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The SPOTLIGHT January 3 & 10

Is McCain Suffering From 'Bill Clintonitis'?

The Arizona senator, who may become the GOP presidential candidate and could potentially be the next president of the United states, has a skeleton in his closet that's ugly as at least on of Bill Clinton's.

By Mike Blair

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, the media's favorite candidate for this year's GOP presidential nomination, has been accused of sexually assaulting the wife of an American flier and long-time MIA (missing in action) shot down during the Vietnam War.

The woman, whose identity is known but is not being released, has accused the senator of making unwanted sexual advances to her in an automobile following a political fund-raiser for Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) in southern California in 1984. She has related these accusations to numerous friends, POW-MIA next of kin and POW-MIA activists.

McCain's office did not return repeated telephone calls by The SPOTLIGHT inquiring about the allegation.

A complaint was filed by veteran POW-MIA activist and publisher Ted Sampley of the Kinston, N.C.-based U.S. Veteran Dispatch against McCain in July 1996 with the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee, chaired by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) The committee director, Victor M. Baird, advised Sampley by letter on Aug. 2, 1996, that under senate rules the committee could not act on the complaint because the act allegedly occurred while McCain was a member of the House of Representatives representing an Arizona district.

No further action was taken either by Sampley or any government agency, as far as The SPOTLIGHT has been able to determine.

However, The SPOTLIGHT has vigorously pursued the case interviewing sources with whom the woman discussed the incident on various occasions.

All described in varying degrees of detail how the MIA wife related the incident she had experienced, with the presidential hopeful.

Several attempts to reach the woman have been unsuccessful. The SPOTLIGHT has been told she will not discuss it further with anyone.

The case is of particular interest at this time because of its similarity to cases of sexual abuse or harassment that have surfaced concerning President Clinton.

McCain delivered a speech at the 1984 fund-raiser. Afterwards, the accuser, concerned about her husband's fate, said she spoke with the then-congressman, who invited her to accompany him and Hunter and his aide to dinner, where they could discuss the POW-MIA situation further.

McCain spent five-and-a-half years as a prisoner of the North Vietnamese as a result of being shot down over enemy territory during the Vietnam War. Because of this, the woman said she felt McCain would likely help her with her husband's case.


According to the woman, McCain made sexual advances after leaving the political event while they were seated in the back seat of the car with Hunter and his aide in the front seat.

As Sampley described it in a letter sent to the senator on July 11, 1996, and subsequently confirmed by sources, after a short time the congressman "began rubbing her leg and even tried to run his hand up her dress."

Hunter spoke up, halting McCain's unwanted advances, according to Sampley's complaint.

Sampley told The SPOTLIGHT that two Vietnam veterans, upset with the congressman's behavior toward a POW-MIA wife, called McCain's office to complain. They were told that 'it was the MIA wife who had been 'drunk and flirtatious,' not the congressman," according to Sampley's letter to McCain.

Sampley wrote back: "Sen. McCain, it is widely known amongst MIA families that this particular MIA wife does not drink.

"The MIA wife said that because of the power of your office and the lie that your staff told about her, she felt afraid to pursue any formal complaints about you, Sampley continued, "She said, however, that over the years, she has privately told numerous other MIA family members about the incident. I have talked with some of them and they do remember her describing the incident."

McCain never responded to Sampley's inquiry.

Sampley provided a copy of the letter he sent to B=McCain to Hunter's office. Hunter replied on July 16, 1996: "I have known John for 18 years, in public and private settings. I have never seen him act in an inappropriate manner, either at my events, or in "official functions."

At the same time, it is interesting to note that while Sampley did not mention the location of the political event in his letter, Hunter in his letter referred to "twelve years ago at one of my political events in San Diego."

Sampley said that after he discussed the details of the incident with the woman, she became angry when she learned he was going to pursue the matter further.

In a note faxed to the veteran's newspaper, she wrote:

I understand your wanting to go after McCain. He's a worm. Along ago incident that didn't amount to anything more than showing what a creep he is isn't worth the results. What makes you think that a fellow Republican would verify my account even though it's true. All you are doing is setting me up for problems, not helping the issue.

Sampley provided The SPOTLIGHT a copy of the note he said the woman faxed to him as well as his letters to McCain and Hunter and the letter he received from the Senate Ethics committee.

In discussing the incident with sources, all indicated they are convinced that now is the time to investigate the matter and not after the 2000 election, particularly if McCain becomes the GOP candidate and is elected.

"Of course, we will then have another Clinton situation,' one source said.

The SPOTLIGHT January 3 & 10

Amorous John McCain Admits Adulterous Affairs

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been dogged by stories about his captivity in North Vietnam. Now the senator is accused of marital infidelity and sexual abuse.

By Mike Blair

As media favorite Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) continues to gain ground in his drive for this year's GOP presidential nod, accusations of past marital infidelity and sexual abuse are emerging along with stories about his captivity during the Vietnam War.

McCain recently admitted on national television that he was not faithful to his first wife, Carol.

His critics tell stories about alleged "girlfriends" provided to him by the communists during his years as a POW in North Vietnam. These stories are all unproven but persistent.

Articles culled from newspaper archives by The SPOTLIGHT include a May 15, 1995, UPI wire service report from Bangkok, Thailand. In the report, the Khmer Rouge, which was involved in a brutal civil war in neighboring Cambodia with a Vietnamese-backed government, stated that McCain "is Vietnamese. He has a Vietnamese wife and Vietnamese children. He is an American by nationality, but he is a Vietnamese agent who is helping Vietnam to commit aggression and genocide against Cambodia."


Also retrieved from the archives is an article from the Aug. 2, 1996, issue of The Wall Street Journal : "Sen. McCain's first story is an embarrassingly intimate one about his romantic yearnings for a young Vietnamese woman he watched through the wooden cracks of his prison floor...

The Khmer Rouge should be the last to accuse others of genocide, even the Vietnamese, who killed a million Cambodians while in power prior to 1978.

It is interesting to many of his critics that the Khmer Rouge claim McCain has "a Vietnamese wife and Vietnamese children."


Most critics immediately disregard the accusation, particularly the part about McCain having "a Vietnamese wife," as nonsense. However, at least two Vietnam-era veterans familiar with the culture of the Cambodians and other Southeast Asians point to the fact that the Khmer Rouge would respectfully use the term "wife," finding the use of the words "mistress" or "girlfriend" impolite and offensive.

As for martial infidelities, McCain said his first wife whom he married in 1965, remained loyal to him throughout his North Vietnam imprisonment. While his wife was in a wheelchair as the result of a car accident in which her legs were crushed, McCain said he decided to divorce her. He later married his current wife, the former Cindy Hensley, daughter of an ultra-wealthy Phoenix beer distributor.

Cindy McCain has a criminal record of drug addiction and theft of narcotic painkillers from a Third world charity organization that she headed. She was able to avoid prosecution.

In a Vanity Fair article, McCain described his break-up with his first wife this way: "I was responsible for it. The fact that it happened the way it happened...the fact that she had been loyal and faithful and wonderful all the years I was gone...Look, you can't find a much worse guy than me."

The SPOTLIGHT January 3 & 10, 2000

Mystery, Controversy and Cover Up Still Surround Plane Crash that Killed John F. Kennedy Jr.

Many readers were taken aback when The SPOTLIGHT, alone among the media, dared to suggest in a special report published on Aug. 16, 1999, that the airplane accident which took the life of John F. Kennedy Jr. might not have been an accident and that there was much more to the story than the mainstream media had reported.

Independent populist journalist Pat Shannan has been looking into the death of JFK Jr. His findings confirm not only what The SPOTLIGHT already reported, but add shocking new data.

Shannan was the guest on the Nov. 28 broadcast of The SPOTLIGHT's weekly call-in talk forum, Radio Free America, with host Tom Valentine.

What follows is an edited broadcast of the interview, supplemented with additional data that has come to the attention of The SPOTLIGHT since Shannan's appearance on RFA. Valentine's questions appear in boldface. Shannan's responses appear in regular text.

