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The SPOTLIGHT August 3, 1998


Many countries look on global graft as a normal business practice.

By Martin Mann

The rise of the so-called global economy is "drowning" the traditional order of nation-states in a "cloaca of corruption, with official bribery, speculative scams and financial fraud, as well as commercial swindles rampant and corporate bribery legitimized."

Those words, although spoken last month at a mass protest rally against crime and graft in Mexico by 'Gov. Vicente Fox, a leading populist presidential candidate, have resonated around the world all the way to Paris, France, where a high court recently did just what the Mexican leader condemned: it pronounced business bribery a perfectly "rational" corporate venture.

Once upon a time, in the not-too-distant past, the United States laws on bribery were clear: offering a bribe or receiving a bribe was illegal. There was no question about it. Now, with the globalization of trade and legalized pervasive corruption, bribery is no longer clear-cut and prosecutions in this country few and far between.

When Serge Crasianski, head of a high-tech international conglomerate known as the KIS Group, was convicted in Paris last year of the crime defined as "misuse of corporate funds" for lavishing some $135,000 in company cash on family members of Mechel Noir, then serving as France[s minister of trade, he appealed.

This summer the Cour de Cassation, France's Supreme Court, annulled Cranianski's conviction, on the grounds that in return for the under-the-table payoff, the KIS corporation received generous tax favors from the government saving it almost $2 million.

Since the -- by now undisputed -- bribe "secured KIS a much larger return, it was for a multinational corporation, a rational business decision and could not be called a 'misuse' of company funds," tje Cour de Cassation ruled. Crasnianski was off the hook.


Nor could the free-spending corporate chairman be indicted for simple bribery because under French law that sort of charge is difficult to sustain in court: the prosecution must demonstrate a "direct and immediate" connection between the payoff and the favors returned, legal analysts say.

Against this sort of globalized judicial complacency, only stormy public protests and voter backlash against the sweeping tide of globalized graft seemed to have the slightest effect, a SPOTLIGHT survey has found. For example:

* In Austria, where the self-dealing cronyism of the two long-entrenched internationalist political parties has stirred public outrage, the nationalist movement of Jorg Haider; one of Europe's most successful young populist leaders, has multiplied its voting strength tenfold in recent years.

* In Indonesia, the dean of the world's non-communist autocrats, President Suharto was brought down after 30 years in power by riots against the dynastic corruption" enriching his family.

* In the Philippines, the voters went their rulers one better. In a revolt against the thieving "sellout regimes that have looted their country since the ouster of President Ferdinand Marcos (in 1986) often for the benefit of foreign -- mostly U.S. -- speculators, they elected Jose Estrada, a populist dark-horse candidate and non-politician as president last month.

* In Italy, the country's recently ousted prime minister, Silvio Berluconi -- a multinational magnate in is own right -- was sentenced to prison last month on bribery charges. The betting is that the billionaire Berlusconi will not serve any time behind bars. As leader of Italy's parliamentary opposition, he is still regarded as one of the country's most powerful politicians. But the very fact that he was prosecuted and convicted sends a signal that even easygoing Italians are getting fed up with the corrupt misrule of the masters of the Global Plantation.

* In Haiti, where the spendthrift attempts of the UN and the Clinton administration to reorganize the national constabulary have recently broken down with the arrest of 160 Haitian policemen on charges they moonlighted for the cocaine cartel, a furious crowd attacked a provincial police station, stoned the corrupt police chief to death, then took over the jail and freed all 78 inmates.

* In the Czeh Republic, where under a globalist, free-trader regime, the "stench of corruption has become overpowering," as even The Economist, the leading publication of the world's financial markets, regretfully conceded, the prime minister, Vaclav Klaus, was summarily sacked, along with the rest of his cabinet.

Only in the U.S. does spreading corporate crime stir little attention and next to o public protest, Wall Street insiders say.

From Antar Associates -- the holding company that controlled the widely publicized chain of electronic discounters known as Crazy Eddie's -- to the Cendant Corporation, Oxford Health, Sunbeam and Waste Management corporation, the world of Multinational conglomerates is putrid with "the stench of overcooked books" as financial writer James Cramer put it recently. But the false bookkeeping, inventory fraud and other deceptive practices known as "cooked books" on Wall Street are habitually passed over by the Establishment media, even when exposed, as mere "accounting irregularities."

Yet these are no minor hiccups. Even discount retailer Eddie Antar, a small operator compared to other corporate criminals, was found to have bilked his shareholder of a whopping $150 million before he fled to Israel in 1996. (He is now serving a prison term in the U.S.)


"He did it very simply, with cooked books and phony sales reports -- and a lot of seasoned investors fell for the scam," says Arnold Gordon, a veteran New York securities dealer.

One reason for the lack of outrage by ordinary Americans, a SPOTLIGHT investigation found, is that a number of leading network news shows are sponsored by criminal corporations -- giant financial and commercial syndicates that have been in trouble with the law or are currently under investigation for various alleged malpractices.

"Such news organizations develop a vested interest in soft-pedaling financial scandals," says economist Tom Aladar. "The public here has just two options -- to close his eyes to the pervasive criminality that follows in the wake of global 'free trade' or to get the truth from independent publications with a firm populist ethic."

The SPOTLIGHT will continue to report on the "culture of corruption" spawned by globalized economics, and "free trade."

The SPOTLIGHT August 3, 1998


Corporate crooks corrupt "unbiased" business news.

By Martin Mann

On the evening of July 15, veteran television journalist Jim Lehrer, anchor of the daily News Hour aired coast to coast by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) opened his program with an announcement hailing the multinational Archer Daniels Midland agri-conglomerate (ADM). One of the show's sponsors, ADM was praised as a benefactor of mankind, devoted to serving as a "global supermarket" to the needy housewives of the world.

What Lehrer did not tell his audience was that on the same day, three of ADM's top executives were hauled into federal court to be tried on felony charges of price fixing, conspiracy and fraud.

Leading the lineup of criminal defendants was ADM Vice Chairman Michael Andreas, son of billionaire Dwayne Andreas, ADM's boss, known as one of the politically best-connected and most influential corporate magnates in America.
There was no question that the prosecution had a case. ADM itself - the labyrinthine transnational corporation acting as a U.S. based legal entity -- had already pleaded guilty to price fixing and conspiracy charges. It had agreed to pay a whopping $100 million fee.

The Government had also wrung guilty pleas from eight major American and foreign multinational argi-business corporations, including Japan's giant Ajinomoto, before it put Michael Andreas and two of his fellow-ADM executives on trial this month.


On Friday evening, Lehrer's hour-long newscast is followed on most PBS stations by Wall Street Week, a popular financial advice program "made possible," as the saying goes, by the nation-wide securities brokerage firm of A.G. Edwards & Sons.

Louis Rukeyser, the white-haired celebrity host of Wall Street Week gives his audience an amiable roundup of current financial and business developments. What he invariably fails to note is that his show's lead sponsor, A.G. Edwards, is currently under intensive federal investigation on charges that its salesmen have bilked elderly and mentally deteriorating investors.

The General Electric corporation (GE) also figures prominently among the most open-handed public affairs broadcast sponsors. It is the paymaster of the MdLaughlin Group, a widely watched Sunday talk show featuring a panel of self- styled "insiders" - but n mention of the fact that GE, apart from its past skirmishes with the law, has been recently denounced by federal regulators as the "worst polluter" of New York's majestic Hudson River.

William F. Buckley, the patrician paragon of weekly chat show hosts, never fails to remind the public that his broadcasts are made possible by the generosity of the Olin Corporation.

What Buckley does fail to tell his audience is that Olin - a multinational munitions manufacturer -- was involved in a nasty bribery scandal in Iran before its Islamic revolution. Nor do the several network newscasts which receive funding from Prudential Securities note the problems this giant Wall Street brokerage has had in its efforts to settle with thousands of investors who claim they were defrauded by Prudential salesmen.

"One could go on and on," says Dr. Gerald Kimball, a media studies scholar at the State University of New York. "For instance, GE does not just sponsor the McLaughlin Group -- it is the outright owner of the entire NBC news network. The simple fact is, most mainstream business news is sanitized -- 'tainted' might be a better word -- by the heavy hand of multinational corporations that have plenty to hide."

The SPOTLIGHT August 3, 1993


If it walks like a treaty and quacks like a treaty, is it a treaty? A court has been asked to decide.

