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Bush Would Extend NAFTA

  • Texas Gov. George W. Bush announced that he has plans to sell the country further down the river -- and he hasn't even become president, yet.
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By James P. Tucker Jr.

George W. Bush has publicly said as president he would carry out Bilderberg's plan of creating political and economic unity in the Western Hemi sphere, leaving Reform Party presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan the only border-protecting candidate.

On April 14, in Nuevo Laredo, Mex ico, the Texas governor endorsed the next step toward creating an American Union patterned after the European Union superstate.

According to the European ParliaBusment's charter, laws are imposed on member nations and the European court nullifies laws passed by the once-sovereign member nations.

George W. told a crowd at a ceremony opening a bridge between the two nations: "I will work to create an entire hemisphere in free trade."

Appearing with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, George W. spoke partly in Spanish, saying: "I will work to extend the benefits of NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] from northernmost Alaska to the tip of Cape Horn."


A newly-formed, 90-man commission established among the original NAFTA nations -- the United States, Canada and Mexico -- would expand accordingly as more nations are admitted. It would evolve into the American Union Par liament, similar to the European Par liament.

While George W. was backing NAFTA expansion in his Mexico speech, back home his campaign issued a policy statement saying he would support admission of Red China to the World Trade Organization, also high on the Bilderberg-Trilateral agenda.

"As president, Gov. Bush will work to open the China market -- and other key export markets -- for America's farmers and ranchers," the statement said.

George W.'s commitment to world government is hereditary. His father, former President George Bush, is a long-time member of the Trilateral Commission. Bush spoke to the group in March 1981 as a newly-minted vice presi dent.

David Rockefeller, a Bilderberg power who founded the Trilateral Commission, said during a special interview on the NBC-TV talk show The McLaughlin Group that NAFTA would expand to include all nations in the Western Hemi sphere.

George Bush pushed for so-called "fast-track" negotiating power to ex pand the free trade pact while president. President Clinton, a Bilderberg mem ber, has also been seeking this.

Under "fast-track," a president can negotiate a trade deal which Congress can vote up or down but not change.

Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic nominee-in-waiting, joined Clin ton in calling for such NAFTA expansion years ago.

Buchanan is the only major presidential candidate who says he will stop free trade expansion, block China's entry into the WTO, oppose permanent fa vored-nation trade status for the communist state and protect national sovereignty and independence.