Many people, myself included, assumed that John F. Kennedy Jr.'s death was only an accident and really found it hard to believe that he might have been murdered. You've been investigating the matter further, though, and you've come up with some interesting information.

I was out of the country on July 16, the Friday night JFK Jr.'s plane went down. I was in Australia, so I had only the benefit of CNN and other nonsense news that we get. The first thing I did was to send e-mails back here to the states to ask people if there was any reason for us to believe that this was anything other than an accident. At that time no one had any indication that it was.

However, by the time I got home in August, there were all sorts of questions
flying, the major ones being that Ken nedy had indeed radioed that night (he was 13 miles out) and we know that he did because it was reported. We even have the videotapes of the local Boston television station talking about it on the morning of Saturday, July 17. The UPI reports mentioned it in the Saturday papers and a local Boston radio station reported this story.

These reports said that John Jr. talked to the Martha's Vineyard Tower at 9:39 p.m. He was casual. There was no "mayday" whatsoever. He said that he was 13 miles out, which put him 10 miles over the water (since the airport is three miles into the island). He actually had the airport in sight. He was going to drop off a passenger (as we know now, his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette) and he was going to hang around the airport for a short while before taking off for the short jaunt over to Hyannisport around 11:00 o'clock. Those were his plans at 9:39 p.m. One minute later his plane was plummeting off the radar scope.

Yes, The SPOTLIGHT reported this. The SPOTLIGHT has since learned, based on research by John Quinn, the Internet "Newshawk," that Kennedy did not contact the Martha's Vineyard Airport, but that he actually was in radio contact with the Federal Aviation Administration installation at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod. This was before Kennedy would have contacted the airport for final landing clearance.

The initial confusion in the early media reports (that Kennedy had contacted the airport rather than the FAA installation) is what helped muddy the waters and make it possible for the mainstream media to later claim (factually) that young Kennedy had never been in touch with the Martha's Vineyard airport.

We also have another news piece that was suppressed and thus makes it so suspicious. As I have said time and again, if you suspect there is a news media "spin" coming across after the fact, you need to look at the first half-day's original news reports in the mainstream press. It takes about a half day for the reporters in the street to stop digging on their own and start taking the "holy message" that comes from above. After that, they strictly follow the wire stories and what comes from the "great one" above.

For example, take a look at what Victor Pribanic told the press right after the plane went down. Pribanic is an attorney from western Pennsylvania who owns a fishing cottage at Martha's Vineyard. He was there that weekend and was fishing late. He heard an explosion and he termed it to be South and West of his position, toward what they call No Man's Land island.

The SPOTLIGHT's special report on the JFK Jr. tragedy referenced Pribanic's early report (published in a local paper) that otherwise never received any national press notice at the time.

If indeed a plane blew up there (where Pribanic heard the blast) and went down in that location, then you would have luggage, such as Lauren's overnight bag, and a wheel from the landing gear and some papers from the plane, wash up on the beach exactly where they did. But the following Wednesday when the plane was pulled up from the water -- and they claim the plane was pulled up seven miles north of that location -- it would have almost been impossible for the debris to have washed up where it did. At best the debris would have come in on the northwest end of Martha's Vineyard instead of the southwest end where it did. It would have been far more likely to have washed up in the Elizabeth islands or even on the mainland coast of Massachusetts.

Obviously, then, people will have to assume that there is something wrong with the "official" reports. So how could they hide the location of where they pulled up the plane?

One way was to keep the media away, which is what they did. No photographs were allowed. Since I wrote my story on the tragedy, published in Media Bypass, I have talked to one of the investigators, whose name and agency I cannot mention. He tells me that there were some agents of the FBI whom he knows personally who are very upset with the pattern that these investigative agencies have taken over the last few years, maybe even decades. And he says he is not the only one who is willing to tell the truth and leak these sorts of things to the media. Of course, we know that there are Secret Service agents in the White House, too, who have leaked things on Hillary Clinton.

At any rate, this investigator has told me that he was there when they raised the plane. The tail was obviously blown out and the inside of the fuselage was charred and blackened and so were the bodies. He said there was no doubt about it that the plane was blown up in the air and all of the people were dead before the plane hit the water.

He also said the plane was raised from where it really went down (that is, where the debris washed up, which would confirm Victor Pribanic's report about hearing an explosion there). The plane was not recovered seven miles northward as the officials claimed.

What is wrong with the families that they won't press for the truth?

As you and the world knows, this sort of thing has been happening to the Kennedy family for 35 years. This investigator told me that he had personally talked with Caroline Kennedy Schloss berg (John Jr.'s sister) and indeed she is well aware of what happened to her brother. She knows that the "spin" is in and she is terrified of being killed herself.

I've covered these kinds of things all the time and yet it still amazes me. So I shouldn't be surprised. But I am. What about a motive? Who was responsible?

The first one is that young John was planning to run for the Senate from New York against Hillary Clinton. With the long wake of bodies behind Bill and Hillary Clinton over the past few years, that theory shouldn't surprise anyone. I don't know if that would be reason to kill him, although I know that he, indeed, would have swept Hillary under the rug.

The SPOTLIGHT noted that Jonathan Alter of Newsweek did say that JFK Jr. had been quietly exploring a Senate bid early in 1999 before the media started trumpeting a Hillary for Senate campaign. That had never been reported all during the time that the media was talking about Hillary for the Senate. The SPOTLIGHT speculated that perhaps the media's drumbeat for Hillary throughout the year was for the very purpose of trying to sideline John's possible Senate campaign.

There's also been talk, and I haven't been able to pin this down, that, in addition, the July 26 edition of Newsweek was actually about to announce young John's impending entry into the Senate race, but that report was scrapped and never put in the issue that was published. I would love to be able to prove that.

In George magazine, JFK Jr. published an exposé on the role of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Now Israeli journalist Barry Chamish, who has been looking into the Rabin assassination, has said that "We don't know what drove [JFK Jr.] to stand alone in seeking the Rabin truth, but it may have had much to do with the information contained within Final Judgment," the book by SPOTLIGHT correspondent Michael Collins Piper which alleges that Israel's Mossad played a role in the assassination of young Kennedy's father. (See related story, page 20.)*


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The SPOTLIGHT January 3 & 10, 2000

U.S. Politicians Funded by Russian Mob

Investigative journalists in Europe have uncovered a scandal involving Russian organized crime syndicates financing U.S. politicians all the way up to the United States Senate.

By James Harrer

Sen. Charles "Chuck" Schumer (D-N.Y.), a prominent patron of the Israel lobby and the anti-gun movement financed his run for the Senate last year with lavish contributions from Zionist organized crime figures based in Russia, The SPOTLIGHT has learned.

European investigative journalists have identified Semyon "Schmuel" Kislin -- on the FBI's watch list since 1994 as a member of a Russian-based, organized mob -- as a major supporter of Schumer's senatorial bid. Kislin is believed to have donated at least $18,000 to Schumer's campaign.

Since 1996, Kislin has raised millions in "soft-money" political contributions from unsavory alien financiers for Democratic and Republican candidates, including New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, according to law enforcement sources.


Other figures in Russian organized crime also have bankrolled U.S. politicians, according to police agencies.

Executives of the YBM Magnex Corp. in Philadelphia, Pa. -- a front company for Semyon "Schlomo"Mogilevich, the Russian-born Israeli boss of a major Moscow crime family -- made large contributions from 1996 to 1998 to the Republican National committee, then headed by Haley Barbour, as well as to the National Republican Congressional Committee, investigators say.

In November, YBM Magnex was found guilty of securities fraud and money laundering and was eventually shut down by federal authorities.

The SPOTLIGHT January 3 & 10, 2000

SPOTLIGHT Surges Ahead with New Internet Features

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Competitive so-called open forums delete politically incorrect information that the moderator doesn't agree with, to the point of curtailing forums altogether, as was done with the Michael Reagan site when people insisted on posting truths we are not supposed to discuss.