By Andrew Arnold

The United Steelworkers of America (USWA) and Made in the USA Foundation asked the U.S. District n the Northern District of Alabama to determine whether or not the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a treaty. The suit was filed July 13.

NAFTA linked the United States, Canada and Mexico together in one of the most far-reaching economic agreements ever. Since the agreement went into effect in 1994, the U.S. trade deficit with both Canada and Mexico has soared. U.S. plants have closed with jobs going South. A survey commissioned by NAFTA's labor secretariat found more than half of U.S. firms have used threats to shut down operations to fight union organizing drives.

USWA Local 12L, representing workers at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. In East Gadsden, Alabama, is also a plaintiff. Goodyear has moved jobs from Alabama, Ohio, Kansas and Nebraska to Mexico, according to the union.

If the free trade agreement is a treaty, the plaintiffs want NAFTA voided. The Senate voted 61-38 in favor of NAFTA in 1993. Treaties require a two- thirds majority approval by the Senate, according to Art.II, Sec.2, Cl.2 of the Constitution.


"Had NAFTA been considered by our Founding Fathers, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have considered it a treaty," said USWA President George Becker. "It would be difficult to imagine how any international economic agreement could be a treaty in the constitutional sense if NAFTA were not one. It binds the three signatories into the economic equivalent of a military alliance."

The Articles of Confederation and reports of committees that drafted the Constitution recognized "treaties of commerce.

To date, attorneys say, the courts have not yet decided where the line falls between treaties that require a super-majority, and so-called international agreements where the treaty clause doesn't apply.

"It would be difficult to conceive of an international economic agreement that could have more of the hall marks of a treaty than NAFTA," says a position paper released by USWA.

USWA is a 750,000 member union. Since NAFTA's adoption in 1993, more than 187,000 U.S. workers have been certified by the Labor Department for adjustment assistance because their jobs have been displaced NAFTA.

Becker says USWA filed the suit because of the huge loss in jobs caused by NAFTA. The union estimates the job los at 500,000 in America.

The Made in the USA Foundation was formed in 1989 to promote American-made products. The non-profit organization has 60,000 members representing corporate and union members.

The SPOTLIGHT August 3, 1998


One of the most unusual guests who ever appeared on The SPOTLIGHT's weekly call-in talk forum, Radio Free America(RFA), with host Tom Valentine, was "Dave" who preferred to remain anonymous. On the April 26 broadcast of RFA, "Dave" told the bizarre story of his own experiences.

Based on information made available, Valentine concluded that, first and foremost "Dave" was neither a fraud nor mentally disturbed -- despite some of the rather strange allegations he made during the interview -- and on that basis, Valentine asked "Dave" to appear on the show.

Essentially, "Dave" told how he was groomed from childhood as part of a longtime, carefully-crafted mind control experiment that was ultimately utilized by the CIA to coordinate his activities in top-secret high-level money laundering activities, some of which were connected to the now-infamous Iran-contra arms-money-and-drugs smuggling scandal: in short, "Dave" had functioned in robot fashion, but at the same time was aware of his own activities and effectively and efficiently carrying them out as directed.

What "Dave" described will be difficult for many to digest, but "Dave himself points out that he is only just beginning to understand his experiences. Those who have doubts about the story told by "Dave{ should remember that there is firm and documented evidence of bizarre mind control experiments conducted by the CIA and the KGB and other intelligence agencies and that, most certainly, the full story has yet to be told.

An edited transcript of the interview follows. Valentine's questions/comments start with a "Q". Responses by "Dave" start with a "R".

Q. You have a very unusual story. First of all, please give us an overview of what you were doing for a long period in your life.

R. Well, there's an ongoing flap over campaign reform and the role of money in campaigns and that's part of what I was involved with. I was not aware (consciously) that I was involved in covert high-level laundering of campaign money into U.S. elections and other projects from international sources, but that's one of the things that I see now that I was involved with.

I was a technical person and I was brought into this for a number of reasons. The result was that I found myself exiled from America for around 12 years -- from about 1977 to 1989.

During that period of time I was pushed, shoved, transported around through 53 countries. I was given documents to deliver from place to place. They were delivered to me and them I would take them to various places.

What happened was that after I got back to America and began to watch television and listen to the radio and I started to see names and events and I began to say to myself. "That's what I was involved with. Those are the people I was associated with."

When it got to the point where there were more than 10 people I knew personally who were involved I said, "Well, I guess I was involved in raising campaign money." There's no doubt I was an unwitting participant. I'm also a fast learner. I learned how to do what I was supposed to do and I kept my mouth shut. I was in relatively unprotected territory.

Q. How did you get into the financial business to begin with?

R. It all began in a very strange way. I had left my laboratory work because I had become sensitized to chemicals, so I went into something else and I took courses in finance and ultimately went into acquisitions and mergers and I was quite successful.

In fact, at the point at which all this began, I had just accomplished the largest single loan converted to an acquisition in American history -- just under $2 billion. I had done it with certain people that I knew whom I had been introduced to over the years. I never saw a cent out of it directly, but I had been told that I would be paid in 10 years. That was laughable.

But after I ultimately became involved with the things that I did become involved with, I maintained silence and I guess that allowed them to use me more and more.

I had no employer. I had no income. Yet I survived for 12 years in the finest hotels, traveling first class on airplanes, eating very well -- I actually went up to almost 300 pounds and it nearly killed me.

Q. Unknowingly, at the time, you became a key player in what would become one of the biggest political and intelligence scandals of modern history.

R. It was around that time that I became the contact person in Geneva for all parties involved in the Iran-contra affair. I didn't know it was Iran- contra or what would come to be known as Iran-contra. All I knew was that I was dealing with certain trusts and certain banks and certain lawyers and I was delivering and receiving documents.

And I enjoyed learning the financial process. I had been given some instructions and I had a 40-page manual. Plus I had an encryption code that was given to me to use. I would be escorted to a bank or a lawyer's office or someone would stop off to visit me in my hotel.

That was how I met the chief of the Mossad. [The Mossad is Israel's secret service-Ed.] One day he approached me and showed me 15 beautiful diamonds and said, "I didn't know he was the chief of the Mossad at the time I met hhim, but I did know he was with the Mossad. But ultimately I did learn he was who he was.

I was handling the Iranian reals -- both the old ones and the new ones -- and I had to verify them at the bank. They were wending a truckload up through Italy and it got waylaid.

Q. I thought everything was done by computers and that you didn't need to move truckloads of money.

R. Oh no. Iran didn't want to work through the banks since that's all traceable. If you put paper money on a ship, it can be counted and handled and other documents are issued from that.

Now, for example, I handled all of the documentation for Iran-contra: the document for King Fahd and the attorney that was associated with him was my personal contact. This person was an American-educated person who spoke English impeccably. He was also a Christian and a very fine person. He guided me through the steps on the financing side of things and trusted me. In the Arab world the people I found were extremely trustworthy. Individual honor is an absolute must in the Islamic world. A lot of people who don't have the experience don't realize that. I dealt with a lot of the Iranians, the Arabs and the Jews who were involved.

In every case I was honest with them, and in most cases, they'd say, "We never know an American like you who tells te truth." As a consequence I was able to accomplish quite a bit. I got into trouble when the so-called "eagle" came flying over and the trust officer warned me that I would not be permitted to be involved for a while. That's when Oliver North took over the process.

Q. Your handlers simply moved you out?

R. Only temporarily.

Q. Now back immediately after Watergate there was some so-called "campaign finance reform" and in the period that followed, you were involved in laundering campaign money. Could you explain that?

R. Strange things happened in my life in that period. It's hard to tell this story, in some ways because it was in 1977 that all of this began happening. That's when I had finished this major transaction that I referred to earlier and I had $177 million due me for my work as my commission and, as I said, I never go a cent of it.

In the meantime I was hoisted off to a foreign country and given an escort to take me through the various major banks in the various capitals and this was by a person who said, first thing on the airplane, "Give me your passport."

Well, without my passport I was dead in the water, but I had mo alternative. And here's where the learned helplessness kind of thing comes into play.

Q. You were obviously easily used, but as I understand it, you have to be able to see it in retrospect in order to put it all together.

R. That's exactly right.

Q. You have told me, off the air, about former Israeli prime Minister Menchem Begin and a particular part he played in the so-called "reform" of the American campaign finance system. Please discuss that.

