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Gloves are off in battle for moral authority

  • President Bill Clinton spent a year on a phony dialogue on race. Why doesn't the mainstream media report on Clinton's expertise on racial affairs?

Yes, the story you've been hearing for years is true. Bill Clinton has a black bastard son and the secret can be hidden no longer.

The SPOTLIGHT has been holding back this story until it could be confirmed, and it has.

This is the reason why the liberal media have recently been touting the Thomas Jefferson-had-a-child-by-his-slave story more than usual. They want to "prove" that Clinton is -- well - really only a modern-day version of Thomas Jefferson!

Of course, the Jefferson tale is a historical lie. Read the review of the book by Virginius Dabney, The Jefferson Scandals, which tells the real story. Contrary to virtually all press accounts, Thomas Jefferson did not father mulatto children.

Clinton's son is named Danny Williams and was conceived of a black prostitute, 21-year-old Bobbie Ann Williams, in 1983. Clinton paid Williams and two other whores $400 each for a sex orgy when Danny was conceived. He liked it so well that he paid each of them a bonus of $50. The orgy was held in his mother's house, about an hour from Little Rock out the John barrow Road. The three street walkers and the governor of Arkansas were driven in a state limousine, apparently by state trooper Buddy Young, who waited until it was over, then drove them back to town.

The story is confirmed by Lucille Bolton, sister of Williams and aunt of Danny. "There's no ifs, there's no supposes about it,' says Bolton. Moreover, "Danny wants to get this story out into the open," she says. Danny is now 14.

Both Danny and his mother, who, says Lucille, has kicker her drug habit, still live in Little Rock. Apparently to throw news reporters off the trail, a rumor recently surfaced that both were in Australia. However, says Bolton, that's not true.

The story first saw the light of day in a small paper in Georgia, The Truth At Last, on Sept. 15, 1992, when Danny was 8.

Clinton's degenerate lifestyle is well known to everyone around him. The Wanderer, a Catholic paper published in Wisconsin, says that Clinton forced Gennifer Flowers to abort his baby in 1978. She has the evidence but the liberal press does not want to print the story.

Larry Nichols, formerly a close aide to Clinton, charged that is boss carried on affairs with Negro women. One was Deborah Mathis, former writer for the Arkansas Gazette. Another was Lencola Sullivan, named "Miss Arkansas" in 1981. Clinton traveled to New York City at least three times to connect up with Sullivan.