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The SPOTLIGHT January 17, 2000

New Information Says TWA Flight 800 Downed bey Missil

When TWA flight 800 went down in 1996, the federal government frantically tried to dispel the allegation that the plane was shot down by a missile from a U.S. Navy ship. One seasoned, well-respected writer spoke his mind and was demonized for it at the hands of the government and the media.

By Pierre Salinger

It is very sad that more than Three years after TSA Flight 800 exploded over Long Island, the U.S. government has not come out with a final solution on what happened to that plane.

When I announced in November 1996 during a speech in Cannes in southern France that TWA 800 had been shot down accidentally by a U.S. Navy missile, my life was cut back by the FBI. The U.S. media said that I had told a lie and that I had lost my credibility. I did not tell a lie, and I have not lost my credibility.

It is now clear that many people around the United states who are investigation TWA 800 have discovered that the plane was shot down by a missile.

In 1996, Jim Kahlstrom, the FBI regional director who was leading the TWA 800 investigation, was still saying daily that it was possible a missile had shot down the plane.

But Kahlstrom had done some very wrong things. He had cut of 375 witnesses who said they has seen missiles going into the air when TWA 800 went down. He said there was no Navy ship in the area that could have shot down the plane. And yet, we have now a tape where he is talking to someone else and where he said there were three Navy ships in the area which could have shot down the plane.

The most important thing that happened in early 1998 was when former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Thomas Moorer came out with a statement on TWA 800. He was not covered by any of the important newspapers in the United States.

This is what he said: "All evidence would point to a missile. All those witnesses who saw a streak that hit the plane -- you have to assume it was a missile. It absolutely deserves more investigation, a lot more." He called for a new congressional hearing into TWA 800.

Late in 1998, Moorer ran a full page ad in The New York Times, but it wasn't covered by the press, either.

On May 10, 1999, the senate formally investigated the mater. The Senate judiciary subcommittee, Chaired by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), released testimony that a bomb or missile had downed the plane. Grassley said that the FBI crash investigation was "a model of failure, not success."

Meanwhile, another important person, retired Navy Cmdr. William Donaldson, has also come out with a new view: TWA 800 was downed by a missel -- fired not from a Navy ship but by a terrorist group.


What is interesting is that a majority of Americans and French believe that what I said was true. I am constantly congratulated for what I said about how TWA 800 was shot down.

Of course, the U.S. government has not yet come out with a solution to what happened to TWA 800. With the FBI no longer investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board continues to look into the case.

In November 1997, it held a five-day conference in Baltimore, which looked into the possibility that it was a fuel tank explosion.

There is a lot of information which refutes this hypothesis. The TWA pilot, who flew the aircraft in question from Athens to New York before TWA 800 started on its final flight from New York to Paris, had cone extensive tests of the fuel tank and had concluded that it was in great shape and could not have exploded.

I was in Atlanta during the Olympic Games in July 1006. I was working for a city in northern France -- Lille -- which was trying to get the Olympic officials to consider them for the 2000 Olympic Games. All of the vying 11 cities were in Atlanta to meet with the International Olympic committee for the first time. It was July 17 when the opening ceremonies took place for the Centennial Games. Several days before, I was contacted by AT&T, which had a building in Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta. The company planned a ceremony at its pavilion, featuring six important astronauts, four Americans and two Russians. AT&T asked me to preside over the meeting because I was in the Kennedy administration when President John f. Kennedy issued the electrifying challenge of landing a man on the moon.

I agreed and took part in the event, where I introduced the astronauts and talked to them before an audience of 30,000 people. As I finished, I learned that TWA 800 had crashed. I immediately went back to the hotel and watched television for hours. Each of the TV shows was showing that it was a missile that had shot down TWA 800. Later, they did not again run the tapes they had shown -- probably at the request of the FBI.

Let us now arrive at a government solution, once and for all, so that the surviving family members of the 230 people who died on TWA 800 will finally get the truth.

Pierre Salinger was the press officer during the JFK administration and has been an experienced journalist for 35 years, writhing for major Establishment publications. He has been involved in some of the most important stories of our times.

The SPOTLIGHT January 17, 2000

Secret Anti-Germ Warfare Produces 'Chemtrails'

The strange-looking streaks in the sky aren't your imagination. They are anti-bacteriological warfare chemicals being tested by the federal government. And the public has been kept in the dark.

By Mike Blair

The Pentagon, and possibly other federal government entities, is testing anti-biological warfare agents, which produce the mysterious "chemtrails" that are appearing on an irregular basis in the skies over many American cities, towns and rural areas, according to a scientific researcher in an exclusive interview with The SPOTLIGHT.

An Air Force veteran, who while on active duty was attached to the nations secret National security Agency (NSA), presents compelling evidence that the Pentagon is using regular Air Force and Air Force National Guard aircraft to release anti-bacteriological warfare chemicals into the skies.

The chemtrails were detected some two years ago over central Virginia. They were initially reported Nationally by The SPOTLIGHT.

Since The SPOTLIGHT's original report, thousands of people across the country have contacted this newspaper about the tell-tale streaks in the sky. Some casually look at the "contrails," thinking they are from a plane's engine exhausts condensing water vapor into a visible cloud.


If you closely watched the trails over an extended period of time, you can tell they are unlike regular aircraft contrails. The chemtrails do not rapidly disperse. Instead they gradually spread out in a lacy pattern, ultimately forming what appear to be banks of clouds.

Even after fanning out, the chemtrails can be readily spotted because the banks of clouds are in straight lines across the sky as they mesh together. Sometimes they turn an otherwise sunny day into one that is overcast.

The former researcher told The SPOTLIGHT that he believes he has tracked the chemical spraying to the "unconventional pathogen countermeasures program" of the secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The agency has funded laboratory studies and tests conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

DARPA Director Lawrence H. Dubois claims the agency is "not doing any large-scale or outdoor testing" and he knows of "no evidence that [the chemical substance] is being sprayed from aircraft by any agency of the federal government." However, The SPOTLIGHT's source said he is convinced that DARPA is deeply involved in the massive spraying.


"After talking to friends in Congress, government and medicine, I have been referred to the University of Michigan and Dr. James Baker Jr., his nanotechnology oil-later liquid -- the same liquid developed by Dr. Craig Wright, a scientist at Novavax Inc. in Columbia, Md.," the researcher said. "I speak for thousands of American citizens who are being sprayed by military aircraft and haven't a clue why the government is spraying and lying to them. They are very concerned in light of the present administration."

The researcher said the government is planning for a biological attack against the United States. Government officials have referred to such an attack as "not if, but when."

A number of Third World countries hostile to the United States as well as Russia and Red China are involved in massive chemical and biological warfare development programs.

The government and its scientists claim that the chemicals being tested are harmless to humans. The researcher disagrees.

"Certain illnesses including pneumonia tracked the spraying effort across America but the American people have not been told about the project," the researcher said. "In fact, government agencies have deliberately lied to the citizens again and again and again.

"These aircraft trails appear below 10,000 feet and do not act like ice crystals. Spray from aircraft are observed cutting on and off as you would throw a switch on the aircraft control panel. Grid patterns are painted in the sky with 'X' and circles are also painted."

According to the researcher, the oil in the substance being sprayed is responsible for "rainbow-like" colorations that appear frequently during the formation of the chemtrails. The "X" found in an area being sprayed probably marks the areas for satellite study of the dispersal patterns.


Government officials are concerned about a biological attack against the United States involving the use of the deadly disease anthrax, which several countries, including Iraq and North Korea, are developing as a biological weapon.

Government officials also are concerned about the development of a pandemic outbreak of a deadly flu, similar to the so-called Spanish flu that killed tens of millions worldwide in 1918.

Recent outbreaks of a new flu strain in Hong Kong, which appears to be transmitted by chickens, has given rise to fears about a pandemic outbreak developing and quickly sweeping across the globe.

As ti turns out, the chemical substance is being tested at the University of Michigan under Baker's direction. Baker, a professor of internal medicine, serves as director of the Center for Biologic Nanotechnology at the university's medical school, which is effective at countering flu viruses and anthrax spores.