R. It was Menchem Begin who came up with the concept of political action committees (PACs) as they evolved in American political fund-raising. Begin told President Jimmy Carter that the Israelis could help raise money for his re-election but that they had to allow PACs to be formed. So the PACs came into existence and they were able to raise money in America.
Q. So a lot of this campaign financing is done in these big financial house deals and they don't even have to rely on the little guy?

R. Actually, I got so used to dealing in billions of dollars that I really never thought about anything less. The lawyer involved in the final deal of the Iran contra affair turned against me and threatened to shoot me and the Swiss police got wind of it and they got me out of there. They put me on a 747 and flew me by myself out of Heathrow in London. The airport was absolutely emptied when they came through with me.

Q. You have told me that you came across Vince Foster during one of your financial deals, this being the same Vince Foster who was a lifelong friend of Bill Clinton and who later died mysteriously while working in the Clinton White House.

R. After I finished up the Iran-contra deal and came back, I brought back with me a set of bank guarantees. Once the guarantees are in place with the proper parties, then the transactions can be carried out. I was just part of a continuing set-up. (Whether my double was carrying to the other part I never really learned. That was always a mystery to me.)

Anyway, I went to Salt Lake City in late November of 1985 and there met with a man called "the judge" and he brought a person in to verify the documents that I had and to take the original set and that was Vince Foster. I didn't know him at the time but later on, some 10 years later, I learned who this person was, having recognized his picture.

Q. That would make sense. Vince Foster evidently was an expert in finance at the highest levels.

R. What happened after that was that I was set up in a hotel room and I had all the banking documents and set up a loan process with a French bank.

Q. Now in the course of our discussions, prior to now, you've suggested that throughout this entire time that you were actually being used as part of some sort of high-level "mind control" operation of the type we know for a fact that the CIA and the KGB and the Mossad and other intelligence agencies have perfected.

You've concluded that you were in a state of what you have called "learned helplessness" and from what you've described, it sounds as though you were one of these "mind control" victims that we have often heard about and functioned as hardly more than a human computer being directed by your masters.
R. When I began to look back upon my experiences and how they developed, I developed my own definition of my state of existence during that time frame, which felt to me as if it was what I called "learned helplessness" and I had concluded that myself. It worried me.

I was an orphan and as I was growing up I had one particular nightmare and I kept wondering where it came from. It seemed to have something to do with what I had experienced in my early years and I wondered if it might have any relationship to what had happened to me during this later period of "learned helplessness."

And I began to search into the background on that and I found that his kind of thing started in the 1920s with a Dr Seligman and it was a government program that was officially terminated in 1943. Dr Seligman worked on something that he himself had called "learned helplessness" (his way of describing what I had perceived as my own situation).

So I had found that here was indeed a historical, scientific basis which provided a foundation for what I had perceived on my own when in 1983 when I had a year out in the country to review and try to understand my recent past.

Q. This concept of "learned helplessness" is fascinating. It sounds in many ways like sleepwalking, except that you know what you're doing when you're doing it, but you have mo ability to change your own course or direction. What do they do to create a situation of learned helplessness?

R. The studies that were done on rats involved teaching the rats to eat at a certain place and they would then shock them so that when they ate they were shocked. Then they wouldn't eat.

But then the rats wouldn't eat at another location, using the same feeding mechanism, because the rats had learned that they would get shocked by using the mechanism (even though the new mechanism was not electrified.) So the rats starved to death. That's it in a nutshell.

In the late 1920s Dr Seligman decided to test this on humans, so he picked orphans since they had nobody to protect them.

Q. And you, in fact, were an orphan?

R. I don't know, specifically, whether I was picked or not, but when I came out of the orphanage I couldn't walk. I had been bundled up and tied up under a light in a room. I only weighed about 40 pounds. My adoptive parents got me braces so I could stand.

Q. You've concluded then that, since your earliest years you were somehow connected to a long-standing, highly secret government-connected mind control operation.

R. That's right.

Q. Now you've had some unusual experiences that you believe played a part in leading up to this strange period in your life where you were subjected to "learned helplessness" and which do suggest that you were under special observation for many years prior to this.

R. That's right. I met my own double when I was eight years old. This was after I got out of the orphanage. Three men came up beside me in a car near where I lived. They pulled up beside me and introduced me to my double and off they went.

Q. So that early conditioning was being used as part of a long-term mind- control experiment to develop a mold that you would later fit into in life.

R. It seems so. then when I realized that when I had a double that, in such a scientific experiment, they also had to have a control. As a scientist, I learned how you set up controls and how you make only one variable at a time.
Q. Were you a twin, byu any chance?

R. Well, I had no way of knowing. But as time went on, this became more and more of a very interesting reality.

Q. You actually ran into somebody who had met your double and who thought your double was you?

R. That's actually quite hilarious, but it had a tragic outcome. One evening in Geneva a lady came up to me and said hello and asked if I would like to have a cup of coffee. The next thing I know she was taking out her American identification card and gave me her true Russian name and that she was president of the American Nurses Association. And I realized that she had mistaken me for my double.

Q. How could you conclude that?

R. Well, by the time I had had three prior contacts with my double., I decided to play the game. So I walked her back to her hotel and told her I'd like to have dinner with her the next night. In the morning I got a note from her saying she couldn't make it. But immediately two people flew over from the U.S. an said, "Your getting out of this hotel and going to another place." Three days later I was poisoned and I collapsed in the airport and ended up in a coma for five days. They had found out that she had made a mistake.

Q. You've conclude that his use of doubles is widespread, based upon what you've experienced and what you've been told?

R. The Mossad had informed me that there were 600 doubles and this they described to me. I discovered that I was one and I think Oliver North was another.

I also know that Victor Ostrovsky, the former Mossad officer, had a double. I met his original and I learned the whole story about him, but the original didn't know who Ostrovsky was.

But when I was back in the United States somebody told me I should take a look at this book by Ostrovsky and there on the flyleaf was a picture of a person I knew. However, when I heard Ostrovsky interviewed on radio about the book, his voice was different from the person I knew.

Q. My reaction to all of this is that you were being used, through a bizarre process on mind control. How was it that you were able to get out of this state?

R. I slipped away in 1989, when I found that the CIA agent that had been running me had been dead for some time and I realized that I was under somebody else's control.

Q. There's much more to your story and it's something that we can perhaps pursue in the future, but what you've already told us is real food for thought.

The SPOTLIGHT August 10, 1998



Wall Streeters are blowing bubbles, and when they burst, small investors will take a pasting.

By Warren Hough

If, perhaps after a neighbor boasted of "doubling his money" in the stock market, you have recently decided to become a corporate shareholder your self keep this in mind: the securities you own are merely pieces of paper whose real value is being manipulated and rigged by unscrupulous insiders willing to loot the national economy for a quick killing.

Those are the conclusions of a month-long SPOTLIGHT survey of what even Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan now calls the "irrational" upswing on Wall Street, which saw the price of newly launched and untested equity issues hysterically untested equity issues hysterically double and triple in recent weeks.

"Greenspan should know. He is, after all, the Founding Father -- or should we call him First Schemer? -- behind these runaway markets and devious bank bailouts," says bond trader Vincent Ambrose sarcastically.

It is now common knowledge as this populist newspaper first reported it nationally at the time, that the New York Stock Exchange owes its dizzying boom -- in fact, its very survival after a couple of near crashes in the late '80s -- to the unprecedented willingness of the Fed chairman to prop up share prices with secret handouts from the mammoth slush funds at his disposal.

"Under securities law, such market manipulation is a felony violation," says financial writer Tim Metz. "What Greenspan did was to provide unlimited concessional credit to key Wall Street stockbrokers -- known as specialist market-makers -- on condition that they use the funds to act as aggressive "buyers of last resort," halting the free-fall of key distressed stocks."

Internal federal Reserve documents discovered by The SPOTLIGHT since then have revealed that in recent years Greenspan's aides have developed an even more devious strategy for rigging corporate share prices by driving up the so- called futures indexes, rather than by buying directly into a seller's market.

"Either way, Greenspan used taxpayer's money -- in my estimate, perhaps a billion dollars at a time -- to salvage the speculative losses of Wall Street high-flyers on the backs of ordinary working people," added Metz, a former Wall Street Journal reporter.

