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The coming year 2000 computer crash & what it means to you (Adv)

To: An Open Letter To All Americans

From: Chris Phillips, National Chairman American Center For Legislative Reform

I ask you, can we afford a President that is so wrapped up in his personal problems that he can not focus on the most serious catastrophe Americans have faced in the last five decades? That's right, not since the Great Depression, have we faced such a grave situation.

The problem in a nutshell: Computer programmers often used only two digits rather than the four to represent years, for example, 98 instead of 1998. As a result, many computer systems cannot distinguish between 2000 and 1900 and will malfunction without programming changes.

The Year 2000 Computer crash, sometimes called the Millennium Bug or Y2K, is the most looming economic crisis this country has ever faced. The recession of the 1970s pales in comparison. Dome contend the Y2K will be more catastrophic that either of the last two World Wars combined. Utility blackouts, rationing, food shortages, bank closings, and hyper-inflation could just be the beginning of the most trying time in Americas history.

MORE CLINTON SHENANIGANS. President Clinton has told us not to worry, saying "the government will not allow the YEAR 2000 problem to happen." Well, he also told us he never had an improper relationship with Monica! He was lying then. What makes you think he is not lying now?

The President is covering up the scope and depth of the looming Y2K crisis. In fact, even most members of Congress are hiding the severe extent to which the year 2000 computer problem could effect YOU and Your Family.

President Clinton was warned as far back as 1996, when Senator Patrick Moynihan wrote to him about the Year 2000 problem. He asked the President point blank --

"What preparations are being made to help Americans when THESE SERVICES COLLAPSE?


Senator Moynihan went on to urge Mr. Clinton to give the YEAR 2000 problem the top priority in his Administration. But the President and Congress have been derelict in addressing the issue. The politicians in Washington are more concerned about embarrassing one another than fixing this dire problem. All the politicians care about are deal making grand standing, and looking to make political capital out of the fact that Bill Clinton cannot tell the truth.

POLITICS AS USUAL Washington is not going to take care of you and me over the next 18 months as the Y2K crisis builds to a crescendo. They are too far behind the curve. You and I must begin preparing to provide for our families. The next time a local politician, or a co-worker, or a neighbor tells you this is a bunch of had better think twice before believing them. The YEAR 2000 bug is NOT a scam.

Y2K IS FOR REAL The American Bankers Association reported last month that private industry alone will spend over $4 billion - that is a four with 9 zeros after it -- tackling this problem. The heads of every major corporation in the world are scrambling to safeguard their companies from disaster.

Just think about it. Business community would not spend BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on a problem that is not FOR REAL. How would you like to be a CEO and have to explain to your stockholders, "we lost money this year and can't pay your dividends because we were trying to fix a computer problem that doesn't exist?"

You don't have to own a computer to be in trouble when the year 2000 approaches. There are 50 billion embedded computer chips in everything from toasters and kitchen appliances to cars and every machine you can think of today. These chips were mass-produced to have many applications ... making them very inexpensive to produce.

The prevalent feature in nearly all computer chips is that they have a clock in them. It is this clock that will malfunction in the chip as the date rolls from 99 to 2000 without programming changes. Even though certain machinery, appliances, cars, planes and electrical plants may not need these computer "clocks" to operate -- the glitch in the chip should shut their systems down anyway.

Your banking services, water, gas, electricity and food delivery...almost everything you depend upon daily is at high risk of failing. I wholeheartedly believe that it will take business and government -- working together -- a minimum of 18 months to find the FIX and longer still to physically get to and repair the major systems.

NIGHT LINE summation after 1½ hours of documentation on Y2K -- "We are going to face a major problem. We just don't know how bad it will be."

I urge you and your family to take three critical steps:

  1. BE READY TO FEED YOUR CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN. Begin to earnestly prepare now for your family's safety and necessities. I have finally found a company that can deliver food, on time and within your family budget! I spent months approaching scores of companies, who all told me they could not guarantee delivery sooner than 10 months. Some as long as one year, from the date of purchases. Shiloh Food Reserves has been able to help me, my family and friends of ACLR in just six to eight weeks (The demand is high so don't wait, pick up the phone and order the food your family will need during this crisis. When others are scrambling six months from now ... you'll be ready.)
  2. BUILD AN EMERGENCY FUND. Plan to save money. Have gold and silver on hand. History has proven that these precious metals increase in value up to 4 of 5 times during a crisis. My organization has worked out a system with Renaissance Metal to put together a package that can help average people. You do not have to be wealthy to survive this looming catastrophe. But you do have to be prepared. You need to procure usable gold and silver that can be of benefit to you during the YEAR 2000 crisis. Call 877-979-1776 for information.
  3. JOIN ACLR I have put together a special two tape series designed to help you and your family. I will walk you through the necessary steps to prepare and protect your family during this trying time. This tape set and workbook is yours just for asking.

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In addition, I want to encourage you to check our Web site at -- you can get plugged into the battle to protect America's future. I want to encourage you to stand with me as we push the politicos in our nation's capital to return America to greatness.

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God's blessings be with you. Tank you for joining our campaign.

Charles Phillips National Chairman

American Center for Legislative Reform
601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 900
Washington DC 20004

Phone 1-800-474-2205 / Fax 1-970-872-2408