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Children Taught to Accept Sexual Perversion

  • Third-graders -- and some as young as kindergarten -- are being instructed on homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle."
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

School children are being taught about homosexuality and instructed to accept "gays" as they would any "minority" group -- in a little known initiative by President Clinton.

One of the Education Department's "learning tools" is a videotape discussion in which a third-grade teacher in New York asks her students if "gays" should be allowed to marry. A girl provides the "right" answer:

"How would you feel if homosexuals were the majority and the law said you had to be homosexual to get married?"

The justification for this is "AIDS education." Nearly 10 years ago, AIDS education was mandated, mostly at the high-school level.

Since AIDS is predominantly a homosexual disease, it was impossible to discuss AIDS without discussing homosexuals. This began at the high=school level. Instead of trying to prevent the disease by explaining to students that homosexuality is the direct cause of more than 90 percent of AIDS cases, it became a propaganda campaign to make the next generation "tolerant."

Such "tolerance" can only increase -- not decrease - the incidence of AIDS. The lives of a few children are less precious, the Education Department, than the brainwashing of all children.

The administration has endorsed grade-school "diversity" training to teach students to be accepting of homosexuals, the disabled and racial minorities.

The National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers' union, adopted a resolution urging schools to develop activities and programs that "increase acceptance of and sensitivity to" homosexuals.

The NEA has a history of supporting leftist causes.

"Teachers need more opportunity dealing with these issues,' said Education Secretary Richard Riley.

School teachers in rural Orange County, Virginia, were shocked to learn what's taking place elsewhere and pledged to be vigilant against Washington slipping the program into their system.

"What does a third-grade student know about homosexuals anyway?" asked one teacher. "Apparently, we are to explain homosexual behavior in young children and tell them that it is good, when they would never have thought about it."

Horror stories keep popping up around the nation:

  • A middle school in Florida allowed homosexual advocates to tell the children they would be lucky to be on the receiving end of oral sex and not to worry if their "cut-free" leg happened to be splashed with HIV-tainted blood.
  • Provincetown, Massachusetts, has voted to begin teaching preschoolers about homosexual lifestyles and called for hiring preferences for "sexual minorities."
  • In Montpelier, Vermont, students are given materials urging them to have sex to build up their self-confidence. The materials also argue that "two lesbians make a more nurturing relationship than a heterosexual couple."

"What did you learn in school today? Is an old question with new significance. Don't be surprised what you might hear from your child if this Clinton initiative makes it into your public school system.