Apart from the stealth, criminality and fundamental economic deception involved -- a rigged stock exchange is no longer really a free market, merely a government-subsidized trading post -- Greenspan's maneuvers led to generalized market manipulation by speculators, stockbrokers and major corporations out for easy profit, The SPOTLIGHT inquiry found.

At the very outset of the year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), spurred on by suspicious investors, discovered widespread price fixing among Wall street's top brokerage firms.

More than 30 leading securities dealers -- among them giant Merrill Lynch, the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Discover Group, Lehman brothers and Goldman Sachs, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin's old firm -- quietly agreed to pay fines totaling just about a billion dollars to settle charges that they schemed to fix prices on the stock market.

"The size of the enormous settlement indicates that the charges leveled against these firms were serious," noted Prof. Alan Bromberg, who teaches securities law at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

In 1996 small investors were bilked of at least $9 billion by Wall Street brokers promoting the equities of marginal companies as "sure sinners" despite the fact that such low-priced shares often prove certain losers, a tabulation by state securities regulators in New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region has reported.

Complaints received by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about stock market swindles soared by almost 50 percent last year, and in New York, home to Wall Street, they are running even higher, says Andrew Kandel, chief of state Attorney General Dennis Vacco's Securities Bureau.

But major corporations do not have to go beyond the law to rig the price of their outstanding shares. They can do so by launching massive repurchases of their own stock. Such buybacks have rocketed from an estimated high of $21 billion in 1991 to an astronomical $188 billion last year -- a stampede set off by the greedy self-dealing of business magnates, Wall Street sources say.

"Corporate executives are rushing to drive up the demand for their company's publicly traded equity with billion-dollar buybacks, because they stand to make millions -- far more than their base salary -- from stock options and bonuses tied to inflated share prices." explained Ambrose.

But there is a word for such an artificially hyped stock market, and that word is "bubble" -- a beguiling vision floating on air, bound to burst even as it swells and rises -- warned The Economist, the leading weekly publication of the global financial markets last month.

The SPOTLIGHT August 10, 1998


A report on militia-type activities in the Catskills has elicited Wide response -- except from anti-gun elected officials and bureaucrats.

By Mike Blair

Perhaps the 'bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), the FBI and other assorted federal law enforcement agencies are not interested in the terrorist Jewish Defense League (JDL) and Jewish Defense Organization (JDO) training in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. But a SPOTLIGHT report on the terrorists' maneuvers published in its July 27 issue has apparently sparked wide interest.

Accompanying the article, the front page of the June 27 issue of the Sunday Record, published in Middletown, New York, was reproduced. In bold headline it reported "For Jewish Militants, Catskills Are a Training Ground," which took up most of the tabloid-size front page. The report itself was two full pages in length inside the newspaper.

The SPOTLIGHT has learned that the Sunday Record has received calls from all across the country seeking copies of the edition, which was a big seller in the Middletown area when it initially appeared.

Due to the heavy requests for copies of the edition, the New York daily reported that it only had 15 copies left on file when contacted by The SPOTLIGHT for this story.

It was pointed out in the July 27 SPOTLIGHT story that Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a liberal Democrat and New York's senior U.S. senator, and Rep. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), two of the most rabid anti-gun. Legislators on Capitol Hill, had nothing to say about the Jewish militants training in New York with a variety of illegal weapons.

This appears to remain the case after The SPOTLIGHT has sparked widespread interest across the nation in JDL-JDO activity that have terrorized local residents of the Catskill area, particularly in the vicinity of the community of Livingston Manor, near which the militants rented a camp last summer for the training.

Fourteen were arrested by New York state police for felonious possession of a sizable weapons cache but they received a "slap on the wrist" from the local court.


While both Moynihan and Schumer, who is attempting to get the New York Democratic Senate nomination to run against New York's other senator Alfonse D'Amato, a pro-gun and pro=Second Amendment ("the right to keep and bear arms") Republican, have been among the forefront of those pointing a finger at dangerous "right-wing militia groups," both have been deafeningly silent about the JDL and JDO terrorists. Both heavily court the New York city Jewish vote for their political survival.

There also has not been as much as a peep from the equally anti-gun and anti-democracy anti-gun and anti-democracy Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its follow travelers at the Southern Poverty Law Center, headed by extreme left-wing activist Morris Dees.

Like Moynihan and Schumer, both spokesmen for the ADL and Dees and his associates are always squawking about "right-wing militants" owning guns, while apparently casting a blind eye at gun-toting Jewish "militants in the Mountains," as reported by The SPOTLIGHT and the Middletown paper.

Actully, Howie Katz, associate director of the ADL's New York City office, claims the activities of the two terrorist groups are "greatly exaggerated."

"In 1986," the Middletown newspaper accurately reported, "an FBI report concluded that 'certain elements' of the JDL were suspected of planting a bomb in 1985 in Santa Ana, California, that killed Alex Odeh, the western regional director of the America-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee..."

The paper also reported other criminal activity of the JDL and JDO.

"Could there be a double standard here?" John Trochmann, a leader of the Militia of Montana, asked, tongue in check.

The SPOTLIGHT August 10, 1998


Persecuted Palestinians have stuck a pin in a sacred cow, and the bellow of the wounded beast can be heard internationally.


After 50 years of trying, with tactics that ranged from talking to terrorism, Palestinians have found a way to wound their Israeli adversaries. In early July, a story in the Palestinian newspaper Al Hayal al Jadida called "the holocaust" a "deceitful myth."

That anyone would have the temerity to attack "the holocaust, the most protected religious/political dogma in civilized society today, sent Zionists worldwide into shock. It also triggered the automatic response mechanism of international Zionism.

In a personal letter to Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat, the Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations condemned the article.

According to published reports, the story in Al Hayal al Jadida said Jews had disseminated "frightful pictures of mass executions and invented the shocking story of the gas ovens, where Hitler allegedly burned them."

Reportedly, the "inflammatory remarks" in the Palestinian press have "raised concerns" of American negotiators who are attempting to broker a Mideast peace, principally between Israel and the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, officials of the Palestinian Authority, the official "government" for Palestinians within Israeli-occupied lands, disclaimed responsibility for the story.


According to an unnamed U.S. State Department official, "These sorts of issues come up unfortunately all too frequently. And when they do we repeat the view to the Palestinian Authority that it's got to stop."

The official did not mention anything about telling Israel to stop anything, including building settlements in occupied territory, bulldozing Arab homes and indiscriminate arrests and torture of Arab prisoners.

In a full-page advertisement run in major newspapers, 20 people who identify themselves as Jewish scholars condemned the Palestinian Authority for "denials and distortions of the Holocaust." One of them, Michael Berenbaum, president of the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation and a former director of the United states Holocaust Memorial museum, told reporters that holocaust denial is an old habit for some Palestinians.

According to Berenbaum, "the Palestinians perceive themselves as having to pay the price for the victimization of the Jews in World War II."

For his part Arafat has made obeisance to the holocaust story as presented by international Zionist. This while there is a growing rejection of the dogma among Palestinians.

The Palestinian Authority Minister for Higher Education and Research, Hanan Ashrawi, said that, despite Israeli claims to the contrary, the authority has no official newspaper.

She was quoted that the editors of Al Hayal al Jadida were completely independent and "write whatever they want to write."

If American Jewish organizations take exception to something that they read in that newspaper, she said, they should write a response directly to the paper.

Although Arafat assured Israel and the world that Arab Children were being taught that they could no question any part of the holocaust, it seemed to observers that skepticism among the young was increasing.

The SPOTLIGHT August 10, 1998


Earlier this year, Dr. James Dobson, leader of Focus on the family, threatened to encourage evangelicals to sit out the 1998 election if the Republican congress did not respond to moral concerns.

With the election less than four months away, Republicans are set to focus on blocking a homosexual's nomination as ambassador to Luxembourg and force a vote on "the marriage tax".

Plenty of mainstream ink has been wasted recently on James Hormel's stalled nomination. Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.), chairman of the Senate foreign Relations Committee, had blocked it ling before Dobson came to Washington. Now a variety of "conservatives" are coming forward to suggest the move is in support of morality.

Focus on the Family and its lobbying arm, the Family Research Council, and 14 other conservative Christian ministries took out full page ads in national daily newspapers to combat what they consider to be the influence of the homosexual lobby.