The substance, called BCTP, is a milky-white emulsion of tiny lipid droplets suspended in solvent developed by Wright, chief research scientist at Novavax. Wright is also president of Novavax Biologics Division. Novavax is a biopharmaceuticals company.

BCTP is made of water, soybean oil, Triton X 100 detergent and the solvent tri-n-butyl phosphate. BCTP envelopes the viruses and spores, causing them to explode and thus destroying them upon contact.

The researcher told The SPOTLIGHT that he believes the Clinton administration is using BCTP as a countermeasure against anthrax, deadly influenza and other potential biological killers. If, for example, the government instituted a full-scale anthrax vaccination program, the public would panic, the researcher noted. This is a particularly true in the wake of a mandatory anthrax vaccination program instituted by the military, he said. Many critics are convinced the military is using an unsafe vaccine.

"I believe the government is undertaking experiments with BCTP, a means of countering an anthrax or other biological attack without anyone being at war," the researcher said. "It is, I think, a case of 'what they don't know won't hurt them -- it may help them.'

"But the point is, you don't experiment on the public without their knowledge and consent, or at least that is the way it's supposed to be," he added.

The SPOTLIGHT January 17, 2000

Real Truth Censored About 'Hate' Crimes

The media has consistently ignored the overwhelming majority of so-called "hate" crimes because they don't fit into the Establishment's schemes.

By James P. Tucker

Fraudulent acts of "hate" perpetrated against society's designated "victims" by individuals in the victims' own groups is widespread but remains largely ignored by the mainstream media for propaganda purposes, an analysis of the past five years shows.

While the alleged acts of hatred -- cross burnings, church burnings, swastika sprayings etc. -- are given extensive coverage when presumed to be the work of "white racists," the media's interest turns cold when it is learned that the actions are the work of individuals in the so-called victims' groups.

The chief motive is to perpetuate the myth that white males hate all non-Christians of a different color or culture. This is feeding money for "advocacy groups" operating "nonprofits" with highly paid staffs. Without these "incidents," contributions fall off.

Another motive is to keep the momentum for passing more federal "hate crime" laws. By turning state crimes into federal crimes, Washington bureaucrats can wrest control from local communities to advance their political goals.

You read a great deal about the burning of black churches in recent years. You read little, if any, about black preachers burning down their own churches to collect not only sympathy but insurance payoffs to build bigger, better churches.

Much was written about President Clinton telling of his grief, as a child, when black churches burned in Arkansas. Little was written about the fact that no black churches were burned in Arkansas when he was a child.

Nevertheless, Clinton created the National Church Arson Task Force, a joint venture of the Justice and Treasury departments, to deal with this evil. The results disappointed Clinton and the media, which ignored findings that church burnings in at least 20 states were the work of Satanists.

Angela Wood, 24, of Athens, Ga., pleaded guilty to arson and conspiracy charges in a plot to burn seven churches in Indiana. Wood agreed to testify against her former boyfriend, Jay Scott Ballinger of Yorktown, Ind., about their part in burning churches in 19 other states.

Ballinger was indicted on federal charges of burning at least 29 churches and faces indictments in California, Georgia, Kentucky and South Carolina in connection with 11 other fires. Prosecutors said Wood and Ballinger "were motivated by their beliefs about a 'new world order.'"

In a hoax contrived by a black, Darryl Gray, 35, a janitor in Albany, N.Y., was charged with two counts of aggravated harassment for leaving "hate notes signed by the Ku Klux Klan on the doors of two black lawmakers." If convicted, Gray faces two years in prison.

The notes contained such phrases as "kill all niggers because they don't belong here" and were signed "Yours truly KKK."

A few years ago in Maryland, newspapers and broadcasters were full of a story about a Jewish family's home in an upscale neighborhood being sprayed with swastikas and words of hate. Stories and photos of guilt-ridden neighbors showering the family with sympathy and gifts leaped out at readers.

Later, if you looked hard enough, you could read that the family confessed to having desecrated their own home.

The SPOTLIGHT January 17, 2000

Efficacy of Flu Shots Questioned
Many Finding Out Latest Flu Shots Just Aren't Working

There has been a lot of hype as to whether influenza vaccines really ward off bouts of the flu. According to his doctor, the vaccines aren't worth risking the side effects.

By Kristine Steveryn, R.Ph., Ph.D.

Every autumn the elderly and other high risk groups are encouraged to receive influenza vaccine (flu shots). Congress authorized Medicare funding for flu shots in 1993, believing that vaccination cost are less than hospitalization cost related to influenza complications. Was Congress misled when it authorized This $80 million per year Medicare flu shot entitlement? Have vaccine recipients been misled?

Although influenza is associated with more disease, hospitalization, and death in "at risk" populations, no adequate controlled studies exist which prove that influenza vaccine reduces the incidence of influenza in these groups.


Influenza virus strains mutate, necessitating a new vaccine each year. Technicians affiliated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collect influenza viruses from pigs and people in foreign lands, e.g., China.

CDC personnel then attempt to predict which viruses will infect people in the United States the following year -- the CDC crystal ball. These CED-selected viruses are distributed to vaccine manufacturers early in the year for influenza vaccine production for administration that autumn.

Predicting which influenza viruses from China, for instance, will infect people in Dayton, Ohio, a year later involves a fair amount of guesswork. Flu shot history is replete with examples of poor matches between influenza viruses in the vaccine and those actually infecting people.

For example in the 1994-1995 flu season, the CDC reported that 43 percent of isolated influenza samples for the predominant virus type Q(H3N2), 87 percent of samples were not similar to that in the vaccine. According to a worldwide influenza activity update in the Aug. 8, 1995, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), 76 percent of isolated samples of influenza type B were not similar to the influenza in the vaccine.

The CDC crystal ball also erred during the 1992-1993 influenza season when, as reported in the Sep. 1, 1993, edition of MMWR, 84 percent of the isolated influenza samples for the predominant virus (A(H3N2)) were not similar to the virus in the vaccine.


Despite its poor track record in predicting which influenza viruses will infect communities, the CDC admitted Feb. 26, 1999, in its nationally broadcast program, "Preparing for the Next Influenza Pandemic," that influenza vaccine is "approximately 70 percent" effective in preventing influenza in "healthy persons less than 65 years of age" if "there is a good match between vaccine and circulating viruses."

Depending on the study cited vaccine efficacy actually ranges from a low of 0 percent to a high of 96 percent. And, as illustrated above, the CDC often finds it difficult to match vaccines with circulating viruses.

According to the CDC, influenza vaccine efficacy drops 30 percent to 40 percent among the elderly -- this group being the main "target" for flu shots. CDC attributes lack of influenza vaccine efficacy in the elderly to their "decreased immunologic response."

Past studies by NH Arden, et al, of type A(H3N2) influenza vaccine in nursing home patients yielded an average of only 27 percent efficacy average of only 27 percent efficacy with four studies demonstrating vaccine efficacy at 0, 2, 8 and 9 percent. Poor vaccine efficacy can even occur when the vaccine virus is "essentially identical" to that virus which is causing the outbreak. For influenza B vaccine, studies conducted by Arden range from 0 percent to 36 percent effective, averaging 21 percent.


To justify its recommendation that all elderly persons receive flu shots, the CDC asserts in an April 21, 1995, MMWR article that, even though the vaccine does not prevent influenza very well, "the vaccine can be 50 percent to 60 percent effective in preventing hospitalization and pneumonia and 80 percent effective in preventing death."

This optimistic scenario is clouded by results of the congressionally mandated $69 million 1988-1992 Medicare Influenza Vaccine Demonstration Project. This study, intended to promote Medicare-funded flu shots, yielded, according to a 1993 MMWR report, a disappointing 31 percent to 45 percent effectiveness "inpreventing hospitalization for any pneumonia" during three influenza seasons.

