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An abominable man -- Editorial

Just in case anyone doubted the abominable character of the man, Clinton's aggression against Iraq to delay his impeachment proves it.

President Clinton, Secretary of War Cohen and the State Department's mini-skirted dignitary, Missy Halfbright, counted on the moldy bipartisan policy of support for any war America gets into -- including the ones we start -- to pull Clinton through. The "politics stop at the water's edge" -- nonsense, so profitable for past war presidents (which includes almost all of them since the Civil War) has been generations ago -- with GOP leaders now frankly banding Clinton's maneuver what it is -- a shameless distraction meant to delay or stop his impeachment.

Even the establishment press is dubious. Because everyone - even Clinton's supporters -- know what a liar he is, few can doubt the real motive for this draft-dodging COWARD to suddenly decide to stage another hit-and-run drive-by shooting against a country many times less powerful than ours.

With the exception of the has-been nation called "Great" Britain and, of course, Israel, every nation in the world that is not on our payroll -- and even some who are -- has registered various degrees of opposition to Clinton's unconstitutional, unlawful and barbaric attack.

This is written on Thursday, Dec. 17, the second day of the attack. We hope that Clinton's totally irresponsible act of aggression and war will have the effect tomorrow of persuading some reluctant Republicans and even Democrats to see the man as he really is.

Many of his diehard supporters have said that he may be guilty of abominable and perverse acts of sex in the Oval Office, hut just because he lied about this "private" affair., they have repeated, is no reason to remove him from office. He can separate his public acts from his private life, they say.

Of course, Clinton's unleashing overwhelming violence against Iraq just to serve his personal political interests should make it clear even to many of his supporters the major menace he is not only to the American people and American national interests, but also to the world.