In a recent letter, Dobson points out President Clinton helped a homosexual activist organization raise funds last year. A couple a days later, Clinton hosted a "hate crimes" conference. Clinton used the forum to call for pro- homosexual diversity programs in public schools.

Then there's the executive order Clinton signed banning discrimination against homosexuals in federal hiring. Many see that as the White House elevating a group based upon sexual preference.

It's not just the Democratic White House forwarding the homosexual agenda The GOP is home to a group known as "Log Cabin Republicans - homosexual Republicans looking for a seat at the issues table. According to Dobson, the Republican Senate came within one vote of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill that would have made sexual orientation a protected class under civil rights laws.

"How do we explain the lack of moral outrage -- or courage - from anyone in Washington, D.C., or on the local level?" Dobson asks in his letter. "The answer can be found in the unparalleled political clout of homosexual activists.

"In the course of two decades, they have succeeded in intimidating Washington, D.C. and most of the rest of the nation," he adds. "Few dare step in front of the gay and lesbian juggernaut for fear of being labeled 'homophobic,' 'hateful' or 'politically incorrect.'"

That clout surfaced recently when Rep Joel Hefley (R-Colo.) Planned to amend the Justice, Satae and Commerce departments appropriation bill to revoke Clinton's executive order that prohibits discrimination against homosexuals in federal hiring. But Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.), a homosexual, was managing the bill.

Rather than risk a public fight with Kolbe or the homosexual lobby, GOP bigwigs decided to have Hefley attack executive orders - not homosexual privileges.

Republican leaders have also backed away from opposing H.R. 3081, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. It currently has 112 co-sponsors. Like the Senate bill in '96 critics claim this legislation would make sexual orientation a protected class under federal civil rights laws. "Moderate" Republicans say they are afraid fighting a bill like this could make them look like "gay- bashers."

Christian advocates, such as the Family Research council's Gary Bauer, say they are sick and tired of being silenced by intolerant liberals.

"Those who object to us speaking out on these issues seem to be suggesting that it is acceptable for homosexuals to actively pursue their agenda of publicly sanctioned same-sex marriages, bashing the Boy Scouts and the Salvation Army and using taxpayers' dollars to teach young children homosexual relationships are the moral equivalent of heterosexual marriage," Bauer said in a letter to the editor. "Americans who do not want this agenda to be forced upon our culture are expected to silently retreat to the close."

"Moderate" Republicans are running in fear of the homosexual lobby. Only time will tell in Dobson will keep his forces home in November.

The SPOTLIGHT August 17, 1998


"Watching out for you" sounds a lot like "watching you."

By Mike Blair

Are 10 special anti-terrorism units being established across the nation intended to step up government-sponsored spying on U.S. citizens?

The teams are (by coincidence?) called RAID -- rapid assessment and initial detection -- and will, according to Maj. Michael Yowell, a spokesman for the Colorado National Guard, work with other federal, state and local authorities in an emergency.

However, an increasing number of Americans and groups concerned about diminishing United States freedoms, aren't convinced of the benign nature of the project.

In Colorado, as an example, the Citizens for Peace in Space (CPS), which opposes the U.S. Space Command, with headquarters in Colorado Springs, and programs at Buckley Air National Guard Base in Aurora that Control American spy satellites, are deeply concerned.

According to a spokesman for the Colorado-based group, while it recognizes the increasing threat of domestic terrorism and the need to protect America from it, it fears the "international technology" that is based at Buckley which "could be used to spy on U.S. citizens in an attempt to prevent another incident like the Oklahoma City bombing."

"I don't want this to be the groundwork for more erosion ov civil liberties," Bill Sulzman of the Colorado group said. "The safeguards against that happening are too weak."

Yowell denies this will happen.

"We abide by United States law" Yowell argued. "We do not spy on our own citizens."

That remark brought strong reaction from numerous Coloradans concerned about the government spying on its citizens.

It is known, for example, that the U.S. government already is spying on its own citizens by satellite.

For instance, at the time of the crash of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island, New York, in 1996 it was revealed that the air disaster had been recorded by cameras on a U.S. spy satellite the was passing overhead at the time.

It is widely believed that spy satellites are also being used to search the nation for explosives being detonated by "right-wing extremist groups"; always of course, ""right-wing groups, as opposed to "left-wing" radicals, such as violence-prone supposed environmentalists.

Buckley Air National Guard base was chosen as one of the U.S. centers for the rapid-deployment anti-terrorism teams because Denver is the regional office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA is will known to SPOTLIGHT readers as the shadowy government agency which has been designated to run the nation under emergency conditions during either man-made or natural disasters, even to the point of assuming the powers of the government.

FEMA was given its unheard of and unprecedented powers through the issuance of so-called Executive Orders issued by presidents going back to Jimmy Carter, who signed an order establishing FEMA as the nation's all-powerful "emergency" organization.

It will be FEMA that will manage the operation of the U.S. government in the event martial law is ever established, on whatever pretexts, in America. Its powers are virtually total.

Teams will also be located in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Denton, Texas, all of which are (surprise, surprise) homes to key FEMA offices.

The 22-member, full-time response team will begin to assemble at Buckley in September and is scheduled for completion in December. Members will undergo training to deal with chemical and biological warfare as well as traditional combat and terrorist acts in an urban area.

The SPOTLIGHT August 17, 1998


America's military is shrinking while the Clinton administration leases U.S. facilities within the country.

By Mike Blair

The leasing of U.S. military bases to foreign countries for supposed training purposes appears to be widening in scope.

The Pentagon has established a lease agreement with the German Luftwaffe (air force) for a large part of Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, where a German Tactical Air Center has been established. Hundreds of German support personnel are currently at Holloman to service 12 European-made Tornado jet fighter-bombers and a fleet of seven German F-4 Phantom fighter jets based there.

Now, The SPOTLIGHT has learned that the Pentagon is planning to lease a section of Cannon Air Force Base, also in New Mexico, to the Singapore Air Force.

Currently, the U.S. Air Force is working on an environmental impact statement in preparation for the lease agreement, which will allow about 200 air and support personnel from the Royal Singapore Air Force and 24 Singapore F-16 jet fighters to be based there.

Currently, the Air Force is reviewing objections from New Mexico residents to the stationing of the Singapore Unit Cannon.

Plans continue also for the leasing of 600 acres of Fort Bliss's McGregor Range, near El Paso, Texas, for the Luftwaffe to expand its training operation in the United States.

The proposal will allow the Germans a lease on the acreage for a 10-year period.

Local residents and environmental groups argue that leasing the portion of the McGregor Range, which was taken over by the Army 50 years ago for missile testing and as a buffer zone between the test range and nearby residential areas, would destroy native wildlife, historical buildings and ruins and halt public use of almost 300,000 acres now open for hunting, camping and the grazing of cattle.

According to the Air Force the area will be used for low-level navigational exercises, combat tactics and aerial refueling and would entail about 650 flights by the Germans each year.

"Our aircrews, and those of our allies must also train to deal with enemy aircraft who do locate our aircraft and attack them whole they fly the low- level route," an Air Force news release explains. "This training is crucial to the aircrew success and survival."


As in the case of Holloman and Cannon, it's the low level flights that concern the residents the most.

Similar maneuvers at low levels are not allowed in Germany and other foreign countries seeking to lease the bases in the United States.

It appears to critics of the undertakings that the Pentagon is all too eager to open America's skies to foreign military aircraft.

The SPOTLIGHT August 17, 1998


Is there a connection between the wave of violence in our schools and the fact that we are over-medicating students with dangerous prescription drugs.

By Dr. Ken Anderson

With the explosion of violence among youth, people are struggling to find solutions. Are guns truly the problem with violence among our youth? The real question should be, "Why are youth in America today so prone to violence, regardless of what weapon they use?" The answer, at least in part, is due to medications that are being prescribed to our children, predominantly through the psychiatric industry.


Nearly 4 million children have been diagnosed with a disease known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The symptoms include difficulty remaining seated when required to do so, running or climbing when it is inappropriate, blurting out answers to questions before the questions have been completed, making frequent mistakes in schoolwork, easily distracted, etc. The answer to ADHD is almost always drugs. Dr. Frederick Baughman, Jr., a practicing pediatric neurologist for 35 years and a faculty member of the Harvard School of Medicine wrote, "Twenty-five years of research, most of it not deserving the term 'research,' has failed to validate ADJD by whatever name, as a disease." He also wrote, "ADHD exists as a disorder primarily because a committee of psychiatrists voted it so. In a valiant effort, they squeezed a laundry list of disparate symptoms into a neat package that can be treated. Why not bestow 'disorderhood' on other problems common to people diagnosed with ADHD, such as Easily Frustrated Disorder (EFD) or Nothing Makes me Happy Disorder (NMMHD)?"


