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Clinton Takes What He Wants

After idly sitting by as president after president issued unconstitutional executive orders, Congress finally stood up in the 105th and overrode the executive's attempt at writing law.

This was as a result of repeated bills in the 105th Congress (H.R. 4196, 4422, 4232 and the concurrent resolution H. Con. Res. 236) stating that the interpretation of our Founding Father's wishes was not in line with Clinton's.

A flurry of executive orders expressly designed to take away your rights has come from the president's pen.

These orders are laws created by the president. According to the Constitution, Congress is solely responsible for writing laws. The Executive Branch of government is to run the federal government. The judiciary enforces laws. Each governing body is to be separate. This separation of power is unique to America. Since FDR, and increasingly with Clinton, presidents have corrupted this process by governing by executive orders.

For example, after the G-8 and Bilderberg group meetings this year, Clinton issued many orders, one of them that clearly "undermines, in not obliterates, the Tenth Amendment," according to Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.).

The Tenth Amendment states: "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Executive Order No. 13087, addressed "sexual orientation: and "nondiscrimination" in federal guidelines; No. 13061 made private lands public.

No. 13083, that caused the greatest uproar, was nonchalantly issued overseas, from the G-8 conference in England. What price the president put on our rights is not known; that the attempt to take them away is.

Barr said in reference to this blatant abuse of power that "President Clinton has shown a disturbing tendency to take what he wants by executive order."

Bipartisan support was leveled against the order from every level, leading the outcry against this power grab and were "incensed that Clinton signed the agreement in Birmingham, England," just three days and a short plane ride from the annual meeting of the Bilderberg group.

The group, lon-time foes of independence and masters of coercion, and "sworn to absolute secrecy" met in the posh Turnburry Hotel in Ayshire, Scotland. Jim Tucker reported on this meeting (SPOTLIGHT, May 25, 1998), thereby threatening those present with the exposure they deserve.

This outlandish executive order, hatched at the behest of the most influential group of power-brokers in the world, stated that the federal government should take over "When states would be reluctant to impose necessary regulations..."(Section 3, Item 6), "Necessary" according to the federal government, of course.

Section 3, Item 3 of the order states that intervention will occur "when there is a need for uniform national standards." Standardized schools; standardized inoculations; standardized identity cards complete with fingerprints and genetic code; standardized and watered-down standards.

Section 3, Item 5: "When States have not adequately protected individual rights and liberties." The federal government needs to tell you when you are not "adequately protected," and is attempting to pass "hate crime" legislation making minorities more "protected" than others.

Section 3, Item 8 foreshadows Executive Order No. 13061 (that puts homes on the banks of our great rivers under federal management0: "When the matter relates to federally owned or managed property..." With this order the government purloined some choice real estate.

Bi-partisan bickering and/or preoccupation? Not in this case.

Gov. Mike Leavitt (R-Utah) put it this way: "Given the secrecy surrounding this order and the complete turnabout of its language and scope, one can only conclude the Clinton administration deliberately set upon a course to expand the role of the federal government... Not exactly the end of the era of big government."

Disturbing as it is to have Clinton attempt to take away your rights, it is even more egregious to have him extend a state of emergency, without cause.

Executive Order 12808 (May 25, 1993) extended the Roosevelt 1933 War Powers Act, allowing Clinton to declare Martial Law any time there is cause to do so -- on Dec. 31, 1999, as the Y2K bug paralyzes the nation.