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Step by Step toward One World

  • All the signs are there: The sub-structure of the world government is in place.
By David Astle

David Crane, economics editor for the Toronto Star, says a global system of governance was planned for the first "Ministerial" meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to take place in Singapore in December of 1996.

That meeting was but another step " the creation of a global system of governance that reaches beyond tariffs to domestic policies, traditionally the sole purview of national governments."

Crane complained that "it is unlikely that we will develop a system of world government, at least for many years to come. But we are developing an array of global rules and conventions...The World Trade Organization is just one example."

As Crane is such an important figure in the world of economics (he writes three times a week), it may be said that herein is verification that NAFTA, GATT, WTO, etc are but steps toward the realization of a world government.

Although its forerunner, 'multiculturalism," is already proving the most utter disaster to North America and to Europe, what will soon be the major powers in the world, if they are not so already: Israel, Red china, India, Saudi Arabia, etc, understand full well from whence this Western sickness derives. They themselves will have no part of it. Any permanent immigration into these countries, black or white, and in the case of Israel, non-Jewish, is out of the question.

In my essay: "What Is the Hidden Meaning of GATT?" as published in The SPOTLIGHT (Feb. 14, 1994), I wrote:

"... As NAFTA is but a sly attack on the sovereignty and morale of the North American Teutonic peoples, similarly the so-called GATT is but another device of the bankers directed toward the destruction of the independent sovereignty of all peoples...It is but another stage in the drive toward world government in which, in the hopeful dream of international money powers, "We will all be one"...

"We will all be one." What a misleading, if not mischievous, statement. In five words is indicated the complete fatuity of those who imagine and scheme to redesign the structure of life itself.

Is such "thinking" done wittingly and with wickedness and sinister purpose to further confuse mankind? Or do such words imply that some 'Golden Age" will come upon the earth in which there will be no master (except them, of course)?

From the tower in Brussels or wherever it may be, mankind presumably will be directed on his stumbling way: a mankind who will no longer have cause to strive. According to some religious sect that it is obvious that one-worlders control, presumably he shall lie down in peace with the lions and tigers, etc. But of what will the lions and tigers eat, for eat they must, and of raw flesh and blood that has been killed.

How utterly absurd is such a dream and how great the wickedness of those who feed such ideas into the minds of simple people. And, indeed in the end, what will become of those know-all bureaucrats when the electricity comes to an end?