Children who are diagnosed with ADHD are given a drug known as Ritalin. Ritalin's use has shot up 600 percent in the last ten years. In some elementary schools, 40-50 percent of students are on Ritalin, and often without parental approval or consent. The United States consumes five times more of this drug than the entire world combined. All across America, police officers who take part in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program walk past children standing in line for their daily dose of Ritalin, and them teach them to say "No" to drugs.


Studies cited by the Drug enforcement Agency have stated that Ritalin and cocaine cause nearly identical reactions in the brain. Ritalin can cause the very disorders it is supposed to cure; inattention, hyperactivity and aggression. Nervousness and insomnia are often experienced. Also, Ritalin can produce serious psychological dependence and cause withdrawal symptoms such as depression, exhaustion, irritability, and suicidal feeling. Dr. Peter Breggin, author of the book Talking back to Ritalin reports that from 1985-1987, there were more than 2,700 "adverse drug experiences" with Ritalin ranging from hostility to blood disorders and hallucinations.

In addition to Ritalin, it is becoming very commonplace for teens to be taking Prozac. Breggin also stated, "I have no doubt that Prozac can cause or contribute to violence and suicide." Consider these Prozac users: Julie Marie Meade who was shot to death by police officers when they found her waving a gun; 16-year-old Ben Garris who stabbed his counselor to death and 14-year-old Kristina fetters who stabbed her great aunt to death, despite their close relationship. The list goes on. Note that in two of these cases a knife was used, not a gun.


Are there any solution to hyperactive or depressed children, other than chemical straight jackets that potentially make them more prone to violence? It is very common for children who need sleep, exercise and proper nutrition to be disruptive and have trouble learning. When sugar is removed from the diet, for example, behavioral improvements are often immediate. However, just getting your children of junk food and drugs is not the only answer to today's nutritional needs. Most children don't get enough fruits and vegetables, and if they did, the food was grown in depleted soil that produces food void of vital nutrients. Glyco-nutritionals and phytochemicals, in addition to vitamins and minerals, are a must.

Dr. Ken Anderson is an authority on health matters and a concerned citizen. For more information of Dr. Anderson's products call TAB at 202-319-9866.

The SPOTLIGHT August 24, 1998


Let's see: what would blunt Washington's latest diplomatic moves toward Iran?

By Warren Hough

"We don't know yet who was at the wheel of those car bombs; but we do know that the long fuse leading to these terrorist flare-ups was lit in Israel,' asserted Capt. Aurelio dell'Acqua, a retired Italian Carabinieri officer. Previously specializing in diplomatic security, he is now a "loss prevention"consultant for a group of European corporations on Wall Street.

The Mossad, Israeli's secret service, literally set up the U.S. embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, for the August 7 truck bombing by persuading the CIA and the White House to disregard American intelligence reports. Those reports warned that a terrorist raid against this facility was imminent, it was learned as this issue of The SPOTLIGHT went to press.

Four months worth of tips and alert signals that the Nairobi embassy was facing a potential disastrous explosives attack were sent to Washington last month by the U.S. ambassador in Kenya, Florence Bushnell, and by intelligence controllers of the U.S. Central Command.

But nothing was done to protect this poorly shielded facility because, on the standard operating procedure inaugurated in the Reagan era, the FBI had to turn to the Israelis for a definite evaluation of these early warnings.
"Ignore them," the Mossad reassured the U.S. government: "it's just another false alarm."

This information, delivered to Washington just weeks before the monstrous explosion, was the key factor in persuading the U.S. to let its guard down, resulting in the loss of life of at least 25 0 victims including 11 Americans, angry Washington intelligence sources told The SPOTLIGHT.

Interviewed in the immediate aftermath of the huge explosions that shattered the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, on August 7, causing horrendous devastation and tragic loss of life, dell'-Acqua was expressing conclusions widely shared by counter terrorist specialists, diplomatic sources and other expert observers, an exclusive SPOTLIGHT survey has found.

"At this point in time, Israel is the only country that can expect to benefit from such an atrocious act of political warfare," commented a senior national security official from a leading Gulf nation, who asked not to be identified by name. "For the first time in history, the Israeli government finds itself embroiled in simultaneous hostilities with the White house, the CIA, the entire European community of nations and the Arab league as well as the Vatican -- even with NASA, the American space agency."

"It is desperately trying to get out of this quandary by staging a new regional crisis."


Newsmen knowledgeable about the Middle East tended to agree with this analysis. The Israelis now feel not just snubbed by mortally challenged by the U.S. because they have concluded that "President Bill Clinton would like to make Iran his 'China,' pulling of a surprise rapprochement with the fundamentalist Islamic republic equivalent to Nixon's historic breakthrough in relations with China a quarter century ago," says David Gardner, a veteran foreign correspondent of the sobersided Financial Times, the leading international business daily.

Confirming this thesis, The SPOTLIGHT has obtained exclusive information from well-placed diplomatic sources on the details of recent secret contacts between the White House and the Iranian government.

The negotiations were brokered by a respected intermediary, Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, who made a quiet detour to Teheran after his state visit last month ot Washington to deliver a personal letter from Clinton to Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, these sources recounted.

Clinton's message suggested that if Iran would comply with some basic strategic requirements -- such as cutting of contact with militant groups opposing the Palestinian peace process and shelving its quest for nuclear warheads -- the U.S. would be willing to unfreeze billions of dollars in long- seized Iranian assets and lift all trade sanctions.

Most importantly, Clinton held out the promise of including a friendlier Iran in a new regional "security cooperation" pact designed to promote "stability in regions where both nations have vital interests," these sources have revealed.

Zionist leaders are infuriated and apprehensive about these developments because this time around, Clinton's attempts at pacting with Iran are not just "another Arkansas politician whistling Dixie," says veteran diplomatic correspondent Enzio Lopata.

The White House moves to ignore Israel and deal with Iran instead are now strongly supported by a sell-heeled lobby whose reach may eventually rival that of the ministate's own agents.

Known as "USA Engage," the new political action group in Washington is known to have the backing of several oil industry giants determined to end the "senseless" U.S. conflict with the Iranian government in particular and several Arab nations in general.

Nor can the Mossad, Israel's secret service, scheme with its long- submissive allies in the CIA to subvert and undercut the latest White House outreach to the vast -- and oil-rich -- world of Islam.

Reflecting the newly frosty relationship between the ministate's spooks and the Washington intelligence establishment -- first reported, in a world exclusive, by this populist newspaper -- Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu complained to the White House earlier this month about the "hostile attitude of the senior CIA station chief in the Middle East and demanded his recall.

Ironically, the station chief, identified by diplomatic sources as veteran CIA case officer Stanley Moscow, a trusted aide of newly appointed CIA Director George Tenet, has deep ethnic and religious ties to Judaism -- but not to the warhawk "imperial Zionism" practiced by the Netanyahu government, these sources explained.


In another unprecedented more aimed at curbing the intrusive Zionist influence over the Washington national security bureaucracy, NASA last month canceled the "visiting privileges" long held by Israeli scientist and technicians at the facilities of the giant U.S. space agency.

"These do-called 'visiting privileges' meant that the Israelis could enter the restricted rocketry labs and attend scientific conferences to which no other foreign researchers were admitted," explained Dr. Vanessa Hughessen, a physicist specializing in national-security studies at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


But what sent the Netanyahu government into what this scholarly observer described as a "paroxysm of rage" was the explanation NASA gave for the cancellation: the Israeli visitors had allegedly schemed to "misappropriate" classified missile blueprints, and then were found to have sold them -- to the Red Chinese government.

When a huge truck bomb demolished a U.S. Air Force housing unit in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in 1996, killing 19 American servicemen, Israel and its powerful Washington lobby loudly blamed the incident on Iran -- but their campaign for "retaliation" against the Islamic republic failed.


This time, experienced observers once again expect the Zionist leadership and its aggressive Washington lobby to exploit the latest African embassy bombings in a campaign to set the American people and the nations of Islam against one another.

