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If the Shoe Fits

In a commentary published in the September 23 issue of The Washington Times, nationally syndicated columnist Linda Bowles had this to say about the Democratic party:

"The base of this party consists of a number of special interest groups, including the-sky-is-falling environmentalists, abortion industry workers, bilingualists, illegal immigrants, ideologically homeless ex-communists, communists. Convicted felons, unconvicted felons, pornographers posing as artists, propagandists posing as journalists, network anchors posing, food stamp junkies, anti-American multiculturalists, hard-core feminists, abused and abusable women, the venereally diseased, anti-tobacco fascists, anti-religious bigots, latent anti-religious clerics, pro-gay clergy, gay clergy, government employees, union bosses, government contractors, the sexually disoriented, educrats, trial lawyers, the willing poor, drug addicts, old sin New Age atheists, race hustlers, members of the black caucus, professional victims, punk musicians, condom manufacturers, proud and practicing members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association and dead people buried near Chicago."