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Targeted over TWA 800

  • The Justice Department is targeting an investigative reporter for revealing facts about a high-level government whitewash.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By James Sanders

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747 with 230 passengers and crew, crashed less than 10 miles south of Long Island. All 230 on board died.

Beginning in the fall of 1996, I interviewed several investigators work ing within the government Flight 800 inquiry. A picture soon emerged of an invisible hand straining to move the government inquiry onto a politically contrived path leading to a "mechanical" conclusion.

Government documents began to flow out of the government inquiry. One said the FAA tracked a missile that merged with TWA Flight 800. The FAA, according to the document, first called the "White House." I now had evidence that the invisible hand guiding the government inquiry was the same guiding hand that had dealt with criminal acts committed within the Clinton administration since January 1993.

The same document stated that evidence of a bomb or missile was observed by the government investigators. The document's words then confidently predicted the government would be able to explain away the missile/bomb damage as a fuel-air explosion -- but not because the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was on the trail of a me chanical cause. This Nov. 15, 1996, document admitted that absolutely no evidence of a mechanical failure had been uncovered.

Sources told me that a Navy exercise went awry in the waters south of Long Island, resulting in the unintentional destruction of TWA Flight 800. A high-ranking government official confirmed that a drone was involved in the exercise. When Pierre Salinger independently arrived at the same conclusion, he was maliciously attacked and vilified by government agents who alleged that the closest Navy vessel was more than 180 miles away.

Government documents I obtained, stated that "significant naval units" were in the area of Flight 800 when it crashed. These documents also revealed the invisible hand at work. "National security" was invoked to hide the cause of the crash from the public. FAA and Navy radar confirm what the documents state. Significant naval units were tracked by radar in the area where witnesses saw missile fire.

I received extensive documentation of how the invisible hand tampered with evidence, moving some of the debris from the actual resting place on the bottom of the ocean, further east, away from the initiating event. A new debris field was created by fiat, eliminating clear evidence that missile fire brought the 747 down.

Computer analysis of NTSB debris field documents revealed an initial narrow path of destruction crossing Flight 800, generally from right-to-left, in the area of rows 17-18-19. When one of my informants inside the government inquiry saw this computer analysis, the informant told me that a reddish-orange residue trail was embedded in foam rubber on the tops of the seatbacks in these three rows.

The majority of the witnesses to a missile rising into the evening air, streaking upward, impacting Flight 800, described a reddish-orange flare-like trail. I already possessed compel ling evidence of a criminal conspiracy guiding the government inquiry toward a mechanical failure conclusion. Here was possible forensic evidence to further implicate agents of the United States in lawless activity.

I agreed to have the residue tested if the informant "scraped" some of the residue into a plastic bag. When those within the Justice Department and FBI discovered they were placed at extreme risk by the testing of this reddish-orange residue, they used the power with which they had been entrusted to harass, injure, vilify and indict me -- all significant felony violations in their own right.

On April 19, 1997, the Justice Department made my wife hostage to their illegal actions. If I continued to refuse to reveal my source[s] within the government Flight 800 inquiry, Janet Reno's Justice Department promised to target and indict my wife.

When I refused to participate in the lawless acts of the Justice Department, my wife and I were indicted for conspiring to obtain additional evidence of a criminal conspiracy. The federal judge ruled that the First Amendment would be removed from the courtroom for the duration of the criminal case against us. This decision blocked our attorneys from describing to the jury what motivated the Justice Department to harass, intimidate, vilify and indict us. Nor was I permitted to describe to the jury my motivation for conducting a criminal investigation of the Justice Department and FBI.

Predictably, I was found guilty. A three-judge panel will hear oral arguments on Feb. 9. A decision will be handed down later in the year.