But world opinion has "lost its faith in the veracity, good intentions and statesmanlike moderation of Israel's leaders," asserted Lopata. "This time around the attempts of the Zionist lobby and its drumbeaters in the press to incite U.S. military retaliation against targets hand-picked by Israel may fall on deaf ears."

The SPOTLIGHT August 24, 1998


Congress has proven once again who's running things, and it isn't the people.

By James P. Tucker Jr.

The raw power of the Bilderberg-Trilateral world shadow government was again demonstrated when a little-noted House vote sustained the World Trade Organization's (WTO) power to challenge state and local laws in this country.
It is another of those significant "silent steps" toward world government that national sovereignty is surrendered "from the courthouse to the White House," because the WTO is effectively the United Nations' Department of Commerce, said a high State Department official who has been a reliable observer for a decade.

The WTO's right to punish this country for laws it disapproves - whether federal, state or local -- was sustained by a 228-200 vote on August 6. The action was obligingly ignored by the Washington Post and the Bilderberg- controlled press in general.

The legislation would have blocked the Justice Department from going to federal court to throw out state or local laws that the WTO decides "violate" international trade agreements. The WTO could object to about anything -- a local sales tax on beer, for example.


What is most important to the world shadow government, as reported from many of the closed meetings of Bilderberg and its brother group, the Trilateral commission, is to establish the supremacy of 'supranational organizations."

"When Americans are conditioned to accept the UN's rejecting federal and local laws -- through the WTO, in this case -- they are also being prepared to accept the supremacy of a world government and the end of national sovereignty," the official said.

"It is really unlikely that a city ordinance of state law will have a significant impact on world trade, but the establishment of the WTO's supremacy is the objective," he said.

The law to save state and local sovereignty was sponsored by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio). He blamed the loss on heavy lobbying by the Clinton administration. President Clinton was recruited into Bilderberg at its secret meeting in Baden Baden, Germany, in 1991.

Daniel O'Flaherty, vice president of the National Foreign Trade Council, which represents U.S. multinational corporations, strongly opposed the legislation on behalf of the Bilderberg-Trilateral elite.

The WTO rules are having a "chilling effect over local lawmaking," Kucinich said. He cited a recent decision by Maryland lawmakers to abandon a boycott of companies that do business in Nigeria after federal bureaucrats warned they would by violating WTO rules.

The European Union and Japan have threatened to ask the WTO to punish the United States over a Massachusetts law boycotting Burma. In a precedent- setting case, the National Foreign Trade Council is challenging the Massachusetts law in federal court.

"It is rather silly for cities and towns to establish 'nuclear-free zones' or announce boycotts on countries that displease them, but for federal government to intervene is unseemly," the official said.

"If the precedent is set for a foreign government to complain about a federal, state, city or county law, and for the Justice Department people to act as the foreign country's lawyers in fighting those laws, what is left of nationhood?" the official asked.

Kucinich's supporters promised to try again, considering that a shift of a few votes would reverse the outcome.

"This time, Congress acted with very little public knowledge," the official said. "If voters learn what is at stake, their congressmen will hear from them and the Kucinich bill to save the nation's sovereignty will win," he opined optimistically.

The SPOTLIGHT August 24, 1998


On August 5, the House defeated an amendment to the appropriations bill for the departments of Commerce, Justice, and State that would have protected states and municipalities from World Trade Organization challenges. The amendment, introduced by Rep. Dennis Kuinich (D-Ohio), failed 228-200.
Here is how Colorado voted:

Schaefer, D.......NO

Schaffer, B.......YES

The SPOTLIGHT August 31, 1998


Bill Clinton may be a poker player par excellence, but his nemesis could be holding the top card.

By Mike Blair

As the whole nation debates whether President William Jefferson Clinton is guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors" (such as perjury, obstruction of justice, etc, as the U.S. Constitution describes) warranting impeachment proceedings, it appears that the nation's chief executive has already committed a criminal offense.

Could this be an "ace that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is holding up his sleeve?

Under the laws of the district of Columbia Clinton has committed a crime of the first degree sexual abuse.

On December 28, 1994, the council of the District of Columbia in which the White House is clearly located, approved an official act, "D.C. Act 10-385," which redefined for the nation's capital what constitutes "sexual abuse."

The act became effective on May 23, 1995, the date being set in Title VI of the legislation. The time span between approval and effective date included a 60-day period of review, as provided by federal law ruling the District of Columbia, by the U.S. Congress.

Under Title 1, Section 101 "Definitions," in No.8(B), oral sex is clearly defined as a "sexual act," and leaves no room for "splitting hairs" over the issue as President Clinton attempted to do during his supposed admission to the American people on national television and reportedly before a Washington grand jury.

Under Section 212 of the ct, First Degree Sexual Abuse of a Ward is thus defined: "Whoever engages in a sexual act with another person or causes another person to engage in or submit to a sexual act when that other person:
"(2) is under the supervisory or disciplinary authority of the actor [any person accused of a crime under the act] shall be imprisoned for not more than 10 years and, in addition, may be fined in an amount not to exceed $100,000."

The Washington, D.C. metropolitan police public affairs office provided The SPOTLIGHT a complete copy of the act.

The officer who spoke about the act was very defensive and obviously did not wish to discuss the act in detail stating defensively, at one point, when just asked a simple question, "I have no intention of arguing the content of this act."

In the copy of the act faxed by the public affairs officer, someone had penciled in along the margin aside the description of Sec, 21: "power relationships, such as police officer, corrections. Officer, teacher, etc."

It would appear that the question of applicability hinges upon whether Monica Lewinsky, in her capacity as a White House intern, was under the "supervisory or disciplinary authority" of the president, whom she served.
Obviously, as apparently described by police, the normal interaction between Lewinsky and Clinton would be described as a "power relationship."

Ted L. Gunderson, retired senior special agent of the FBI, a position equivalent to assistant director, told The SPOTLIGHT that in his opinion it would be up to the District of Columbia police to arrest the president, having knowledge of a specific crime.

He noted that Lewinsky, in her testimony before the grand jury called by Starr, having reported 12 incidents of the sexual act being committed, and Clinton having admitted to the relationship to the American people on national television and before the grand jury, should be sufficient evidence that the act had been committed.

Again, this question seems to beg for an answer.

The SPOTLIGHT August 31, 1998


All Establishment journalists and experts say homosexuality is genetic, not learned. Dr. Paul Cameron, a longtime student of the subject says that homosexuality is not genetic and has produced a study which proves his contention. Cameron discussed the subject on the August 9, broadcast of The SPOTLIGHT's weekly call-in talk forum, Radio Free America, with host Tom Valentine. An edited transcript of the interview follows. Valentine's questions start with a "Q". Questions by callers start with "CQ". And Cameron's responses start with a "R".

Cameron can be contacted at 303-681-3113. Or by writing the Family Research Institute, P.O. Box 62640, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80962.

Q. In many states homosexuals are suing courts for the right to be married and raise children and you have prepared a study that relates to the subject.

R. All of the attorneys general across the United States have decided that the key to marriage is children and who raises children the best. We already know through all kinds of surveys that the best way to raise a kid is to have a mother and a father in a married home. Some times kids from such marriages go wrong. Sometimes they don't do well in school. But on the average, in the aggregate, this is the best situation in which to raise kids. And we know that every other form of parenting is inferior.

But out in the darkness, a tiny light was lit a few years ago by homosexual investigators. They said, "Lets get a bunch of homosexual parents together and asked them how ell they are doing with their kids and how well their kids are doing and see." And guess what, they found, of course, that the homosexuals that had kids (lesbians, for instance that had artificial insemination, etc) said that things were going swimmingly. Unfortunately, even though whenever you get volunteers for studies such as this, you will say, "That's suspect."

And even thought the studies did get published, not in reputable journals, our courts are starting to turn to this study and say, "Well, studies have been done. Yes, by homosexuals. But these folks don't lie and things are working out fine."

Well, we did a study and our study answers this study in many respects. We said, "How do you get a fair sample of homosexuals who are raising kids? Than we took note of the fact that there are a lot of appeal cases out there in law libraries [relating to children being raised by homosexuals] and we started to examine them to see what was said in court and what these appeal courts decided as to how these children turned out.

