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Who is behind The Clinton Scandal? Old-Line Zionist Linked to Monicagate

  • The names of the perpetrators of Clinton's scandal-driven downfall are included as fingers are pointed in the direction of the Israel lobby.
By George Nicholas

A veteran political spy and undercover agent has been identified as the prime mover behind the latest white House scandals, a SPOTLIGHT investigation has found.

Lucianne Goldberg, 62, a self-styled literary agent with what one acquaintance called "bone-deep" ethnic and emotional ties to Israel reportedly provided the technical equipment, the encouragement and the expectation of "six-figure" payoffs that set in motion a series of secret tape recordings of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky's phone chats with a trusted friend.

Those tapes, in which Lewinsky describes a sleazy sexual liaison with President Bill Clinton, and then complains of being pressured to lie about the affair under oath, form the core evidence in the sensational Clinton and some of his closes cronies by Independent counsel Kenneth Starr.

Mrs. Golberg one worked for Murray Chotiner, the shadowy Nixon-era White House intelligence operative known for his links to the Mossad, Israel's secret service.

The finding that Mrs. Goldberg, who reportedly told friends she "master- minded" the latest Clinton scandals, has an unsavory background as an undercover agent in the service of a Zionist network linking the Nixon White House to the Mossad is a "startling discovery," intelligence sources say.

In the consensus of most expert observers, it raises new issues about the role played in the affair by the Israel lobby, the most powerful and ruthless alien interest pressure group in Washington.


Among them there are urgent questions about the actions of the hardline Israeli loyalists in the white House who have become disaffected over the president's feud with the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

During his first administration Clinton handed more key national security posts to known dual loyalists than any of his predecessors. John Deutch become director of Central Intelligence; Samuel Berger took over the white House National Security Council; Martin Indyk -- whose U.S. citizenship was then only a few days old -- was made director of Middle eastern affairs; Dan Kurtzer took over a similar post at Madeline Albright's State Department.

The policies sponsored by these officials -- often rigged to serve the ministate's interests above our own -- demoralized the Washington intelligence establishment and exposed it to pubic disgrace. They also led to setbacks and conflicts all over the map, turning the administration's handling of foreign affairs into a "sorry mess," says Jessie Thayer, a retired foreign service analyst who is writing a book about Clinton era diplomacy.

"If only as a successful politician, Clinton wants to break loose from this alien-directed, accident-prone praetorian guard in Washington," explained Thayer. "He wants to be his own master, especially since the main advantage he hoped to gain from his submissive courtship of the Israel lobby -- favorable treatment by the mainstream media -- proved to be an illusion."

In the consensus of Washington intelligence sources and diplomatic observers, the real question is not whether Clinton can overcome his follies: the real issue may turn out to be whether this president with his buoyant political will -- or, for that matter, any American president -- can survive a known -- down drag-out -- fight with Zionism, its undercover operatives and its attack-ready Washington lobby.