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'Obscenity' Clumsy Ruse For Limiting Free Speech

  • For years, under the guise of promoting "free speech," the leading "mainstream" promoter of obscenity in the mass media has been the ADL.

Now that grassroots Americans and their families are getting fed up with the rampant and widespread filth that the ADL helped promote, the ADL is taking crass advantage of public revulsion toward obscenity and is using the band wagon as a vehicle to suppress political speech to which the ADL objects.

In fact, many American conservative groups who have been enthusiastically backing Internet censorship in the guise of "fighting obscenity" and "Protecting children from filth" have found that their own Websites are now being censored by the very censoring devices they've championed -- on the basis, of course, that the ADL and others find such Websites to be "hateful" and /or "political pornography."


One of the groups in question is the American Family Association which was an enthusiastic booster of Internet censorship until its own Website fell victim to censorship. The association was found to be "intolerant" because of its opposition to the demands of homosexual and other sexual "minority" groups.

However, there are many freedom of speech advocates, critical of censorship, who recognized long ago that much of the public opposition to "obscenity" and "pornography" on the Internet was simply a cover for a more insidious scheme to police political speech on "the net."

"Liberty Lobby has always been opposed to pornography of all kinds,' said Vince Ryan, chairman of the board of Policy of the Washington, D.C.-based populist Institution. "Pornography, in our view, is culture distorting and harmful to traditional family values. But now we are seeing a frightening Orwellian twist as public concern about pornography on the Internet is being used by the ADL in an insidious conspiracy against political freedom of expression."

As on libertarian critic of Internet censorship, Bernie MacMillan has concluded: "The thought police weren't after pornography nearly as much as speech that does not pass their litmus test of political correctness." (Access MacMillan's website at for more on the topic.)

Likewise, another critic of Internet censorship, Harold Covington, a self-declared white racialist, has commented. "As has been obvious for some time [some Zionists are] using kiddie porn as an excuse to establish laws and precedents which will be used later to allow the authorities to silence dissident political and racial views on the Net."