Results for the1989-1990 season were described as "mixed at best," with"Medicare payments...significantly higher for those who had been vaccinated," noted Kidder and Schitz in the 1993 report Options for the Control of Influenza II

Government agencies "calculated" an economic benefit of flu shots to Medicare by manipulating numbers in a computerized simulation until desirable results were obtained. The CDC reported in 1993 that its theoretical assumptions did not include all vaccine-related costs. In 1994 and 1995, The New England Journal of Medicine published medical studies with similar economic claims for flu shots that had been funded by a vaccine manufacturer.

Several studies and government projections from the Department of Human and Health Services confirm that, with or without a flu shot, pneumonia and influenza hospitalization rates for the elderly are less than 1 percent during the influenza season. This means that, regardless of vaccination status, more than 99 percent of people weather a bout of flu without requiring hospitalization. Even the past director of CDC's National Immunization Program, Dr. Walter Orenstein, reported at a 1981 influenza conference that the "at risk" population for influenza complications is small."

Considering that more than 90 percent of pneumonia and influenza deaths occur in persons 65 years of age or older, but that about 65 percent of all deaths (from any cause) occur in this age group anyway, it is nearly impossible to prove if flu shots significantly increase life expectancy in the elderly. Indeed one study of elderly Medicare patients in Ohio and Pennsylvania, published in Options for the Control of Influenza II, showed "no demonstrated effect of influenza vaccine in preventing death or limiting the length of hospital stay."

Health authorities in other countries do not share the U.S. public health community's enthusiasm for influenza vaccine. At one CDC-sponsored influenza symposium a British researcher stated: "The [influenza vaccine] recommendations are strong in certain countries, but weak in others, since not all authorities are convinced of the benefit of immunization."

He deplored the "unsatisfactory situation" of poor influenza vaccine efficacy which "compares unfavorably with other influenza vaccines." Even CDC officials confessed that "influenza vaccines are still among the least effective immunizing agents available, and this seems to be particularly true for elderly recipients."

Congress and the American taxpayer have been defrauded about the alleged advantages of flu shots.

Instead of being an effective prevention, evidence indicates that flu shots may be useless. Although endorsed and funded by federal and state governments the shots seem only to benefit the companies that make them, public health bureaucrats who promote them, and medical personnel who administer them.

Dr. Kristine M. Severyn is part of Vaccine Policy Institute. To receive the organization's general vaccine information packet contact them at 251 W. Ridgeway Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45459 or phone: 937-435-4750.

The SPOTLIGHT January 17, 2000

Dangerous Additive in 1999 Flu Vaccines

An additive in this year's flu vaccines has been reported to be highly toxic. But pharmaceutical companies are not likely to dispose of their products, because it might cut into their profits.

By Don Harkins

Last fall the federal government admitted that the mercury derivative thimerosal used in vaccines, was not safe for children. Officials were quick to comment that the cumulative effect of thimerosal as it toxifies the bodies of our children may out weigh the advantages of being vaccinated.

Since thimerosal is a heavy metal (and a derivative of one of the most carcinogenic compounds of earth) it is not easily metabolized by the body. It accumulates and remains stored in fat. If thimerosal is bad for children, one must infer that it is bad for adults as well.

For the 1999 cold and flu season, there are four flu vaccines available in the U.S. Three of them are listed as containing thimerosal. The manufacturer of the fourth vaccine, Medeva, was contacted and asked if its vaccine was thimerosal free. They stated that their vaccine had been incorrectly listed as being thimerosal free in one of the standard informational books that pharmacists, doctors and hospitals use and that their vaccine does contain the toxin.

The creation of several million doses of flu vaccine, according to the CDC, is a year-long process that requires tremendous cooperation between the federal government, Public health services, vaccine manufacturers and chicken ranchers who must produce 5,000,000 chickens that lay 500,000 fertilized eggs per day. The machinery to create millions of doses of flu vaccine for 1999 was going strong by the time it was announced that thimerosal was dangerous. Rather than destroy millions of dollars worth of thimerosal-containing vaccine because it may be dangerous, thimerosal-containing flu vaccine will be injected into people by health care delivery personnel regardless.

Thus, people at risk (old people and younger children in particular) may request a thimerosal-free flu vaccine and be injected with it anyway so as to spare vaccine manufacturers the pain of losing a lot of money.

The SPOTLIGHT January 17,2000

Genetically Altered Foods On Congressman's Plate -
Consumers Deserve to Know Unadulterated Truth

Congress is deciding whether genetically engineered foods should be properly labeled and identified so consumers can choose whether they want to purchase these altered fruits and vegetables

By Margo Turner

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is sponsor of a House measure that would require producers and manufacturers to label food containing or produced with a genetically engineered (GE) material to give consumers additional health -- and safety-related information.

"Mo one is suggesting that genetically engineered foods have proven to be dangerous or deadly," Kucinich said. "But today's limited scientific knowledge warrants allowing consumers to make a better, more informed choice. If we are what we eat, then consumers must know that they are eating."

A bipartisan coalition of 20 House members, including Rep. Jack Metcalf (R-Wash.) Are co-sponsors of the bill, Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act (H.R. 3377).

Although he has no desire to stop research in biotechnology, Metcalf said he is not convinced that enough research has been done to determine the long-term health effects of genetically modified foods.

Metcalf pointed out that H.R. 3377 "does not stop anyone from buying or selling genetically modified products. It simply implements common-sense labeling requirements which will allow American families to make informed decisions about the food they buy."

A GE food currently requires labeling only if the nutritional content is dramatically different from its conventional counterpart or the new food contains a known allergen, according to Susan Haeger, president and chief executive officer of Citizens for Health, a nonprofit, grassroots, consumer advocacy group based in Boulder, Colo.

Haeger said the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers GE foods, which undergo no pre-market safety testing, to be substantially equivalent to conventional foods and refers to them as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS).

The FDA relies on voluntary reporting from the companies involved to determine whether a GE food is GRAS, she said. Since the agency does not require labeling, consumer do not have adequate knowledge to make decisions about the food they buy.

"Consumers have voiced their desire to know what is in the food they buy," Haeger said. "Requiring labeling of genetically engineered food is the only way to ensure that Americans are able to choose whether they want to participate in the biotech experiment underway in our food supply. Mandatory labeling is critical for consumers to make conscious choices while the safety, environmental, ethical and moral questions related to GE foods are being debated."

Citizens for Health is a member of the legislative committee for the Genetic Engineering Action Network (GEAN), which has been working with Kucinich to draft H.R. 3377.GEAN is a coalition of 45 organizations, including Consumers' Union, Union of concerned Scientists, Environmental Media Services, Mothers for Natural Law and Friends of the Earth. It is designed to bring cohesiveness and coordination to the efforts of participating organizations to require mandatory labeling and safety testing of GE foods.

In addition to the legislative committee, Citizens for Health serves on GEAN's grassroots committee.

Under the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act, foods containing or produced with genetically engineered material would have to be labeled -- genetically engineered -- followed by this subtext:

United States Government Notice: This Product Contains Genetically Engineered Material, or was Produced with a Genetically Engineered Material.

The labeling requirement would not apply to drugs, restaurants and bakeries.

Farmers who plant non-genetically engineered seeds would not be subjected to criminal or civil penalties under H.R. 3377 if surrounding crops grown from genetically engineered seeds contaminate their crops.

H.R. 3377 is under consideration by the Committee on Commerce.

The SPOTLIGHT January 17, 2000

The Ritalin Generation: Drugging America's Youth

Drugging more than 2.5 million American children into a cooperative zombie state to achieve classroom harmony is being questioned in some quarters.

By F.C. Blahut

Not everyone agrees that pumping children full of psychotropic drugs is the answer to all classroom problems.

For instance, the Colorado Board of Education recently passed a resolution to discourage teachers from recommending behavioral drugs like Ritalin and Luvox to solve classroom problems.

The action according to published reports, has intensified a national debate over the growing use of prescription drugs for children.

The resolution, the first of its kind in the country, carries no legal weight. But it urges teachers and other school personnel to use discipline and instruction to overcome problem behavior in the classroom rather than to encourage parents to put their children on drugs that are commonly prescribed for attention deficit and hyperactive disorders.

