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Clinton's Bastard Story Uncovered

  • Politically-correct researchers want you to think Bill Clinton isn't the first president to have sired a black child.

The purported DNA "proof" that Thomas Jefferson fathered at least one child with black slave Sally Hemmings is now being touted by some as a form of justification for Bill Clinton's adulterous antics: that is, based on the theory that "All presidents do it -- even Thomas Jefferson."

What the mainstream media has not reported, but which has been well-known in Arkansas for many years (and known to the national media) is that Bill Clinton reportedly fathered an illegitimate son with Miss Bobbie Williams, an admitted prostitute with whom Clinton conducted a long-standing business liaison.

When word of this affair first came to the attention of the press in the 1992 campaign, Betsey Wright, Clinton's deputy in charge of suppressing "bimbo eruptions," told reporters in no uncertain terms that if they were to bring the matter up, they would be called "racists" since Miss Williams like Miss Hemmings also happens to be black.

In any case, both Miss Williams and her son, named Danny, have disappeared. Some say they are in Paris. Others say Australia. No one really knows. Some wonder whether they are still alive.

But government-funded scientists whose stipends are handed out by Clinton- appointed bureaucrats are now hyping the big "current event" story that they have "evidence" that some 200 years ago Thomas Jefferson was naughty and, therefore, what their man Bill is doing today makes no difference.

Wesley Pruden -- an Arkansas Clinton Watcher of long standing -- who is editor-in-chief of The Washington Times, wrote about Clinton's "Danny" connection on Nov. 3 and warned the president that he "ought to tell his loudmouth professor friends to shut up, no more bedtime stories abut presidents. There's a lot of DNA still out there."