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An Open Letter to Americans from John R. Rarick

  • A former U.S. Congressman has written an open letter calling on Americans, particularly veterans, to support this country.
By John R. Rarick

Dear Dedicated American:

Our program, this year is again as always, a thank you to each and every veteran who has, is now or will be in our services to keep the U.S.A. a sovereign nation. Yes, our country, the “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave,” needs support from all of you again. That is our symbols of freedom, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and “Old Glory,” our Star Spangled Banner.

First a tribute to our founders and defenders of our great nation along with those in 1953 in Tulsa, Oklahoma who formed a “Freedom” or U.S. Day committee to defend them. The idea caught on and volunteer workers have organized and served our great nation without pay in various parts of our country ever since. The symbols of freedom are the same now as yours and mine always were and will be, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our “Grand Old Flag.” Could you find any better? And speaking of a tribute to our program, we hope yours will be also whether it is a veterans, civic, home, school or church group, with a thank you for supporting our veterans which is in order right now.

Recognition and appreciation is surely long overdue by all of us to Christopher Columbus and all those early settlers who landed on our shores and planted the Cross of Christ. Yes, this is the all-time symbol for us all of prayer, sacrifice and salvation.

Briefly in our times, first we honor our gallant dead, 120,000 in World War I, 400,000 in World War II, 54,000 in Korea, 56,000 in Vietnam and for now up to date, we do not have a complete figure for all those of the Mideast. But honor them we must and rightly so. Please also include all the maimed, crippled, wounded and now those who have strange illnesses that baffle even modern medical science of today. Should it have been germ warfare, it is yet to be determined, but whatever it is, bringing it home and infecting their families must be prevented at all costs in the future.

It can be done, but you are urged to form a freedom or U.S. Day committee, and if it is new to you, start today and speak to and work with relatives, neighbors and friends to help save our nation and why not personally call it “Your (Home Town) U.S. Day Committee”?

Yes, it is urgent, but your congressman, the one you elected or will replace in November 1998, can and must work on getting the U.S. out of the UN as a top priority right now. Then, demand our troops and supplies be brought home to defend our people and shores. To police the world —what good has it done that we sacrificed all those lives in the flower of their youth? Then, what if some country attacks us here and our air, naval and army forces with their best equipment are spread out all over the world while we have only foreigners in our own bases?

Action is necessary now as you can see. This also applies to the various foreign troops. Send them home for the same reason. Isn’t it the regular crowd that helps through a so-called NAFTA organization, that assists our major industries to move to Mexico or Canada and then ship their cheap made products here and take more jobs away from our veterans and other good citizens?

So if eligible, join your local veteran, state or national group, or if your role is a senior citizen only in our society today, contact your congressman personally. While there is time, ask for him to support Rep. Ron Paul (R) from Texas so his bill, H.R. 1757, which can get the U.S. out of the UN, will be passed. It will repeal the Participation Act of 1945, close the U.S. mission to the UN, repeal the UN Headquarters Act and terminate U.S. participation in UN peacekeeping operations.

It must, in time, come up for another vote. Then, we will see who still honors or not their oath to defend our Constitution, flag, and so forth against all enemies within or from without. On a recorded roll call vote you know that, No. 163, page H 3343 of the Congressional Record, those in favor were 54 and those opposed were 369 with 12 not voting or abstaining. This means there are but 54 members of the U.S. Congress who voted for U.S. sovereignty over a one world dictatorship of unelected tools of the international crowd. This must be reversed.

Rep. Paul said part or much of the blame rests on the folks back home who are not writing or calling their congressmen. The news media, too, as they said nothing about this vote and this is especially bad as it was an important vote for the survival of our nation. So if the people are to know what is going on the First Amendment, i.e. freedom of speech, the public needs to be advised on more than crime, wars, riots in foreign nations, sporting events, etc.

Yes, the U.S. Day Committee has acknowledged the loyalty and dedication of the 54 patriots who voted for U.S. sovereignty and removal from the UN with an individual U.S. Day Award and commendation from the committee. Let’s call them “The Freedom Fighters of 1997.” So, we all need to and must write our congressmen on this important issue. If they vote for the U.S. and we the people, they need to be commended and remembered at election time. If they voted for the UN, they need to be required to say “why” to explain their vote. They also must be remembered at election time and removed from office.

This is a vote they cannot explain only by their actions, or our people only suffer more indignity and despair by any continued extension of the one world apparatus. Who can say they are trying to save the world and then lose their own country to do so? Yes, we have been the light of the world but without a base to operate from this light can and will go out.

There is another bill, H.R. 292, that has been introduced by John Shadegg, Republican from Arizona. This awaits action and it will take some prodding by all you voters and service men and ladies to push it through congress. It is called “The Enumerated Powers Act” and means .. . “What does the Constitution say?” The title was suggested by the constitutional doctrine that the federal government has certain “Enumerated Powers” and all others are retained by the states. It has 63 co-sponsors but no hearings have been scheduled since it was introduced.

The immense benefits are easy to see. In other words, the so called “fast track” method in which the president drafts trade legislation without input from Congress would be stopped. So would the approval of treaties that rob the states of power, as the World Trade Organization does, as well as the taking over of our national parks, also the UN’s “biosphere protection” programs. Plus what authority could they find to fund the pornographic arts in the name of humanitarianism? Could they call it public welfare?

Remember Scripture... “Nor can anything without Thee afford any lasting pleasure; but if it is to be agreeable and well pleasing to us, Thy grace must be present and it must be seasoned with the highest of Wisdom”—(to make progress toward the kingdom of heaven). Also, how could they replace our military officers with foreigners and take our flag off our uniforms and equipment?

So thanks to you and the auxiliaries of each group for your past good works for patriotism, youth, etc. But it must go forward or we have elected plain politicians and not time-tested patriots and dedicated Americans and they need to be replaced. Remember, we cannot let our noble founders, who gave us a priceless jewel of self-government, down by negligence or carelessness, but rather as all other forms have and continue to fail, in justice to the 630,000 listed dead plus all others, we must not let it be said they “died in vain.”

We must also share it with all countries who tried the rest but do not know of the best, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Add to this the deaths through abortions which are more than all wars and auto accidents combined. Again, how can we share God’s blessings until we merit them ourselves?

Yes, today we, like many other Americans, love our country, but, without better leadership, we cannot help but fear our government, that they will destroy it. Keep also in mind our citizen soldiers under American generals won every war until our government officials turned our gallant troops over to a foreign command without our servicemen’s or people’s consent and we lost every one since. Whose fault is this?

So it goes without saying what was once won at so high a cost must not be lost at the ballot box or in the halls of Congress. As Gen. Douglas MacArthur said in Korea, “Give me two weeks and I will win it,” but again our government removed him. We all know too as he said, “There is no substitute for victory.” So, get behind our veterans, join and support them to make sure our flag and other symbols of freedom are respected.

Yes, you have our permission to make copies of all or parts of this letter and our other materials to share with others.

A last thought: Under our constitutional form of government, the people have the right to be fully informed on affairs of their government and the duty to insist their representatives, unelected as well as elected, abide by the will of the people, limited only by the Constitution. In America, government is intended to be the people’s servant and not our master. Therefore when our representatives refuse to heed our will or follow our Constitution, they must be removed from office.