Proponents of the resolution, which passed by a 6-to-1 vote on Nov. 11, said they were motivated, in part, by evidence that they said suggested that dozens of violent crimes, including the massacre last spring at columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., had been committed by young people taking psychotropic drugs.

One of the teenage shooters at Columbine, Eric Harris, had been taking Luvox, an anti-depressant, although there is no evidence that the drug had anything to do with the shootings or that a teacher recommended the use of the medication.


Patti Johnson, the school board member who organized a hearing on the issue and proposed the resolution, told reporters that a small number of teachers in Colorado had insisted on a child taking prescription drugs as a precondition to returning to class. The resolution, she said, was largely intended for them.

But the resolution reflected broader issues, as well, as parents, mental health professionals and school officials debate the use of behavioral drugs by more than 2.5 million children in the United States.

Experts in mental health issues point out that children who take the drugs do so because hey are having difficulties to begin with. They acknowledge that impulsive or violent behavior is a side effect in a small percentage of people taking the drugs.

Pro-drug forces, arguing that a majority of the children who use the narcotics are benefitting from them, contend that the Colorado resolution is irresponsible and perhaps even dangerous in that it could lead school personnel to ignore signs of serious mental disorders in children and that it would discourage communication between teachers and parents.


The use of Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs has steadily increased among schoolchildren, according to Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, a national nonprofit organization known as CHADD, in Landover, Md., a Washington suburb.

In Colorado, increased usage has turned a new focus onto the role that teachers and administrators play in the lives of students.

Johnson told reporters that in the five years that she has been on the board she has received "numerous complaints" from parents who claimed a teacher had insisted that their child go on Ritalin or another drug before returning to class.

The board member cited the case of one girl who was showing signs of attention deficit disorder through mood swings and napping in class. She said the girl was later diagnosed with hypoglycemia and needed to change her diet.

According to the girl's, Johnson said, the teacher told them: "You need to get her a prescription for Ritalin."


In addition to complaints from parents about insistent teachers, Johnson told reporters she was also motivated to propose the resolution by the violent crimes involving young people, in which investigators said the perpetrators were using psychotropic drugs.

Accounts of those incidents also persuaded a Colorado state lawmaker, Penn Phiffner of Lakeland, to hold a separate hearing on the prescription drugs issue, which, by coincidence came two days before the school board voted on Johnson's measure.

Dr. Peter R. Breggin, director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, a nonprofit research organization in Bethesda, Md., also a Washington suburb, testified at both hearings and said doctors have become too eager to prescribe psychotropic drugs at the expense of conversations among parents, teachers and children to learn why children are acting in antisocial ways.

Breggin said in an interview: "It's a tremendous mistake to subdue the behavior of children instead of tending to their needs.

"We're drugging them into submission rather than identifying and meeting the genuine needs of the family, the school and community," Breggin told reporters. "It's wrong in principle.

The SPOTLIGHT January 17, 2000

Fluoride Used to Treat Today's Drinking Water Considered More Toxic Than Ever

The following excerpt contains some very important facts about the nature of fluorine that professional scientists appear to have missed. While the technical nature of the article may be difficult for many, it is worth the struggle to comprehend because the author has made an important discovery about how toxic are fluorosilicates, the source of today's commercial fluoride.

By George Glasser

Twenty million tons of phosphate rock contains 700,000 tons of fluorine. Despite an increasing commercial demand for hydrogen fluoride, the phosphate fertilizer industry has been locked out of this profitable market. The fluorine is tied up with silicon and difficult to extract in commercially viable quantities.

Commercial supplies of hydrogen fluoride are made from cryolite (fluorspar) imported from Mexico and South Africa because of the negligible silica content.

In 1993, The Tampa Tribune reported that Bill Erickson, a Polk County, Fla., engineer, co-invented a practical process to extract fluorine from silica in phosphate rock. In 1994, the DuPont Corporation set up a successful pilot plant in Idaho. After a lengthy court battle with the Kaiser Corporation, DuPont was awarded worldwide rights for the process. Hydrogen fluoride produced from this new process will be used to make the replacement for ozone depleting clorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other products such as Teflon and plastics.

Many chemists and researchers believe that by adding fluorosilicate compounds or fluorosilicic acid (water based) to water, the fluoride ion is released and crystalline silica precipitates from the solution. According to that notion, it would be an elementary process to extract the fluorine as hydrogen fluoride (HF) from phosphate fertilizer production wastewater: Simply add fluorosilicic acid or sodium fluorosilicate to water, siphon of the hydrofluoric acid and leave the silica precipitate. At that point, the hydrofluoric acid could be evaporated, releasing HF gas. However, after processing the phosphate rock into phosphoric acid and in spite of the commercial demand for HF, most of the fluorine is dumped into evaporation ponds or into drinking water as fluoridation agents.

The fluorine extraction process invented by Erickson's company show that most drinking-water-fluoridation researchers miscalculated and made erroneous assumptions about how fluorosilicates behave in water. If the process of extracting silica from fluorine were simple, as suggested by researchers, phosphate fertilizer companies would have been producing HF for commercial purposes years ago. Selling HF is more profitable than selling toxic industrial waste (sales of the industrial grade fluorosilicic acid do not cover the maintenance or operating costs of pollution scrubbers).

Silicon forms very strong bonds with fluoride ions. At room temperature, silicon tetrafluoride is a gas. In the presence of atmospheric moisture, fluorosilicic acid, hydrogen fluoride and silicon oxide gas are created. Pluorosilicic acid can be distilled into a more pure grade because of the strong molecular bond between silica and the fluoride ion. When the acid is hated, water vapor, HF and Gaseous silicon tetrafluoride are driven off and collected as fluorosilicic acid distillate.

The attraction between the fluoride ion and silica are so great, even in an alkaline solution of sodium fluoride, the fluoride ion will attack and etch glass.

Various forms of silica such as asbestos and crystalline silica dioxide are considered carcinogenic by industrial toxicologists. The fluoride ion as the product of USP grade sodium fluoride distilled in water is classified as a probable carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program. However, it may be possible that silica as a fluoride compound becomes a potentiated or synergized carcinogen easily metabolized in the body.

A 1935 animal study by Kick and Associates using different types of fluoride compounds showed that fluorine levels in rats fed sodium fluorosilicate were 45 percent more than that of rats fed sodium fluoride. Virtually no fluorine was found in the calcium fluoride group. Urine levels of fluorine in the sodium fluorosilicate group were close to three times those of the sodium fluoride group. Almost no fluorine from the calcium fluoride was found in the urine of the calcium fluoride group. The results of the experiments indicate that sodium fluorosilicate is metabolized at higher levels than sodium fluoride or calcium fluoride. Unfortunately, the researchers did not check for silica levels in tissues, urine or feces.

The initial experiments by Kick and Associates were done using pigs as test animals to determine the effects of fluorine in mineral supplements, primarily raw phosphate rock. When the phosphate rock was digested in stomach acid (a process similar to creating phosphoric acid), one of the products was fluorosilicic acid. The phosphate rock was particularly detrimental to the pigs. Kidneys ware the primary target organs. Ausy showed chronic and acute inflammation.

Silicon, like fluorine, is never found naturally in its elemental form. It is always combined with another element or elements as a compound.

Most silicon compounds that occur in nature are not considered to be toxic in the classic biochemical sense of the term -- a dose-response relationship -- because silicon compounds are poorly absorbed. If they are absorbed, there is no bimolecular transformation into more reactive compounds. However, epidemiological studies done over the past half century have shown that workers exposed to crystalline silica and asbestos -- asbestos is a fibrous silica -- have higher illnesses and death rates from malignant and benign lung disease.

Aside from the more common cancers associated with asbestos workers, lung cancers and mesothelioma there are "inconsistent" reports of excess cancer mortalities from 'cancers of the gastrointestinal system (esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum), laryngeal cancer, kidney cancer and ovarian cancer."

