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Feds hoodwink gunowners with check

  • Criminals are not going to purchase a gun through the NICS process. It's the law-abiding American gunowner who gets cheated again, all in the name of preventing crime.
By Mike Blair

The Clinton administration has hoodwinked American gunowners with the new National Instant Check System (NICS) that became law Nov. 30. It is being administered by the FBI to anyone purchasing a firearm through a dealer.

Under the new system, a federally licensed firearms dealer must run a check on a prospective gun owner before any type of firearm -- handgun, rifle or pistol -- can be sold.

The NICS check is made through an FBI data bank, which determines within minutes whether the purchaser is a citizen, has a criminal record, a record of mental institutionalization or if there is any other reason that would prevent the person from legally purchasing a gun. The information provided by the dealer, as obtained brom the address, date of birth, etc., which allows a background check to be made on the individual.

However, gunowners are also being asked what type of firearm is being purchased.


The burning question here is: Why does the FBI need this information to determine eligibility? If a person is determined to be legally qualified to purchase a gun, he is qualified to purchase -- individual state laws allowing -- a handgun, a rifle or a shotgun.

A spokesman at the NRA told The SPOTLIGHT it was not aware of why this information is necessary to make an instant check on an individual. FBI regulations allow, contrary to existing law, the bureau to keep the information obtained in its data bank for a period of time -- up to 18 months, at least.

Federal law requires that no such information be kept on file by the federal government and that it must immediately be destroyed. The Feds are unabashed violating the law here. Under this system, the FBI knows why the buyer is purchasing a gun. If it is a handgun, then the FBI knows that the person is probably buying the gun for defensive purposes.

The FBI also knows that such a person may also be planning to carry the weapon, perhaps concealed.

In many states, permits to carry concealed handguns are not granted. Therefore, police in that particular state will know immediately who has a handgun and just might be carrying it in violation of state law.

In addition, if gun-grabbers on the state or federal level ever accomplish their oft-stated goal of banning handguns, they will know immediately who has them.