We ended up with 40 cases out of 26 states. That's not a total sample of everything that's been done in court, but it's a total sample, essentially, for all these states. The results are dramatic. A number of kids were sexually molested. Other kids were exposed to all kinds of nasty things coming through the mail, posters, explicit homosexual sex acts in the home: all kinds of nasty things coming through the mail, posters, explicit homosexual sex acts in the home; all kinds of things that the courts duly noted and recorded.

It turns out that for all the harm, such as neglect, etc, that for these 40 cases, a surprising 73 children were involved. In these cases, many of the parents were once heterosexuals who became homosexual and there was a dispute about who was going to get the kids. There were 66 harms against these kids listed by the various courts. It turned out that 64 (97) were attributed to the homosexual parents.

Q. Did you compare that to problems with heterosexual parents in the courts?

R. Yes, we did. We thought it wouldn't be fair not to. So we took a random sample from the appeals courts and found 56 cases involving 111 heterosexual parents. In these cases there were six harms to the kids, that is, where there was alienation of affection or neglect, etc.

Look at the differences: you had 40 cases involving a homosexual, 66 harms (and two of which were attributed to the heterosexual involved I a dispute with a homosexual parent). In the case of the 56 heterosexual appeals cases there were sex harms attributed to the heterosexual.

Q. But that's still a big difference with the cases of the homosexual parents.

R. That's right. So we're pleased as an institute to have this material published. It's been published and circulated across the world. We just got a call from ABC News about it the other day. We'll see what they do with it.

Q. Alaska has a case coming up where your study could be a factor.

R. That's right. Both Alaska and Vermont are looking at suits by homosexual couples who say they are bing discriminated against and they want to be married. What does marriage mean? I do think the attorneys general have been rather narrow on this. Marriage isn't just about kids. It's about the whole society saying: "Here's the right place to have sex."

But when homosexuals want to get married and actually have the name "married" attached to their relationship, they are looking to destroy what it means to be married. After all, when you get married you have the possibility of having kids. If you are homosexually married you can't have any kids unless you do something artificial.

If you look at heterosexuals, we're not all, any of us, perfect, but the average heterosexual gets married and stays married for life. Sure, there are about one-third of heterosexuals who get married and re-married. All heterosexuals are not perfect people and marriage isn't a perfect institution but it is one of the most solid, durable things that we have in our society.

Q. You've been critical of Dr. Richard Green, a "sexologist" who has been widely publicized.

R. You bet we have. It turns out that Green, who is teaching at Charing Cross Hospital, a very important institution in London, had -- until we published our study -- the largest such study in the field. It turns out that he fudged.

We did something that apparently nobody else has bothered to do. We actually went and looked at everything that he had published on this particular study. This is only one study. It's a study of 50 lesbians and their children and 40 some-odd divorced heterosexual women and their children. It's not a really great study, but at least it is a study.

It turns out that when he got the grant from the federal government (money form you and me) to do this study, Richard Green decided that he would have some of his associates publish the results and they published it in a very obscure journal. And that's why we made this discovery. We discovered that what he said in the first write-up of this study doesn't jibe with what the subsequent write-ups talk about. In fact, there are even different numbers of children written up in these scientific documents.

Quite frankly, we've talked to a number of editors all across the world about this and we're negotiating right now with a number of editors of scientific journals about this, and some of these editors have said that they are just astounded. They have never seen such sloppiness of lying, whichever it is.

Q. There's an ongoing national controversy over the question of whether or not homosexuality is a genetic thing that cannot be helped.

R. Let me say two things about this. First, the most important thing, I suppose, is to take evidence from the other side: people who are supportive of gay rights. I don't believe that you would find a more supportive group of academics in favor of gay rights than you find now at the University of Chicago. Remember that in 1994, the University of Chicago researchers did a nationwide sexuality survey and it made the cover of Time magazine and it was supposed to be the definitive sex survey. But what did these researchers say about gays being "born that way"?

For some reason, I guess, people in the media don't read scientific books. These people did a pretty good survey and I wish they would release all their findings because I think they have found some stuff that would embarrass them. But here's on that people should be aware of: they did a study of about 3,500 people, randomly selected and, of course, some of them responded by saying "yes" when they were asked if they were homosexual.

This team of researchers, one of whom is a homosexual and all of the rest of whom are in favor of gay rights, said that homosexuality can't be genetic. Why? Because they found this very striking fact (and they report on it and elaborate on it): They found that homosexuals were much more apt to have been reared in an urban environment, three or four times more apt.
In fact, they said if a boy is raised in a city up through the age of 16, his chances of becoming a homosexual are three or four times greater than a boy who is raised in a rural area or a small town. Think about that.

Q. That's right. The genetics couldn't be discriminating on an environment.

R. Correct. How could it be? These researchers have quite appropriately said that it can't be. That there is no way to genetically explain this. There are all kinds of problems with the argument that homosexuality is genetic but what I think is interesting that this very will done study found this very, very difficult-to-explain-genetically determination. However, if you believe (as I do that homosexuality is learned, then you can make a lot of this finding.

You ask: What happens in cities? Well, every city you know of has homosexual protection laws, where homosexuals get special civil rights, almost every city has a gay area and almost every city has a newspaper that is promoting the homosexual cause. So you add all these things together: children growing up are more likely to run into homosexuals. Every urban school district that we looked into has a pro-homosexual hiring policy, so they are more apt to have homosexual teachers. And the educational curriculum itself is more apt to be pro-gay in the cities. In the rural areas they don't talk about homosexuality at all.

If you bring it up and talk about it (in the cities), chances are that it will be a very favorable chat. Kids will say, "I don't like homosexuals," and teachers will say, "Well, these are humans, too, etc." Now boys are the key to understanding this.

Anytime you are talking about what people do sexually, you want to look at guys, because they are the ones who get locked in. If you can have three or four times as many boys reared in a city, turning up bisexual or homosexual, you know there is something in the environment.

One reason you don't hear as much talk about lesbians being born that way is that five lesbians who were leaders in the lesbian movement had declared that they had fallen in love with men and they weren't going to be homosexuals for a while or never again. Women are far more flexible about their sexuality than guys are. So when you say, "Gals aren't born that way, but boys are," notice that almost all the studies that purport to show there is some sort of genetic linkage is done on guys.

The SPOTLIGHT August 31, 1998


America has its own "Ho Chi Minh Trail," but the government doesn't want to talk about this one.

By Mike Blair

Thousands of illegal aliens from the Red Chinese mainland are flooding into the United States through ports on America's East Coast, apparently with little concern from the Clinton administration.

Local and state police agencies on the East Coast are becoming deeply concerned with the number of Red Chinese aliens who are entering the U.S. via ships docking at American ports on the Atlantic.

The problem has become so severe, one police official has described Interstate Route 95, which extends from the northeast through to Florida, as the "Ho Chi Minh Trail," the trail along which the North Vietnamese smuggled men and war materials into South Vietnam during the war there.

North Carolina officials are concerned that the southern North Carolina port city of Wilmington has become one of, or perhaps the leading port of entry on the East Coast for Chinese illegals. From there, the illegals have been fanning out throughout the East Coast, many reportedly picking up jobs, probably for substandard wages, at Chinese restaurants that have also been increasing in numbers in the region.


"These restaurants are very definitely becoming the 'sweat shops' of today," one source told The SPOTLIGHT. A police official in Hew Hanover County, which encompasses the Wilmington area of North Carolina, has described the situation as "alarming."

In addition, police officials in Atlanta are concerned that the Chinese illegals are joining Vietnamese aliens and forming street gangs involved in all types of organized crime, including trafficking in illegal drugs and guns, and running gambling and prostitution rings.

Wilmington officials, The SPOTLIGHT has learned, are seeking federal funds to establish a gang task force, including a specialist in the Chinese language and culture, to help deal with the problem.


New Hanover police are upset because the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) seems oblivious to the problem and will not listen to their warnings that it is becoming serious.

Some critics of the INS inaction told The SPOTLIGHT that they are concerned about the influx of so many Red Chinese illegals due to the national security implications.

They point out that no one knows the background of the aliens. Many could be both military and industrial spies, having the potential of becoming "agents in place" in strategic areas of America. The illegals could then create havoc during any hostilities that develop between the U.S. and Red China.

Other reports obtained by The Spotlight indicate that Red Chinese and other Asian nationals are entering the U.S. through Canada, most of whom enter that country trough the city of Montreal in the Canadian province of Quebec.