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Bilderberg Fears Buchanan

  • A severely scaled-down Bilderberg is holding its annual meeting June 1-4 in a resort in Belgium. And The SPOTLIGHT has uncovered more than just its hiding place.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By James P. Tucker Jr.

Behind the closely guarded gates at the Chateau du Lac, 20 miles from Brussels, Belgium, Bilderberg participants are deeply fearful of Pat Buchanan's presidential campaign.

While the environment is on their agenda, Buchanan is much more on their minds. These sons of smokestack industrialists actually have little concern for clean air or water but for control -- by creating a global environmental agency that will enhance their power.

They are using their immense power to pressure the media into ignoring Buchanan's campaign lest his ideas become more widely known among American voters. They are determined to keep Buchanan out of the presidential debates because they know he could toy with George W. Bush and Al Gore.

They are keenly aware that, if Buchanan's views were well known to Americans, he would be their choice for president. This would end Bilderberg's immense but hidden power.

Bilderberg is also anxious to suppress the fact (SPOTLIGHT, May 15) that neither the Democrats nor Republicans enjoy majority support of American voters and a great awakening could launch Buchanan into the White House.

Buchanan is the only viable candidate since the late Sen. Robert Taft (R-Ohio) to stand for everything Bilderberg opposes: an America-first foreign policy, jealously protecting national sovereignty, opposing "free trade" deals in favor of fair trade, not empowering the United Nations until it becomes a world government, non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other countries and not spilling American blood unless our borders are threatened.

They are also concerned that Bu chanan is bucking the old left-right, liberal-conservative labels and is emerging as a classic populist. He has recruited a black woman and self-proclaimed leftist and reached out to all segments of American society, including labor, in a campaign that frightens the Establish ment and mainstream media.

Historically, Bilderberg has owned presidents.

Since President Nixon's years, they have owned both horses in two-horse races between Democrats and Repub licans. George W.'s daddy, President George Bush, was a member of Bilder berg's brother group, the Trilateral Commission. Gore's boss, President Clinton, is a member of the Trilaterals and Bilderberg.

For the first time since Bilderberg met as a formal group in 1954, it is on the defensive. For 46 years, Bilderberg has been able to conduct world affairs in secrecy, with virtually all of the human race ignorant of their existence. But Bilderberg awareness has grown since SPOTLIGHT prompted interest with the European newspapers and Bilder berg now lives in dread of exposure.

Despite extreme efforts at secrecy and cover-up -- with the help of the mainstream press -- sources always exposed their meeting site. Bilderberg is terrified of the thought of being de stroyed by public outrage. They fear demands that they reimburse the human race for the costs exacted when they raise taxes, give away taxpayers' money for their own enrichment and spill American blood in contrived wars such as in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf and Yugoslavia.