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Media Monopoly's Grip Challenged

  • A wide-ranging array of populist and patriotic newspapers and other media outlets have formed a new alliance -- the American Media Association -- to challenge the plutocrat-controlled media monopoly.
By Michael Collins Piper

Initially conceived during a meeting of patriotic leaders held in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 10, the AMA was formalized at a follow-up gathering held among the mounding members in Fresno, California on the weekend of September 19-20.

Andrew Arnold, editor of The SPOTLIGHT, commended the American Media Association (AMA) for its commitment to uniting the patriotic press and media in America. "We've needed some real cooperative efforts for a long time, and I'm proud that The SPOTLIGHT is playing a part. The SPOTLIGHT has long believed that the best way for American patriots to combat the controlled media is to have as many different media voices of their own as possible.

"We don't look at other patriotic publications as competitors, but, instead, as allies, and we have long been supportive of efforts to expand and develop the independent populist press in America," added Arnold.

The SPOTLIGHT editor pointed out that the AMA's statement of purpose (which follows) is one that all American patriots can endorse:

"To increase credibility and prosperity of member publications by maximizing circulation. These objectives can be attained in a manner consistent with traditional American spiritual values.

"The AMA unites pro-American outlets and journalists with truth as defined in the 1828 dictionary of the English language, to wit: Conformity to fact or reality. Conformity of words to thoughts, which is called moral truth.

The AMA also forthrightly points out that its purpose is, very simply: "To promote, defend and support the U.S. Constitution," a position which all American patriots can support.

An AMA spokesman says that the AMA consists of a cross section of media organizations and journalists who have associated themselves for the purpose of supporting each other in what he described as "the now dangerous occupation of resisting 'establishment' media moguls and powerful globalist interests.

"AMA members generally consider themselves to be patriotic, God-fearing Americans who wish to warn their respective audiences of the clear and present danger to our liberty.

"Each publisher, journalist and/or broadcaster has his or her own area of expertise and focus. Some concentrate on exposing the ongoing abuses of the federal government and its numerous alphabet soup agencies, while others concentrate on law, taxes, health or religious persecution. Some may have non- political agendas focusing simply on the news of the day.

"Members' publications range from small homespun newsletters to large circulation weeklies, daily newspapers or magazines. Pastors, evangelists, editors, freelance journalists, researchers and radio hosts all grace our ranks.

"While not all have been 'branded' as members of the 'vast right-wing conspiracy,' many are and have been the subject of abuse and/or attack by liberal special interest groups and/or left-wing media organizations and particular government agencies.

Their only crime is that of exercising their First Amendment right to freely publish their views and expose wrong-doing as they see fit. While the various AMA members may not necessarily subscribe to one another's particular doctrinal beliefs, political persuasion or overall agenda, each shares the common desire to restore America to her Constitutional, Biblically-based republican form of government."


The AMA is currently setting up operations and will be working to provide members with a variety of benefits that will come with the minimum annual $25 membership dues. For example:

  • All AMA members will have the right to use the AMA logo on their publications and business cards -- a virtual "seal of approval" from respected fellow voices in the patriotic movement in America.
  • Additionally, AMA hopes to set up a national news wire (accessible to members only) on the Internet, providing articles and other original material that is free for members to reprint in their own publications or use in their broadcasting efforts.
  • AMA members will also benefit from centralized advertising and cooperative promotional efforts, assisting AMA's united publications in maximizing circulation, improving promotions, generating newsstand sales and increasing advertising revenue.
  • AMA, as the need arises, will also provide public relations support for affiliated publications.

The AMA is inviting all patriotic publications, journalists and media outlets to apply for membership in the AMA by seeking the sponsorship of a current AMA member.