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Party Shaking Up Austria

  • If you wonder why the newly-elected Austrian Freedom Party is being so maligned, it's because the party is shaking up the very foundation of power in the post-World War Two world.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Louis Beam

Because of the incessant talk about a "holocaust," it is time to publicize a holocaust that few people know about. Suddenly, with the assumption of a new, democratically elected government in Austria, the horrible truth of the aftermath of WWII has finally broken into the front pages of newspapers throughout the world. The Austrian Freedom Party has called for compensation to those ethnic Germans who were ex pelled and murdered by Czechoslo vakia at the end of WWII.

This bloodthirsty extermination of ethnic Germans is surpassed in magnitude and horror only by crimes of mass murder in the Soviet Union committed by Josef Stalin against the people of the USSR. It was there, in the horrible gulags of Stalin and in the towns and villages of the Kulaks, that the single, largest mass murder of the 20th century occurred. Under the rulership of idealistic socialists, some 30 million people were put to death by communist butchers. Lest one think only communists and socialists are capable of such horrendous crimes against other human beings, the next greatest massacre of helpless humans occurred during that same period by the so called "democracies" of the United States, England, and France.

The second largest mass extermination of human beings in the 20th century did occur in what was formally the greater German Reich. But, the victims were not Jewish concentration camp inmates and there were not 6 million murdered during a war. The victims were 9.3 million German civilians and prisoners of war murdered by the Allies after Hitler was dead and after "peace" was declared.

CENSORSHIP of genocide

Suppressing the knowledge of this post war genocide for so long was no easy task. Those in government and the news media who did so knew that only by creating a horrible lie could the real terror story of mass murder and genocide by the Allies be cleverly covered up. Thus, in the hearts of guilty men were born the stories of soap, lamp shades, gas chambers and the black smoke of furnaces reaching toward the heavens from crematoria. In sum, a holocaust of lies was born.

It needs to be pointed out that innocent Jews died at the hands of Nazis, just as other innocent people died at the hands of the Allies at Dresden, Hiro shima, and elsewhere during the war. However, the massive lies with intent to cover up crimes against humanity committed by the Allies begins with the fabrication of the magnitude of deaths as well as the method of death. And thus it has been till this day.


After the unconditional surrender of Germany, 9.3 million people were killed by the victors deliberately. Dwight D. Eisenhower ran prisoner of war camps where well over 1 million German men were starved to death. Then to crown this horrific crime by the Allies, another 15 million Germans were expelled from their homes in East Prus sia, Pomerania, Sudetenland, Silesia and elsewhere. By the terms of the hypocritical Genocide Convention, this is geno cide.

This must be called by what it is: A true Holocaust. With the election of the Freedom Party in Austria the truth will become a topic for discussion for the first time in 55 years. And this is what terrifies the Western governments of the world. This is the reason for the frenetic opposition to the new government of Austria. The morality and the legitimacy of all those who helped promote post war lies are now being brought into question. The assumption of power in Austria of those not committed to lies, cover-up, corruption and historical falsehoods will shake the foundations of post WWII history, as well as the view of the modern, democratic states toward themselves.

Only by forthrightly facing this tremendous crime committed by the so-called "democratic" nations can we even begin to compensate for the lives destroyed as well as to ensure such an atrocious event never happens again in history.