" who follow his vision, including Hillary, ignore the fact that mortality in the Rumanian orphanages is 72 percent -- mostly due to starvation and medical neglect.

The plan involves placing a social worker in every American home to document "risk factors" that will be entered into an electronic portfolio kept on every citizen from birth. "Risk factors" may include not enough toys or too many toys, cigarette smoking or birth of a sibling.

The plan is clearly spelled out in President Clinton's "Goals 2000," a 154-page bill, signed in 1994 and already in effect. Unknown to the majority of the American public, Goals 2000 was called "The Restructuring of American Society, from Cradle to Grave." Goals 2000 is the culmination of Kempe's original plan. Clinton is just the patsy who signed it.

Why haven't we read about this Orwellian plan on the covers of Time and Newsweek? Kempe stated that the plan "must be initiated with stealth."


The unholy trinity being used to implement the plan is CPS, the Home Visitation program and outcome-based education.

The Home Visitation program, now active in 42 states, makes it compulsory for all parents of newborns to have social workers visit their homes regularly.

Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) wrote a letter to every member of Congress urging them to try to stop the program.

In his letter he stated: "This is 'big brother' intervention as we have never seen it before. It is a case of the 'village' mentality run wild. Americans have never experienced such intrusion into their family lives."

When Hillary espouses her it-takes-a-village philosophy, most Americans think she is referring to going back to a more traditional way of raising families, when our social structure was comprised of family, supported by church and community. Family matters were private; we were free citizens who could make our own decisions and mistakes.

This is not Hillary's vision. Hillary's "village" is the state. Her way of "helping" families is through condemnation, coercive governmental intervention and enforced social programs. Therefore she must dictate to us a societal ideal that we must follow -- a model, compliant citizen -- to whom she can dictate standards for families. Social workers, often pitiful, small-minded people who find relief from their own feelings of powerlessness by dominating others, will monitor and document our every move and micro-manage our daily lives.

As she said in a speech in New York last summer, Hillary wants a social worker in every American home -- well, except her own, of course.