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War Crimes and War Criminals -- Editorial

The mindless insanity of the Israel-controlled political establishment in Washington obeying their master's voice and setting the stage for another attack on Iraq is virtually beyond words to describe.

American taxpayers and blood who are used to having political charlatans tell them when and who to fight in useless wars that benefit only others must might conclude this time that they are being had in spite of the angry chorus of America's corrupt press yowling for more gore.

This newspaper was virtually alone during Bush's aggressive war in accurately assessing it. We lost that war in the sense that we receive nothing but headaches and expense from it and the promise of more problems in the future.

During Bush's contrived war, this patriotic, America-first newspaper was virtually alone in correctly assessing its consequences for our country and pointing out that there was no way we could win.

If you say we won, what did we win?

Since we did not win the war -- indeed, there was no way we could have won it -- we lost it in every real sense of the word.

Our aggression killed a lot of people, maimed more, caused the starvation of untold children and the destruction of a lot of property, yet we did not win.

Further, if our misled soldiers had invaded Iraq and hanged Saddam, then we would have been forced to financially support a ravaged country and administer it; our loss would have been greater to American taxpayers. The real costs would have been even more costly than our hit-and-run "victory."

In numerous editorials in these pages during 1990 and 1991, we repeated over and over again that the war against Iraq was totally without any benefit to American national interests; that it was created and directed for the benefit of an alien nation and for the international oil companies.

The last thing on Earth the oil companies want is to permit Iraqi oil on a free world market. This would devastate the price even of all Americans except oil company stockholders would benefit.

The last thing on Earth that Israel wants is a strong Iraq at peace with Iran and the other Arab states in the Mideast. Israel aims to dominate the Mideast militarily and control it politically by keeping the Muslim states in perpetual confusion and dependence, which spells bondage.

And Israel and its lap dogs, the America-last traitor politicians in Washington and the prostitute editorial writers in America's contrlled press, know what their master wants.

Few will deny that our actions to ward Iraq and anywhere else we send troops are acts of aggression as defined by international law.

If the precedent of Nuremberg would be followed, Clinton, Albright, Cohen, and a thousand others who howl in unison for Israel would hang from a gallows. These are facts -- uncomfortable fact -- but facts.

The American people have tolerantly permitted and ALIEN PRESENCE to grow up in this country which now completely controls it and is bent on destroying it.

No one may say a word about it without the dread smear of "anti-Semitism" ruining them. Our proud America has been turned into a semi-nation of cowardly, mush-mouth, cringing idiots, bowing their heads before this alien force of Zionism even while they shake their fists at tiny Iraq, a sitting duck for our deadly and highly advanced means of mass murder and destruction.

Our continued aggression can only further our estrangement, not only from the huge Muslim world but from decent-minded people everywhere. America is a bad odor to the rest of the world. An object of contempt and ridicule and -- to those who are directly victimized by our murderous bluster -- and object of justifiable hate. And we wonder why "terrorists" have targeted America. Says Cohen, the Israeli spokesman: "Terrorism is escalating to the point that Americans soon may have to choose between civil liberties and more intrusive means of protectionism."

Perhaps that's the clue. Can it be that the Cohens who govern us have an added incentive for anti-Muslim armed aggression? The more terrorism they can incite in America, the tighter they can screw controls over Americans untill they arrive at what they want -- a Bolshevik-like terror state with American liberties a dim memory.

Only then will they realize their goal.

It is past time for Americans to simply refuse to cooperate any longer in their own destruction and to defy these despoilers, these traitors to everything that America once was.

It is past time for Americans to boldly face up to the fundamental problem -- that a foreign nation is now in control of all the levers of power in this once-great and once-independent country, now an arm of another government.