Dr. Carl O. Schulz, author of the Silicon and Silicates chapter in Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, said: "Although the mechanism by which these compounds cause these diseases is not fully understood, it is abundantly clear that the physical characteristics of the silicon material is the predominate, if not the only, determinate of biologic activity."

In essence, it is the presence of the silicates, crystalline of fibrous in soft tissues that causes health problems; not that silicates are toxic in and of themselves. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not classify crystalline silica as carcinogenic, the National Institute of Occupational Health and International Agency for Research on Cancer regard crystalline silica as a carcinogen based on the results of animal studies.

The most toxic forms of silica are halides (halogenated silicates) and hydrides (hydrogenated silicates). Silicon tetrahalides and hydrides are extremely toxic by either inhalation or ingestion. Everyone who drinks artificially fluoridated water is exposed to potentially carcinogenic crystalline silicon halide because "all commercial grades of sodium fluoride contain fluorosilicates" (a silicon halide). In addition, the most used fluoridation agent in the United States is fluorosilicic acid, which is possibly the most easily metabolized form of the silicon halide products.

Fluorosilicic acid is a liquid and can be mixed in water, meaning that it does not readily break down into its ionic components: the fluoride ion and silicon dioxide. This means that the complex silicon-fluoride ion may enter the blood stream as a soluble fluoride compound. Consequently, it is possible for the fluorosilicate to enter a tissue, go through the biochemical reaction where the fluoride ion is released and the silicon ion interacts with oxygen or a mineral to become a crystalline silica particle. The embedded silicon molecule would be a fine particle (microscopic glass shard), which has significant fibrogenic potential or precursor to cancer potential.

That microscopic, crystalline silica particle or molecule is the potential seed for a cancer as fibrotic tissue develops around it. Depending on the state of health, previous chemical exposures and genetic disposition, the fibrotic nodule may or may not develop into cancer.

Data indicating that fluorosilicates behaved differently than sodium fluoride in drinking water was sent to the NATIONAL Toxicology Program (NTP) for evaluation. Dr. Scott Masten, Chemical Nominations Division, responded as follows:

Dear Mr. Glasser,

Thank you for your well-documented recent nomination regarding drinking water fluoridation agents and your interest in the process of nomination and selection of chemicals for study by the National Toxicology Program. All nominations received are considered carefully, first by NTP staff and then priority for study is given only to a few of those which show evidence of widespread human exposure, the greatest potential for toxicity and for which there is a lack of information on human toxicity. Nominations are accepted and studies are carried out on carcinogenicity as well as short-term general toxicity, genetic, immune, neurological, developmental and reproductive toxicity.

Of relevance to your nomination, sodium fluoride has been studied extensively by the NTP in carefully designed and conducted short term toxicity, teratogenicity, genetic toxicity and chronic toxicity studies. There was no clear indication of carcinogenicity and little evidence for any significant toxicity regarding other end-points except at the highest doses tested, and as expected effects were noted only for teeth. Further information regarding NTP studies of sodium fluoride can be obtained from NTP Central Data Management upon request...

As far back as 1934, scientists were aware that not all fluoride salts behave in the same way when ingested. Kick and Associates saw vast differences in absorption rates and toxic effects of different forms of fluorides. More recently, Dr. Arthur Gregory, peer reviewer for the 1993 Toxicological Profile for Fluorides, stated that not all fluoride salts are the same toxicity. However, no clinical studies have been done using any of the fluorosilicate compounds with regards to use as water fluoridation agents, and /or the effects of ling term, low-level exposures to these compound. The safety or carcinogenic potential from long term, low-level exposure to fluorosilicates in drinking water is unknown.

The SPOTLIGHT January 17, 2000

Cayenne: The Hottest Healing Spice on the Market

Cayenne pepper in granulated from has been used in the treatment of everything from sore throats to heart conditions. It is one of the most valuable herbs to keep in your medicine chest.

By Ingri Cassel

Cayenne is possibly the single most wonderful, beneficial plant to grow and have on hand in case of emergencies.

Cayenne pepper (capsicum anum) should be in everyone's first aid kit. If you have a severe cut which is bleeding profusely apply cayenne pepper, a powerful styptic, directly into the wound. The cayenne will equalize the blood pressure and start the coagulating of blood immediately.

It is a powerful disinfectant so there is no need to worry about infection setting in.

Cayenne can also be used in conjunction with CPR in the event of a heart attack. For this application, mix a teaspoon of cayenne in a small amount of water and pour it down the patient's throat. This is a sure way to revive the person and is much more successful than CPR alone. People with heart and blood pressure conditions should consider incorporating appropriate amounts of cayenne pepper into their dietary regimens.

Cayenne is the remedy of choice for gangrene, frostbite and any condition which calls for increased blood flow and better circulation. Cayenne can even be placed in boots to help keep feet warn.

Cayenne act as a catalyst, carrying all other herbs and supplements quickly to the place in the body where they are needed and increasing their effectiveness.

It is also high in vitamin C and useful in the treatment of colds, sinus problems and respiratory ailments.

When purchasing cayenne, avoid buy it from the spice department in your grocery store. Most herbs and spices are irradiated, rendering them ineffective medicinally. Instead, go to your local health food store and purchase a full pound of 30,000 to 40,000 BTU (British Thermal Units or HU (heat units) cayenne pepper from Frontier Herbs or some other company with guarantees that their products are not irradiated.

As you get used to taking it regularly, you may want to increase to 60,000 or 90,000 HU cayenne pepper. Start out by taking a quarter teaspoon in a glass of pure water three times a day. The optimal therapeutic dose is one teaspoon in water three times a day. If this is rough for you, try taking capsules with your meals.

A formula that we take at the first sign of a sore throat is called the Master Cleanser. This consists of the juice of a fresh lemon, cayenne pepper and pure water. Unrefined, grade B maple syrup is added to taste. The resulting mixture tastes like a hot, spicy form of lemonade. You will appreciate the results from drinking this concoction which performs the all important function of Alkalinizing the body.

My family has been using cayenne in this manner for years and, as a result takes what others consider miraculous results, for granted.

I have witnessed countless experiences of this virtues when I have shared how to use it with my friends.

One lady who went to Mexico every winter had complained to me that despite being very careful about only drinking bottled water and restricting her diet, she still experienced so-called "Montezuma's Revenge" on every trip. All her precautions were of no avail.

I told her that the natives eat very spicy food and that she should follow their example. If she didn't like hot food, she should take a couple bottles of cayenne pepper capsules with her.

I encouraged her to start taking cayenne with every meal before she goes so that she gets used to it.

While in Mexico, she ate at restaurants she wouldn't have considered before and did not limit her fluid intake to bottled water. She took 10 to 12 cayenne pepper capsules daily and was ecstatic to discover that she had normal stools and boundless energy.

When I lived in Arizona several years ago, my great uncle was scheduled for heart bypass surgery the following week. I told him about cayenne pepper. I also told him the value of feeding the heart muscle with hawthorne berries, a natural form of vitamin E and minerals. He had to eliminate all refined sugars and synthetic sweeteners from his diet and add psyllium husks to his regimen since his lifestyle was what had created his heart condition in the first place.

He stuck with the program and when he went to see his doctor five days later, he received a clean bill of health and his surgery was cancelled. The cayenne pepper was the most important aspect of his regimen that led to the positive results he achieved.

The SPOTLIGHT January 24, 2000

Clinton Orders Huge 'Anti-Iraq' Buildup

Is Clinton building up the military in Kuwait to start another war in the Middle East? Is he trying to overcome a legacy plagued by "Monica syndrome"?

By Mike Blair

President Bill Clinton may be preparing U.S. military forces for another Middle East war, perhaps an all-out effort to ple Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein, intelligence sources tell The SPOTLIGHT.

According to sources, the Air Force is dispatching men and equipment to Kuwait, where airfields and other military installations are being improved. In addition, a permanent brigade headquarters is being established in Kuwait to provide command and control for unites sent there, the source said.


