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Separatists open real dialogue on race

Americans for Self Determination organized a conference exploring separatist alternatives recently. Leaders from organizations, representing the interests of blacks and whites, were engaged in an open dialogue discussing possible solutions to racial problems that are confronting this country. Speakers included:

Bill Lind, director for the Center for Cultural Conservatism of the Free Congress Foundation, who discussed the theory of devolution as being the fragmentation of central power into regionalism;

Jeff Anderson, organizer of the conference, and director of Americans for Self Determination, who discussed his book The ASD Plan;

Itima Katembo, who wants to convince blacks to break their dependence on whites in favor of separatism, with Anderson and Joseph Stumph;

Joseph Stumph, director of the Committee of 50 States, who says that, through the 10th Amendment, states can vote out the federal government and initiate their own agendas on racial determination; and

Dr. Michael Hart, who discussed his comprehensive plan for partitioning the country into racially-distinctive regions, but concurrently providing for an inter-racial region for those who wish to leave there.