According to sources, if any major war against Iraq is undertaken, Kuwait would play a key role in the action, particularly as a jumping-off point in an invasion of Iraq.

Clinton is aware of the fact that his predecessor, President George Bush, will long be remembered for his leadership during his lightning-quick victory over the forces of Saddam, even though the Iraqi leader survived the war and emerged a popular enemy of the United States.

"Clinton could be envisioning himself and his place in history if he could do what Bush failed to do -- complete the task of pushing Iraq farther back into the Stone Age and getting rid of Saddam," a source told The SPOTLIGHT.

Kuwait was invaded and occupied by Iraq, triggering the 1991 Persian Guld war against Iraq.

Other possibilities are major strikes at Algeria and Afghanistan. That may be triggered by any purported "Middle East terrorist attack" against American targets abroad or within the United States.

Clinton alerted the Pentagon just before Christmas that any terrorist act directed from the Middle East would be answered with prompt strikes Algeria and Afghanistan, where anti-American terrorists are claimed to be taking refuge, a reliable source told The SPOTLIGHT.

Many observers believe that Clinton, whose legacy as president will likely be his impeachment and sexual misadventures, may be seeking something spectacular during his remaining days in office to bolster his standing in the history books.

"With Democrat Party members distancing themselves from him, critics writing of his failed policy in the Balkans and the recent defeat of his nuclear test ban treaty by the Senate, Bill Clinton is acting strange," Military magazine reported in its January issue.

The magazine has close ties, through an "ole boy network," with U.S. military intelligence.

"European writers are questioning his actions, like a recent lone session of a gold course, in the rain, slashing at the ball, as a man in deep depression who sees his legacy becoming one he never imagined," the magazine noted. "They fear he may start a war in the Middle East or some place in order to preside over a quick victory."

The SPOTLIGHT January 24, 2000

New Legislation Helps Promote Dual Citizenship

Can one serve two flags? According to the State Department that's okay.


While a group of Mexican radicals clamor for "liberation" of the southwest U.S. and politicians rob U.S. tax coffers to defend Israel, Egypt and dozens of other countries, many wonder how dual loyalists have infiltrated America.

The New World Order-crowd has systematically undercut the traditional concept of U.S. citizenship. Prior to 1986, an immigrant had to repudiate his citizenship in his native country to become a U.S. citizen.

Today, congress sits by while millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, invade the United States. Critics contend this policy has been foisted on America by international organizations. The goal is to weaken patriotism by confusing national ties.

With the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, Congress thought it clarified what it means to be an American, but the law was changed 24 years later after not being enforced across the board.

The 1952 law said an American can lose his U.S. citizenship by, among other things, "obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application." That's plain enough.

But in 1967, the Supreme court, in Afroyim vs Rusk, 387 U.S. 253, said no person could lose his or her U.S. citizenship unless that person relinquished it voluntarily.

The 1986 Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), Pub. L. 99-653, revised the expatriation sections of the INA. The law now says expatriation could only be affected if the expatriation acts were performed with the intention to relinquish U.S.

Still, today naturalized citizens swear:

...(2) to renounce and abjure absolutely and entirely all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of whom or which the applicant was before a subject or citizen...

But that part of the oath doesn't mean anything thanks to the 1986 INA.

For instance, "Persons who naturalize in the U.S. may also acquire dual citizenship, in spite of the U.S. law requirement that they take the oath renouncing all foreign allegiances," says a State department document obtained by The SPOTLIGHT.

"Many countries do not allow their citizens to renounce their nationality, and some countries that allow renunciation require such renunciation to be performed before a diplomatic or consular official of the country," the document says. "...Similarly, in some cases, U.S. citizens who naturalized in a foreign country may not lose their U.S. citizenship, thus also becoming dual citizens."

When is it okay for immigrants not to be loyal Americans? You figure it out.

The SPOTLIGHT January 24, 2000

'Bio-Terror Force' to Act as Cops During Crisis

Clinton is setting up a military force to "keep order" in case of "terrorism." but some of the worst acts of "terrorism" in America -- the Trade Towers bombing, the OKC bombing and the siege at Waco -- involved U.S. federal agencies.

By Martin Mann

Behind the scenes, the Clinton administration is mobilizing a military command to join -- even to "coordinate' in times of crisis -- a lineup of more than 40 federal agencies charged with preparing for and protecting the United States against terrorist strikes, The SPOTLIGHT has learned.

Authorizing the armed forces to maintain "public order" in the event of a terrorist attack "clearly violates the Posse Comitatus Act, designed to protect Americans from military intervention in domestic law enforcement," warned Dr. Lawrence Langefeldt, a lecturer in public law at the State University of New York.

Such Constitutional considerations seem to have little bearing on the plan of action outlined by Brig. Gen. Bruce M. Lawlor, commandant of the new military counter-terrorist center.

"We are taking a war-fighting force and focusing it on public safety," Lawlor has been heard to explain at staff briefings of his new command stationed on the giant base of the U./s. Joint Forces Command (JFC) in Norfolk, Va.

One of the JFC's organizations, an anti-terrorist unit, is identified only as Joint Task Force Civil Support -- an innocuous listing designed to conceal the real scope of this new headquarters' unprecedented authority.

Under present White House directives, Lawlor's outfit will be charged with enlisting the help of civilian scientists in computer simulations of potential terrorist incidents, The SPOTLIGHT has been told by sources close to the operation.

The command will then coordinate tests of the computer-emergency scenarios with the participation of the military, FBI and other domestic security and public safety agencies.

The Clinton administration has been on an "anti-terrorist tear," said Charles Ormond, who served until recently as the chief investigator of a Justice Department national security panel.

"In 1977, the year of my retirement, the federal government spent $6.6 billion on warding off terrorist threats, most of which never materialized," Ormond recounted. "This year, the cost will be almost twice as high, at $10.9 billion -- and once again, most of it will be wasted."

Part of the mounting hysteria about potential "catastrophic terrorism" can be attributed to the fact that in the Clinton era, some of the most influential Washington "national security experts," such as Yossef Bodansky, director of the congressional Task force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, "talk with a marked Israeli accent," Ormond noted.

The Mossad, Israel's secret service has long been notorious as the source of the most alarmist -- and exaggerated -- warnings and forecast about the menace of "terrorism."

Involving the U.S. military in maintaining domestic law and order -- even on emergency occasions -- is a "worse threat to the historic constitutional statecraft of this nation than any real or imagined terrorist scenario," Langenfeldt warned.

The SPOTLIGHT January 24, 2000

Buchanan May Be Denied National Debates

Pat Buchanan calls the Debates' decision to prevent him from debating the Democrat and GOP candidates a "Beltway conspiracy" to control the 2000 election of the presidency.


The decision by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) to limit access to candidates who pass a high threshold of poll support is a "transparent farce," charged Pat Buchanan, a Reform Party presidential candidate.

"This is nothing but a Beltway conspiracy by the two Establishment political parties to corner the market forever on the presidency of the United States," Buchanan said.

Buchanan pointed out that the Reform Party is a recognized national party and receives federal funds for its convention and national campaign. For the Republican and Democratic parties to have the power to exclude the Reform Party and its presidential candidate from the 2000 election is absurd, he said.

"It is a manifest conflict of interest for them to dictate to the American people which presidential candidates may appear in the television debates that will determine the next president," he said. "If this were done in the private sector, it would be condemned as conspiracy in restraint of trade."

According to Buchanan, the CPD is a front for the Republican and Democratic parties. Frank Fahrenkopf, CPD's co-chairman is an ex-GOP party boss who warns $1 million a year lobbying for the gambling industry, Buchanan said.

"Why should he or Paul Kirk, a former chair of the Democratic National Committee, be handed this life-or-death power over the one party with a chance of ousting them both from power?" Buchanan said. "The attempt of these two lifelong partisans to shut the Reform Party out of contention for the presidency is an affront to the American people and an insult to the idea of democratic debate and fair play."

Buchanan said the Reform Party will fight the CPD decision in court and in the public arena. "We shall prevail," he predicted.